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Cryptocurrency License in Dubai UAE

Dubai is a rapid emergence as a cryptocurrency hotspot, Dubai has solidified its position as a top-tier market for crypto platforms. The transformative influx of crypto enterprises has reshaped the global business landscape. Our consultancy excels in guiding you through obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Dubai, ensuring the best possible support for your venture.

Cryptocurrency License in Dubai

Get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai

Dubai Leading the Global Cryptocurrency Market – The exponential growth of cryptocurrency enterprises has reshaped the global business landscape, positioning Dubai as a premier hub for crypto platforms. The surge in activity is currently drawing many international investors and business people towards seeking cryptocurrency license in Dubai. Dubai experienced approximately $6 billion on the internet and about 265 billions invested in cryptocurrencies, market capitalization, and Bitcoin in 2020. That consolidated Dubai as a hub for the world crypto marketplace. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on obtaining a crypto trading license in Dubai. Embarking on a cryptocurrency venture in Dubai mandates a commercial crypto trading license endorsed by Dubai’s key departments. This accreditation underscores your company’s credibility and eligibility to operate within Dubai’s burgeoning cryptocurrency landscape.

Why you need a Crypto license in Dubai, UAE?

Launching your cryptocurrency enterprise in Dubai necessitates obtaining a crypto trade license—a crucial requirement. This license falls under the ‘commercial license’ category, holding immense significance for all trading activities within Dubai. Tailored specifically for cryptocurrency exchange and trading, this license encompasses Bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies. By securing the Dubai crypto trade license, you acquire the authority to engage in a wide array of major cryptocurrency transactions. As Dubai’s foremost cryptocurrency consulting firm, we are here to guide you through this process expertly. Your success in the cryptocurrency market starts with the right license, and we are committed to making your journey smooth and compliant.

Payment Methods

The cryptocurrency license in Dubai, UAE is issued by the “DED” when you handover your detailed business plan for cryptocurrency license in Dubai.

Steps to Start a Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai

You must follow the below instructions to acquire the crypto exchange license in Dubai.

  • Download and submit the “license form” to the registered authorities of the UAE.
  • Attach and submit the cryptocurrency trade license documents linked with the company’s name and the shareholders
  • Submit the company’s official documents to the “DMCC free zone” landowners.
  • Make sure that you attach the complete cryptocurrency license application form without any other essential documents missing.
    Pay the application fee
  • You are expected to receive the cryptocurrency license in Dubai within weeks after the documents are approved.
Cryptocurrency License in Dubai
Dubai Cryptocurrency License

Easy steps to get a Crypto License in Dubai

  • Finalise Company Name
  • Complete and submit the application form.
  • Provide Documents linked to the company’s registration and the shareholders.
  • Share your Company’s document to DMCC.
  • Follow all the compliances
  • Provide the fee for the application form.

The crypto trading license form is issued by the “DED” when you handover your detailed business plan for crypto license in Dubai.

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We are top consultant and advisor for crypto license in Dubai. We have consulted over 1,000+ clients and help her achieve Dubai crypto mining license in just a month.

Types of Crypto Activities are Available in Dubai

  • Cryptocurrency License in Dubai
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange License in Dubai
  • Crypto Trading License in Dubai
  • NFT  E-Marketplace License in Dubai
  • Crypto Mining License in Dubai
cryptocurrency license in dubai
  • Choose a Business Name.
  • Pick your preferred economic zone
  • Submit an application for Incorporating of a Cryptocurrency license.
  • Must Read and follow all the Compliance Regulations

Financial proposal For crypto exchange license in Dubai, uAE

Crafting Your Cryptocurrency Venture’s Financial Strategy in Dubai – Our plan revolves around a meticulous approach to securing the necessary financial capital. Our funding strategy entails leveraging a diverse array of sources beyond personal investment. We are committed to presenting comprehensive details of all cryptocurrency business partners involved. When we function solely as investors, all mandated documents will be promptly submitted by the stipulated deadline.
Given the inherent financial risks associated with the cryptocurrency landscape in Dubai, we’ve developed a robust pre-emptive strategy. 

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Types and Cost of Crypto License in Dubai

It includes the various types of cryptocurrency trade license that you are planning to trade or mining. What will be your final crypto platform and how will you select it?

