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Cryptocurrency License in Dubai UAE

How to get a Cryptocurrency License in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai has become one of the best markets for cryptocurrency platforms in the world. The dramatic rise of cryptocurrency companies has completely altered the business all around the world and encouraged more investors and entrepreneurs to set up their cryptocurrency licenses in Dubai. By the end of 2020, the world’s cryptocurrency investment and market capitalization were $265 Billion, and $6 billion online bitcoin business transactions were recorded which made Dubai the prime hub of the world’s cryptocurrency business center.

If you want to start your cryptocurrency company in Dubai, a commercial cryptocurrency license is required for which the three major departments of Dubai must approve your firm’s credibility to start the cryptocurrency business in Dubai.

The following are the list of departments which approve cryptocurrency license in Dubai UAE

  • Business Registration and Licensing (BRL)
  • Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

How To Find Crypto currency License Consultant in Dubai UAE?

To start your cryptocurrency company in Dubai, a crypto trade license is required. The cryptocurrency license is considered in the category of “commercial license”. This “commercial license” is important for all the commercial procedures that involve the trading process in Dubai. The cryptocurrency business and trade in Dubai is linked with the trading of Bitcoins and all other crypto coins. This crypto license grants you permission to do all other major cryptocurrency tradings in Dubai. We are the leading crypto currency livence consultant in Dubai.

Procedure to get Cryptocurrency License in Dubai UAE

You must follow the below instructions to acquire the cryptocurrency license in Dubai.

  • Download and submit the “license form” to the registered authorities of the UAE.
  • Attach and submit the cryptocurrency license documents linked with the company’s name and the shareholders
  • Submit the company’s official documents to the “DMCC free zone” landowners.
  • Make sure that you attach the complete cryptocurrency license application form without any other essential documents missing.
    Pay the application fee
  • You are expected to receive the cryptocurrency license in Dubai within weeks after the documents are approved.

Requirements & Elegibility to get Cryptocurrency licence in Dubai UAE

  • The entire crypto assets should be incorporated with the “UAE financial free zone” departments.
  • Make sure that your capital resources and all other operational expenses should be visible for at least 6 to 12 months.
  • No fraud transactional activities are allowed and a complete clean record is required.
  • Be sure that your information is secured in the crypto wallet.
  • Attach the copies of the valid passports of all your business partners.
  • Get a commercial license form which is issued by DED.

The cryptocurrency license form is issued by the “DED” when you handover your detailed business plan for cryptocurrency licence in Dubai.

The Business plan for the Cryptocurrency license demands the following guidelines

The business plan for the cryptocurrency license demands the following guidelines:
It includes your detailed short-term and long-term business plans and goals. The complete cryptocurrency business project and the way you will manage all the crypto business activities in Dubai.

Financial proposal

Provide detailed information on how you will plan and raise the required financial capital and what will be the other sources for your funds. The funding strategy must include all the cryptocurrency business partner details, if you are only the investor then all the required documents must be submitted by the provided deadline. The cryptocurrency business in Dubai is related to many financial risks, you need to understand and provide a pre-planned strategy to tackle all risks in this business.

The concept

It includes the various types of cryptocurrency that you are planning to trade or mining. What will be your final crypto platform and how will you select it?

What are the various disadvantages of not getting the Cryptocurrency license approval in Dubai UAE?

  • If unapproved, the company via which you applied for the crypto license will be blacklisted and all the international trade activities will be permanently disallowed.
  • The visa can be canceled & there will be restrictions from traveling which can be applied by the UAE government.
  • If disapproved, all the business managers, business shareholders, and even the owners can be deported from Dubai.
  • The local sponsors will not make any deal with your company and all your other business activities will be hampered.
  • The organization’s further expansion plans in Dubai will be nulled and terminated.
  • A heavy financial fine will be imposed to pay to the UAE government and all the organization’s assets will be ceased

What are various advantages for hiring a Business Consultancy Firm for approval of a cryptocurrency licence in Dubai UAE?

  • The expert “Business setup companies in Dubai ” will guide you the best to provide all the essential legal documents to governmental departments.
  • The Business setup consultants can assist you to get a cryptocurrency license approved by undergoing all the required rules and regulations which are instructed by various governmental policies in Dubai.
  • The Business setup consultants in Dubai can offer you all the complex legal services to accelerate the cryptocurrency licensing process in Dubai fast and securely.
  • They make sure that the legal paperwork is completed in the minimum duration of time and no other confusion will be created between the “business owners” & the various “economic departments” in Dubai.

Why Setup A Cryptocurrency Business in DAFZA, DMCC, UAE Free Zones?

Starting a “cryptocurrency business in Dubai UAE” is not an easy process, it includes the numerous ways & procedures to sustain and do a long term cryptocurrency business that will survive all the tough rules & the regulations implemented by Dubai authorities for entrepreneurs in UAE.

Dubai is regarded as the land of business opportunities and living in 2021 and beyond with the great technological perks which allows you with the remarkable openings for the newcomers to make a bright future for your crypto business.

Bitcoins are introduced into the Dubai foreign exchange market with a great boom, the online payment platforms are infusing in all the business transactions and deep penetrating their roots in every major industry in Dubai.

For the worldwide entrepreneurs and the business tycoons, Dubai is the best platform to set up the very owned business organizations linked with the digital currency.

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