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GCS will provide unmatched professionalism and experience as your key partner to help secure a professional license with a Saudi shareholder. We specialize in dealing with the complexities of business regulations, providing stress-free and legal procedures. Increase service quality at the workplace with our specialized assistant services, targeted to suit your definite demands.

Consulting License for Offices in Saudi Arabia

Importance of Professional Licenses

Before we move to specifics, we should define the professional licenses and their importance. This is not a mere formality; compliance to licensure manifests trust by customers and partners. GCS Group identifies a licence as a critical tool that creates a credible business image.

Saudi Shareholder Requirement

Business operations within Saudi Arabia have a Saudi shareholder as a legal requirement. This rule has fostered local collaborations, stimulated economic growth, and promoted a more favourable business ecosystem. For GCS Group, conforming to this requirement can be considered a strategic move to blend into the Saudi market effortlessly.

In Saudi Arabia, obtaining a professional license is mandatory for individuals and companies operating in specific fields such as accounting, auditing, law, legal consultancy, architecture, engineering, engineering consultancy, translation, and translation agencies. Foreign companies interested in conducting professional activities in the Kingdom must acquire this license, typically in collaboration with a local Saudi partner. Compliance with this licensing requirement is crucial for businesses looking to establish a presence and engage in professional services within the Saudi Arabian market.

Professional Licensing Requirements In Saudi Arabia

Professional Partners

  1. Authenticated copy of the participating foreign establishment’s commercial registration by the Saudi Embassy, displaying the company’s professional activities.
  2. We have certified financial statements for the last fiscal year by the Saudi Embassy, specifically for companies not previously licensed by the Ministry of Commerce with prior professional activity.
  3. A copy of their national identity is needed if any of the partners is an individual with GCC nationality. A national identity copy and a professional verification statement from the “ABSHAR” System are required for partners holding Saudi nationality. Additionally, each partner’s professional license copy from the relevant authority in the Kingdom is essential.

Rules and Restrictions for Professional License in Saudi Arabia

To engage in professional activities in Saudi Arabia, adherence to specific ownership and partnership regulations is mandatory:

  1. A Saudi partner with a professional license must hold a minimum share of 25%, as per activity-specific thresholds.
  2. The cumulative ownership of non-professionals, whether Saudi, Gulf nationals, or distinctive residence holders, should not exceed 30%.
  3. Non-Saudi professional entities contributing to the company must possess a reputable standing within their professional domain.
  4. The non-Saudi professional entity should appoint one or more representatives licensed to practice the relevant profession, recognized by the competent authority in their country or the country of the professional entity.
  5. The non-Saudi professional entity is required to contribute expertise, technical knowledge, and facilitate training for Saudi nationals within the professional company.
  6. Approval from the competent authority in the Kingdom is essential when mandated.
  7. If any partner was previously licensed by the Ministry of Investment, this information must be disclosed in the electronic application.
  8. The application process necessitates the inclusion of data related to the Saudi national identity, premium residence, or residence, if applicable, or commercial registration details for participating Saudi companies.

Secure Your Professional License with GCS Group

GCS Group is your trusted partner in obtaining professional licenses, catering to both individuals and companies in the country. Our dedicated support includes expert guidance on the qualifications, documentation, and assessments required to acquire your license seamlessly. Count on us for valuable insights into renewals and staying compliant with other regulatory obligations. Trust GCS Group to navigate the licensing process efficiently, ensuring your success in the professional arena.

Non-Professional Partners

  1. The Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia is hereby requested by various ministries, governmental bodies, and competent authorities to establish a technical and communication office within the country to enhance economic and technical cooperation.

  2. The Ministry of Exterior formally requests the Ministry of Investment to issue a license for the establishment of an Economic and Technical Communication office. Enclosed is a detailed work plan outlining the proposed businesses and services to be provided within the Kingdom for consideration.

  1. A professionally licensed Saudi partner is required with a minimum share of 25%, as specified by the activity type.
  2. The combined shares of non-professionals, whether Saudi, Gulf nationals, or distinctive residence holders, should not exceed 30%.
  3. Non-Saudi professional companies contributing to the venture must have a distinguished reputation in their respective profession.
  4. Representatives from non-Saudi professional companies should hold licenses from competent authorities in their country, replacing the professional activity within the company.
  5. The non-Saudi professional company is expected to provide expertise, technical knowledge, and contribute to the training of Saudi individuals.
  6. Approval from the competent authority in the Kingdom is necessary if required in specific cases.
  7. If any partner was previously licensed by the Ministry of Investment, this information must be disclosed when entering partner data in the electronic application.
  8. During electronic application submission, the applicant must provide the data of the Saudi national identity, premium residence/residence, or commercial registration for participating Saudi companies, if applicable.

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