Crypto License Cost in Dubai

Service Name

Cost in AED

Initial Approval fees


Registration fees


Memorandum of Association MOA


Estimated crypto trading License cost


QuickBiz Professional fees


Total Crypto License Cost

23,575 AED


While there is no fixed cost for a crypto license in Dubai, it is worth contacting one of our Crypto License Consultants to get an estimate.

Procedure to open a Crypto Company in Dubai:

Opening a crypto company in Dubai can be an exciting venture, given the city’s growing reputation as a blockchain and fintech hub. Dubai offers a favorable business environment, advanced technological infrastructure, and strategic location. If you’re considering starting a crypto company in Dubai, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Before you begin, conduct thorough research on the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses in Dubai. Familiarize yourself with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the government entity responsible for regulating and licensing crypto companies. Define your business model, target market, and services you intend to offer.
Choose the right crypto business licensing option. DMCC runs “Crypto Valley” in Dubai where you can request a “Crypto Asset License”. This license is for buying, selling, and administering digital assets in the Free zone.
Secure office space within the chosen Free Zone. Many Free Zones offer flexible office solutions tailored to the needs of crypto and tech companies.
It is important to comply with in any industry, especially when dealing with crypto. Make sure that your company fully adheres to all regulations set by the authorities of Dubai, especially Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer rules .
Recruit competent experts who are conversant with blockchain technology, cyber security, law, compliance, and client service. For a successful crypto company, it is vital that one builds a competent team.
Crypto world is fluid, changing so fast . Monitor new trends, regulations and technological developments. Keep in mind that continuous learning will enable you to withstand the changes and move your organization towards unlimited development.
Dubai has a number of business setups options such as; mainland, free zones, and offshore companies. In that token, establishing in a free zone like DMCC’s Crypto Valley can be beneficial for a crypto company, especially on 100% foreign-owned and its tax waivers.
Register your company with the chosen Free Zone or relevant authorities. This involves submitting necessary documents, such as a business plan, passport copies of shareholders, and a memorandum of association.
Open a corporate bank account in Dubai. Choose a bank that is crypto-friendly and aligns with your business goals. Prepare all required documents, including your business license, company registration documents, and passport copies.
Ensure the right technical infrastructures are installed and functional to support your business operations. These comprise creating a safe trading environment, incorporating a reliable and convenient payment interface, wallet services, etc.
After you set up your infrastructure, establish your cryptocurrency business. Create an overall marketing plan that will target possible customers and investors. Sell yourself by emphasizing your differentiating features, how you help your clients, and more importantly why should they choose your products/services over others.

Why Start a Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai, UAE?

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is in highlight for all good reasons. Crypto-currencies have entirely changed the world of transactions. It is not entirely clear who invented cryptocurrency, individual or group of people, although this name Satoshi Nakamoto came as the founder of Cryptocurrency in 2008. Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain and is digital and virtual. The primary purpose of cryptocurrency is to decentralize all ledger transactions. In 2009, crypto currency opened to all means; now, people can trade in crypto-currency.   

Crypto-currency’s first coin is Bitcoin (BTC), with a value of $0 in 2009, and in 2010, its value turned to $0.09. Crypto remains in shades till 2010. However, in 2011, its value boosted from $1 to $32 with transactions of 9.9 million bitcoins, which cost around $214 million. Presently, its value is $20,346, with daily transactions of  6 to 7 million. 

Crypto piqued the interests of investors across the globe. However, the crypto market also had many ups and downs.  Due to the Russian-Ukraine war, almost 50% to 80% of cryptocurrencies were affected. 

In addition, many countries banned cryptocurrency, while some countries imposed a heavy tax on trading in crypto. It is undeniable everything has advantages and disadvantages, and the same is the case in cryptocurrency.  Following are the things you need to look for if you consider investing in Cryptocurrency

Drawbacks of Cryptocurrency

Their drawbacks cannot be ignored

    • Lack of Security- the government cannot regulate cryptocurrency because it is decentralized. In other words, there is no central authority.
    • High Electricity Consumption-  crypto currency harms the environment as it consumes an estimated 27-170 Terawatt-hours of electricity per year. However, if we talk about China’s electricity consumption which is the biggest electricity consumer in the world, it is 8.8 trillion kilowatt-hours only.
    • Exhaustion of Fossil and Fuels- we all know fossil fuels are exhausted daily.
    • Volatile Crypto is highly volatile. Almost every year, it fluctuates around 50- 60%. If we trace the Bitcoin value chart, we can see the abrupt fluctuation of values. For instance, in 2011, the value of Bitcoin increased to 32$ then declined to 2$. Similar ups and downs can be seen throughout the evolution of Bitcoin.
Crypto License in Dubai

