How to Get a Professional Licence in Dubai

How to Get a Professional License in Dubai

​​A pro license is an important part of the three kinds of business permits for people and companies who want to create a big company on the mainland in Dubai. This permission is very important for people and companies who want to provide professional services in the UAE. It shows that they are qualified and have the right to work in their jobs.
Experts, spe​cial workers, and creators alike must get a trade license to provide legal services to clients. This is required by law. More than just following rules, having a professional license lets foreign business owners and international firms keep full control over their businesses. This is the case even when they run things outside of free zones.

The versatility of a professional license extends to the choice of legal structures, with two primary options based on business activities: Sole Establishment and Civil Company.

Sole Establishment (Sole Proprietorship): This legal structure means a company fully owned and run by one person. The owner of the only business is in charge and keeps all profits. Th​ey also have to take full blame for any money issues or debts their company has.

Civil Company: Just like one business, a civil company lets more than one shareholder. This structure allows for shared ownership while keeping the business running on its own.

Even though a professional license allows 100% ownership from other countries and all money is returned home, businesses using this need to choose a local helper. The local service worker does legal paperwork for the company, but they don’t have any responsibility or control over how it works. This need makes sure businesses follow local rules while still letting them manage and be independent in daily tasks.

​Professional business activities in Dubai and the UAE

​Getting a professional job in Dubai and the UAE lets people and companies join many activities across different fields. This happens with one big paper license for acting like experts there. People with professional support are allowed by law to run and give services in certain areas, helping make the business world more varied and lively. Here are some of the key industries where professionals with a valid license can conduct business:

Accounting, Auditing, and Finance: People who work in money businesses, like counting and checking accounts, can have special permission to do their jobs.
Advertising and Entertainment: People with a professional license can work in advertising and entertainment. They provide creative services to help promote things.
Cosmetics (e.g., Hairdressing and Beauty Salon): People and businesses in the beauty field, such as hairdressers or beauty shops, can work legally after getting a professional license.
Consultancy (e.g., Architectural, Business, and Management Consultancy): People who give expert advice, like in building designs or business tasks, can start their businesses with a professional license.
Carpentry and Artisan Activities: Professional licenses can be acquired by skilled carpenters and other specialists to show their skills.
Healthcare and Medicine: People who work in health care, like doctors and nurses, can get a professional license.
Information Technology: People and businesses offering tech help, like creating software or IT advice, can work with a professional permit.
Internet and Web Design: Professionals who work with websites or internet services can legally offer their skills. They need a professional license to do this.
Law and Legal Advice: Lawyers and legal advisors can start their own law business by getting a special work permit.
Printing and Publishing: Firms that do printing and publishing can work with a business license.

​Documents required to get a professional licence in Dubai

To start your business in Dubai and get the professional license needed, you must follow a careful step-by-step process. Here is a comprehensive guide outlining the key steps and documents necessary for submitting your license application to the Department of Economic Development (DED):

  • Completed Application Form: Start by filling out all parts of the application form and sending it in. Make sure you put all the needed information correctly so they can handle your request for a license.
  • Passport Copies: Include photocopies of the passports for any foreign business partners or owners in your international adventure. This is a basic need to find out who the important people in business are.
  • Copy of Local Partner’s Naturalisation Book: If you have a local friend helping, give them your citizenship book. This paper is important for checking the legal position and connection of the nearby partner.
  • Academic Certificates: Show your school papers in Dubai that show the skills and knowledge needed to do your job there. This step is very important for jobs that need certain school qualifications.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): If any foreign business partners have work visas, get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their sponsors. For those using visit visas, add their visit visa copies.
  • Initial Approval from Relevant Authorities: For your business work, get permission from important people who can say yes or no besides the Department of Economic Development. Getting the okay from groups like Dubai Municipality, RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), or the Telecom Regulatory Authority. Other possible bodies include these, too.
  • Business Activities Outline: Give a short and complete summary of what your business does. This paper explains what your business does and how big it is. It will help officials know why you started your company and where its main focus lies.
  • Visit Visa Copies: If applicable, submit copies of visit visas for business partners who are currently on visit visas rather than employment visas.

Ensuring the thoroughness and accuracy of your documentation is crucial for a smooth application process. By adhering to these guidelines and submitting the necessary documents, you enhance the likelihood of a successful application, bringing you one step closer to obtaining the professional license needed to operate your business in Dubai.

5 steps to getting a professional licence in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai needs some important steps. You need to follow local rules and join forces with your UAE sponsor for success. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the key actions required for a seamless business establishment process:

Local Service Agreement:

  • Draft a comprehensive Local Service Agreement form in collaboration with your UAE national sponsor.
  • Ensure that the agreement is notarized to validate its legal standing.
  • If the agreement is in Arabic, a legal translator’s seal is not mandatory.
  • Explicitly indicate the sponsor’s fixed annual fees in the agreement.

Memorandum of Association (MoA):

  • Draft and sign a Memorandum of Association (MoA) with your local sponsor.
  • The MoA should meticulously detail all agreed-upon terms and conditions between you and your sponsor.

Dubai Municipality Approval for Tenancy Contract:

  • Seek approval from the Dubai Municipality for your tenancy contract, a critical step in securing your business location.
  • Prepare and submit the following documents:
  • BR1 form
  • Name reservation certificate
  • Initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Ejari registration
  • Copy of the rental agreement
  • Passport copies of business owners and partners

Submission to DED:

  • Submit the attested Local Service Agreement, MoA, and relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Include passport copies and No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for any expatriate owners or partners.

Payment Process:

  • Make the required payment for your business license.
  • Upon issuance of the final payment voucher for one year, your business license will be granted.

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