Why should you consider setup your business in Sharjah Media City (Shams) Free Zone?

consider setup your business in Sharjah Media City (Shams) Free Zone

Starting a business is very important, and picking the best place can greatly affect how well it does. Recently, Sharjah Media City (Shams) Free Zone has become a busy place for businesses wanting growth and chances. This article looks at the strong reasons why you should think about starting your business in Shams Free Zone.

Shams Free Zone: A Brief Overview

Before we talk about the good things, let’s quickly understand what makes Sharjah Media City Free Zone special. Set up with the goal to encourage creativity and new ideas, Shams provides a lively environment for media and creative companies. Shams offers a helpful space customized for different businesses like making movies and advertising.

Why setup a business in Sharjah?

For a long time, Sharjah was famous for its culture in the UAE. Now, it’s also becoming an important place to start businesses and get them going better than before. Sharjah is famous for its Free Zones. But it also has a strong culture of business incubators and accelerators, which are aimed at supporting new businesses in the area. This focus on helping and growing business ideas has helped make the city famous for being a great place to start or grow many different types of businesses.

Why choose Shams?

Deciding to start your business at Shams gives you many good things, just like the benefits usually related to Free Zones. Here are some compelling reasons that make Shams a particularly attractive destination for entrepreneurs:

  • Full Ownership: One of the main reasons people like Free Zones, even Shams, is that business owners can keep 100% control over their companies. This special edge makes Free Zones different from businesses on the Mainland, where you often need a partnership with UAE people to get business permits.
  • Profit Repatriation: Business people in Shams Free Zone have the freedom to send all of their profits back home. This level of money independence is a big reason for those who want to move cash easily and quickly.
  • 0% Corporate Tax: Shams Free Zone is special because it doesn’t charge any business taxes for companies that register in its area. This place where taxes are nice makes it easier for businesses to grow and succeed.
  • 0% Import & Export Tax: Businesses in Shams Free Zone get help from not having taxes on import and export, making it easier to trade with other countries. This makes businesses more successful overall.
  • Diverse Business Activities: Shams License gives a wide range of allowed business activities inside the Free Zone. Entrepreneurs can start many types of businesses, like bringing things in and sending them out, helping to sell products or services, taking care of events big or small, online shopping, and working with media. They cover a wide range, from food shops to construction companies.
  • Distinctive Advantages: Shams License gives a wide range of allowed business activities inside the Free Zone. Entrepreneurs can start many types of businesses, like bringing things in and sending them out, helping to sell products or services, taking care of events big or small, online shopping, and working with media. They cover a wide range, from food shops to construction companies.

Distinctive Advantages: Why Entrepreneurs Choose Shams Free Zone Over Other

Discover the distinctive advantages that set Shams apart as the preferred choice for entrepreneurs seeking a dynamic business environment:

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Shams helps grow business people’s skills by offering low-cost business deals, with license costs from only AED 9050 a year. This low-cost way makes it a good choice for people who want to start their businesses without spending too much money.
  • Variety of Licenses: Shams gives business owners four kinds of permits—service license, industrial license, trade license, and holding permit. This flexibility lets businesses do more things by adding extra activities under the same license. They only have to pay a little bit more for each added activity.
  • Efficient Setup Process: Shams makes it easy and quick to get started. Business owners can get their business license in three days, making the registration process easier. The continuing move to using computers more often reduces the need for many papers. This makes setting things up easier and less troublesome.
  • Remote Registration: For people who are not there in person, Shams lets them register from far away places. You can send all the needed papers from your own country without needing to be there. This means you don’t have to show up in person when submitting the documents.
  • Office Facilities: Shams has a shared desk area for business owners who need workspace. It comes with important things like meeting rooms, Internet connection, and printers too. As Shams grows, more office space choices like fixed desks and own offices will be offered. You’ll also have shared spaces available to you, such as showrooms, studios, and neighborhood zones.
  • Flexible Visa Packages: Business owners choosing the shared desk option can ask for up to six visas for their workers. Shams’ visa offers also let you bring your family members and dependents, giving you more freedom to run businesses.

Leveraging Opportunities with Shams Free Zone

In the fast-moving business world, where every choice changes our path to success, picking a good place is very important. Shams Free Zone in Sharjah Media City is a great place for people who want to start their businesses. It helps them be creative and think of new ideas while giving them the tools they need to be successful.

Shams Free Zone is in a good place for global connections and has rules that help people run their businesses. It’s great for companies to grow because outsiders can fully own them. The cheap ways to solve problems, fancy buildings, and a workforce full of smart people make Shams even more attractive for business.

In the end, choosing to start your business in Shams Free Zone is more than just about location. It’s a smart move to put resources into a growing place that will help you grow, too. This decision places your business on a path of growth and success, using the best benefits provided by Shams.

Get in touch with GCS Group to guide you through your shams trip.

As you start this fun adventure, GCS Group will help show you how to set up your business in the Sharjah Media City Free Zone. Our expert group makes sure everything goes smoothly. They help with rules and paperwork, plus they improve how your business works.

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Make wise choices for your business’s future. Choose Shams Free Zone with GCS Group by your side, and let your entrepreneurial journey flourish.

How can I gain full foreign ownership in the Shams Free Zone?

Shams Free Zone lets businesses be owned completely by foreigners, giving entrepreneurs total control and freedom over their projects. This special trait removes the need for local supporters, making sure that businesses can run on their own and freely.

What kinds of companies do well in Shams Free Zone?

Shams Free Zone helps many types of businesses, especially those in media and creativity. Shams gives a helpful place for movie-making, ad agencies and new tech companies. It helps them to grow and create fresh ideas.

In what ways does Shams Free Zone help with digital progress?

Shams Free Zone knows that digital change is important in today’s business world. The free area has great computer help, online ad support, and shared places. This lets companies do well in the digital world and beat their competition.

How can I get a business license for Shams Free Zone?

Getting a business license in Shams Free Zone is easy. The free area has a simple online site where you can send in your application. The help team is also there to guide you in every part of the process.

Can I make my office bigger as my business gets more successful in Shams Free Zone?

Absolutely. Shams Free Zone knows how businesses change over time. As your company gets bigger, you can easily move up to a larger office space within the free zone. This will make sure that your work area is always right for what’s happening in growing business.