How to get a crypto license in Dubai

Embracing Cryptocurrency in a Unique Landscape: The UAE’s crypto advantage means that, unlike other nations which consider  cryptocurrencies as volatile and hence unstable, the UAE does not view it that way but has chosen to legally recognize it and make it work within their tax policies. The UAE has envisioned itself as a leader in the global scene because it recognizes blockchain and crypto technology as progressive and innovative developments worth the trouble. Crypto UAE is an excellent option for crypto lovers looking to invest in profitable ventures.

Underpinning this landscape is the UAE government’s delegation of authority to a central entity: the Securities and Commodities Authority. Cryptocurrency is subject to this authority which includes licenses, trade, mining, NFTs, undertakings within a metaverse, and other practices. The UAE’s AML measures are critical in these aspects of the economy. However, they carefully supervise firm affairs to check for money laundering, financial terrorism, and cybersecurity breaches.

Here is an outline of how to go about getting the crypto license in Dubai for those interested. Before getting into steps, you should have company’s name and well thought-out business plan. At this point your company has been named and now you are ready to start your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The expert “Business setup companies in Dubai” will guide you on the best to provide all the essential legal documents to government departments to get a Dubai crypto license ASAP.
  • The Business setup consultants can assist you in getting a cryptocurrency license approved by undergoing all the required rules and regulations, which are instructed by various governmental policies in Dubai.
  • Our business setup consultants in Dubai can offer you all the complex legal services to accelerate the cryptocurrency licensing process in Dubai fast and securely.
  • They ensure that the legal paperwork is completed in the minimum duration of time. No other confusion will be created between the “business owners” & the various “economic departments” in Dubai.

Starting a cryptocurrency business in Dubai, UAE is not easy. It includes the numerous ways & procedures to sustain and do a long-term cryptocurrency business license that will survive all the strict rules & the regulations implemented by Dubai authorities for entrepreneurs in UAE.

Dubai is regarded as the land of business opportunities and living in 2021 and beyond with the tremendous technological perks which allow you with the grand openings for the newcomers to make a bright future for your crypto trade license business.

Bitcoins are introduced into the Dubai foreign exchange market with a tremendous boom. The online payment platforms are infusing all the business transactions and deep penetrating their roots in every primary industry in Dubai.

Dubai is the best platform for worldwide entrepreneurs and business tycoons to set up the very owned business organizations linked with the digital currency.

Getting a cryptocurrency license in Dubai, UAE is relatively easy, but there are a few steps you must follow. You should make sure you have a clean record in the cryptocurrency industry. Once you’ve established a company, you must transfer your crypto assets to the new company. To speed up the process. We can assist you with the entire process and even help you apply for the cryptocurrency license in Dubai.

A cryptocurrency license in Dubai is necessary if you plan to start a crypto business in the Emirate. The Department of Economic Development will issue a commercial license if you can show a business plan and capital investment figures for a year. You can get assistance from a professional business setup consultant if you need it. To get a cryptocurrency license in the UAE, you need to form a company and register with the Dubai Multi-Commodities Center, the UAE’s version of the Central Bank.

DMCC Crypto License

The DMCC is a regulatory authority that issues a license for cryptocurrency businesses. Its licensing process is similar to other licenses, with some exceptions. For instance, a license for proprietary trading in Crypto commodities is not available if the business is already part of another business or if it plans on setting up an exchange or offering financial activity services. The license itself can only be obtained by a company with a minimum capital of AED 500,00.

If the business is a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, no license for cryptocurrency trading is needed. Irrespective of the business model adopted, you should prove that it traced and generated enough revenues to support its daily operation. It should also be noted that there is currently no license for financial transactions. However, it should be noted that this license is also available for those who have at least four million dollars or one million dollars in their accounts.

These are the steps involved in getting a cryptocurrency license in Dubai.

  1. Finalize Your Company’s Name
  2. Select the Preferred Jurisdiction
  3. Apply for a Cryptocurrency License
  4. Followed by All the Compliance Regulations.

