Our team will skillfully set up your web hosting, business email, and domain name, ensuring a seamless online presence. Plus, we offer continuous 24/7 tech support to address your needs at any time.

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Our IT services are tailored to rapid establishment of your online presence. From helping you pick and conjure out a domain name, to setting up your web hosting environment, down through configuring the details like business email accounts-everything essential for fundamental IT is taken care of by our inroads dedicated team. Thus, you can concentrate your efforts on the essential work of running your business.

Our IT Services

Domain name and DNS management

Domain name and DNS management

Our IT experts help you get a domain name, maintain your Domain Name System (DNS) and place an SSL certificate on the site without any hitches.
Office 365 subscription

Office 365 subscription

With the latest edition of Microsoft Office, your team will maintain their efficiency and productivity at its peak level, all with no extra cost.
Hosted exchange mailbox

Hosted exchange mailbox

We will provide you with a 50GB business email and unlimited distribution/alias addresses. Our mailbox service uses Active Sync technology to synchronize your e-mail across different devices. It also has anti-spam and antivirus filters to protect you from online threats.ts.
Web hosting

Web hosting

Guarantee optimal performance for your website with a Linux-based platform, 3GB web storage space, 4GB bandwidth per month, and a UAE-based data center for expedited content delivery.
24_7 tech support

24/7 tech support

Ensure your business is always online with our 24/7 tech support.

Your Guide to Business IT Services in Dubai

Business IT services are particularly important in the development of a business, improving your operation system and linking together various departments within your company.
High-grade business IT services make streamlining your business so simple. What is the best company IT services can do for you in Dubai?

What Are Business IT Services?

Business IT services are an organization’s professional design, construction, delivery and management of information technology. Because IT is such an integral part of daily  operations, adopting the use of services becomes inevitable for all departments.
In this day and age of digitalization, customer satisfaction and business expansion are intimately connected with digitally-based experiences. Your customers naturally expect the convenience of accessibility. One study found that 88 % of customers expect brands to speed up their digital projects.
Equally important is providing staff support for digital equipment and user data. Businesses with more effort to integrate IT services are facing being overtaken in their respective industries. IT services help your business make better decisions and increase its productivity.
GCS Group offers Business IT services for small and large companies, filling skill gaps to build strong IT infrastructure. This service keeps your company competitive through efficient and new IT platforms.

Why GCS Group Dubai Business IT Services?

GCS Group helps you build your online presence with a secure, stable, and scalable IT service. We set your digital foundation with domain, mail and web hosting setup. Here are specific reasons to consider our business IT service in Dubai:

A Great Domain Name for Your Business

In Dubai, business IT services help you choose a witty and easy to remember .ae domain name for your company. A site with a .ae domain will give your business identity and help others identify your brand.

A domain name is your brand image. It represents who you are, what you do and stand for, the services that you provide and even which industry plays in (not to mention also a major human resource). The image you project online will only play out if your domain name matches.

Business with an extension of .ae Resonates Better for human users, are more likely to be seen as trustworthy by locals from Emirati internet. Therefore a greater likelihood in Dubai search results.

Alternatively, consider a .com extension for security and SEO. With 52 % of websites using it, a .com domain is the most popular extension and one of the best for good search engine results.

These domain name registration and management services play an important role in protecting your Dubai business. If you register your business in the UAE, it reduces the risk of copyright infringement and protects your reputation.

Scalable Email IT Services

For a thriving business, an intuitive but scalable and secure e-mail support system is urgently needed. We offer a hosted email service with large space and convenient access from our IT.

If your systems hamper contacts with partners and customers, managing a business becomes hard work. With a hosted email service, you can build up an opt-in mailing list and publish from anywhere.

When dealing with an email contacts database, data safety comes first. Secure communications can help to avoid stolen data, manipulated information and viruses. Your business is protected by Business IT services with real-time antivirus and spam guards to protect your database and domains.

As your business expands and contacts multiply, managing email communications can be a problem. No matter how big or small your business, hosted email is a convenient way to stay in touch.

Creative Steps to Improve Your Productivity

Advanced tools like Microsoft 2016 boost efficiency and productivity for business IT services. Smarter, more natural applications make it easier to control the relationships and prepare for growth.

Advanced IT services provide data analytics and visualization in an integrated manner. The analysis and integration of data are important. Tools such as Power BI or Excel help provide in-depth understanding, which helps the business go forward from there.

Reliable Web Hosting

Good web hosting can make your business; bad web hosting will break it. It is no wonder then that one of the major reasons for companies to contract IT  services from MPEGS is because they found their sites going up and down like a yo-yo! How users experience your website is directly tied to the quality of your web hosting.

Customers should be able to visit your website at any device and time for uninterrupted access. Downtimes, support, security & Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and scalability are all impacted by your web hosting packages.

Downtime, the time it takes for your site to load a page is an important criterion. The positioning of your data centers impacts content transmission speed and loading times. Business IT services in Dubai for hosting are also tailored to the requirements of a UAE business.

Where data centers supporting downtimes are located affects SEO as well. Besides affecting your company’s image, low loading speeds hurt SEO ranking. Not only will potential customers leave a slow site, but it sends negative signals to search engines.

24/7 Accessible Customer Support

You need to pick a Dubai Business IT service with 24-hour customer support. Because the situations surrounding your operations are so unpredictable, you must constantly have support.

The 24-hour customer support means that any emergency system downfalls can be responded to immediately. Doing so prevents damages and losses due to system errors.

Choosing a 24-hour business IT service enhances customer satisfaction. You prevent service interruptions and protect the happiness of your customers.

Because your problems have to be solved quickly, the IT service has to go around-the-clock. 24-hour support Users’ problems will be solved immediately.

Benefits of Business IT Services

These Business IT services enhance various functions and stimulate innovation, which in turn means more efficiency with increased productivity. Let’s explore the general benefits of business IT services: 

Boost Branding

IT services can profoundly affect how a brand is seen. For instance, websites are the first point of contact between  customers and businesses.

The right domain name is the underpinning of successful brand marketing. A good domain name is easy to remember, building up your brand and helping its popularity.

Offering customers a convenient platform or environment will enhance user interaction, usability and competitiveness. In the long run, it makes your business more marketable and purposeful.

Improved Decision Making

Through IT services an incredible amount of data is gathered. Collecting high-quality lead data thereby can be simplified with website and email tracking. To stay competitive, organizations are now placing their emphasis on modern technology and data.

According to a study, 98 % of business executives plan on creating data-driven organizations. However much you invest in technology, 70 % of it is a waste if not coupled with data use.

While it’s hard to change the culture of an organization into a data-driven one, incorporating data and analytics in decision cycles brings about transformative changes.

Once your site is built, it’s time to install analytics so you can collect data on users. Data makes it possible to profile and segment visitors, creating a base for relevant and effective marketing efforts.

Improved Data Safety

Business IT services play a key role in securing digital  information. They help prevent intrusion or attacks by potential hackers and cyber attackers.

Hacking is rampant nowadays, and it’s urgently necessary to add advanced data security. Clients ‘and employees ‘data must be kept safe and secure.

Adequate security measures by business IT services help to protect data. They assess safety systems, make recommendations to strengthen the weaknesses of vulnerable systems and put in place sophisticated and up-to-date antivirus solutions that raise system security.

They have to counteract hackers ‘intelligence with routine data backups. The business IT services in Dubai find secure servers or reliable cloud storage options to protect your data, whether it is safe now.

Foundation for Digital Marketing Success

Raising platforms and increasing data access can considerably enhance digital marketing efforts. IT services are crucially important to the creation of a SEO-friendly site and in gathering leads on an audience so that you can promote them.

There are many reasons to start a business in Dubai but growing one requires well thought out digital marketing.

A user-friendly website requires business IT services. The website’s business name should be relevant to attract precisely the sort of customer they want.

IT services can develop and install marketing information systems that will help collect, store and disseminate data to various managers. A marketing information system design can simplify decision-making procedures, offering managers the necessary resources.

Increased Channels of Customer Support

IT support services allow customers to interact with your Web-based business through digital marketing tools. Customers can easily contact you through email, websites, phone or social media.

For startups without enough manpower, outsourcing IT services is a way to cope with growing audiences and expansion. A stable system can help you staff your team with remote workers.

Learn About Business IT Services in Dubai

Business IT services stand as a valuable asset for any company. Professional IT services are the ultimate solution to invest in if one aims to develop a strong infrastructure that promotes efficiency, productivity and successful marketing. Are you looking for a quality IT service in Dubai? Look no further. We are here to help you set up strong IT systems for your business. Reach out to us today and allow ourselves to be the instrument of growth for your UAE business.

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