You must be aware that the UAE has a friendly taxation system. There is no corporate income tax for the first 50 years of business operation. Third, your company’s capital and income should be at least $500,000.

To get a license for cryptocurrencies Business in the UAE, you must set up your business within a free economic zone. You must have adequate capital and follow all business set up procedures in your chosen free zone. It would help if you also got pre-approval from the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority before you can start offering crypto assets. 

The process of obtaining a license is relatively simple and only takes about two weeks. Once your company has been approved, you should choose a workplace and make any required payments.

If you want to start a business in cryptocurrencies in the UAE or Dubai, you should know about DMCC’s crypto license requirements. These requirements are designed to ensure that you are operating within the boundaries of the DMCC’s license. They also cover market capitalization, volatility, and traceability. Additionally, it would be best to have a minimum share capital of AED 50,000 to start your business. To gain a DMCC crypto license, you should first pursue a course of study or attend a DMCC-approved training course.

A DMCC crypto license allows companies to buy, sell, and store digital assets, but it comes with a cost. The license will not be issued to any companies that offer crypto exchanges, brokerage services, financial services, or storage services. 

These companies may need to get approval from other government agencies, and that’s not a problem as long as the company has the capital to cover the costs. However, companies should be aware that they cannot offer these services unless they have a DMCC license.

To operate as a crypto-commodities broker in UAE, you need to be a licensed investor and have a minimum net turnover of AED150m. You can be an individual or a corporate entity if you have AED4m of assets and AED1m of annual income. You need to know the risks and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency trading.

First, you must obtain a commercial license to operate a crypto exchange in the UAE. This license is necessary for the regulation of crypto trading in the UAE. The license is issued to the exchange, subject to several strict rules. Additionally, the exchanges should be registered with the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

However, for purposes of becoming an exchanged, you will require to conform to some of the specifications that emanate from the ADGM, the SCA as well as the free zone authority. Among the other regulatory requirements you should observe are the minimum of six months’ capital adequacy, the mandatory due diligence and KYC, as well as an AML questionnaire.

Once you have a crypto mining license for Dubai, you can begin trading. It is important to note that the UAE is regulated like any other business, so you may have difficulty if you’re not registered there. If you’re not a UAE resident, you should apply for a residence visa and open a corporate bank account. You won’t have any difficulties setting up your cryptocurrency trading business.

If you are a cryptocurrency trader, you may be wondering how to open a crypto company in Dubai. In the UAE, you can only trade in certain types of cryptocurrencies, and the selection of these assets is based on market capitalization, security, and volatility. Your company must also have funds to cover at least six months of operations. Listed below are some steps you can take to open your own crypto company in Dubai.

Before you can start your company, you must choose jurisdiction in Dubai. In the Free Zone, you can operate without restrictions, but you need a sponsor from a local country on Dubai’s Mainland. The DMCC is responsible for regulating your business, so you must comply with their AML regulations and file regular financial accounts for audit. To open a cryptocurrency trading company in Dubai, you must fill out a commercial license application.

After developing your business plan, you may proceed to seek for a commercial license. Similarly, you would need a proper crypto trading license for starting your own crypto business. Such license is imperative for carrying out legal business in UAE. There are many lucrative businesses out there but crypto trading would be suitable among them. However, you must know what is expected of you so that when required, you will deliver it. Furthermore, it is important to satisfy government’s administrative requirements and abide by relevant legislation.

In case you want to start a cryptocurrency exchange business, there is something important you need to know–how to legally register a cryptocurrency business. If you want to operate a cryptocurrency exchange, you have to get a license from a bank. Nevertheless, if you are planning to operate a crypto currency wallet, you will require to acquire another license. There are different types of licensing scopes, hence it is important that you clearly understand what it is that you intend to achieve.

While in some counties the operation of crypto walllets necessitates a distinct permit contrary, operating a cryptocurrency exchange. Hence, you should know how different are crypto wallets from crypto exchanges and what is your end game.

For starters, in order to issue a crypto permit in Dubai, you should set up a firm within Dubai. After setting up a company, you may seek for Virtual Currency trade license in the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. You will be issued with the license that allows you to create cryptocurrency which your company can apply for online. A board member/office-in UAE should be the best.

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