License for Scientific and Technical Office in Saudi Arabia

Discover smooth audiovisual encounters with GCS Group, your reliable company, to get an Audiovisual Media license in Saudi Arabia. We guide you through the regulatory terrain, ensuring your compliance is a flaw and that licensing runs smoothly. Booster your media projects confidently as we lead you to success in the Saudi Arabian market.

License for Scientific and Technical Office in Saudi Arabia

The Audiovisual Media license from the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) is necessary if foreign companies want to join in broadcasting and other audiovisual activities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This obligatory license covers the entities involved in manufacturing, distribution, and broadcasting audiovisual work within this region.

Significantly, media has taken its stronghold over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a market share of about 30%. It has a crucial sector valuation of SAR 17.4 billion and is considered an essential region in the country’s economic terrain. This is more emphasized because this industry has been in tune with what is expected to be achieved as part of Saudi Vision 2030.

Saudi Vision 2030 places the media transformation as a pillar, symbolizing how this nation is determined to transform its economy and create innovations. The very ambitious vision aims to drive Saudi Arabia into a new era of development and growth whereby the Media sector provides critical support in meeting all these objectives.

This, the licenses for Audiovisual Media meet regulatory needs and serve a larger objective of transforming and modernizing media platforms. With Saudi Arabia striving to become a leading regional powerhouse, foreign entities engaging in audiovisual activities within the Kingdom can capitalize on this dynamic industry for its growth story.

The Significance Of The Media Sector In Saudi Arabia

GCS Group is a leading company in Saudi Arabia’s transforming media industry, playing an important role in the growing development and innovation within this sector. The cooperation with NEOM Media Village demonstrates our dedication to promoting high-quality content in line with strict international requirements.

NEOM Media Village

Located in the NEOM project, a visionary idea of outstanding beauty and prosperity with unique surroundings for attractive lifestyles, GCS Group benefits from this opportunity to be within the context of such an environment that gives them access to being part of both physically well and living within proximities. This grand project is not just a physical spot; it represents innovation, artistic performance, and social integration. As a business in such an evolving frame, GCS Group sees NEOM’s vision of creating a future-oriented and sustainable media ecosystem as necessary for developing strategy.

Promotion of Quality Content

In the middle of GCS Group’s mission is a commitment to creating and marketing quality content. We appreciate that audiences demand captivating stories with fresh production values and multifaceted insights within the dynamic media sphere. We hope to be leaders in creating content that not only entertains but also teaches and motivates as a result of our involvement in the NEOM Media Village.

We use our knowledge and insights to create innovative content that appeals locally and internationally. GCS Group wants to develop new standards for content development within the Saudi Arabian media sphere with innovation and creativity.

Meeting International Standards

Recognizing the need to follow international standards in our operations, GCS Group strives for perfection at every step of its media-related activities. Our dedication to quality reaches far beyond production processes or ethical guidelines. Through compliance with global standards, not only do we enhance the quality of our deliverables but also establish ourselves as a credible partner for international alliances.

Audiovisual Media Licensing Requirements In Saudi Arabia

Required Documents

  1. Please furnish a certified copy of the commercial registration of the shareholding partner, authenticated by the Saudi Embassy. Additionally, provide a copy of the national identity for any partner who is a GCC national not registered in the ABSHAR system.

  2. Submit the financial statements for the company’s most recent fiscal year, duly certified by the Saudi Embassy.

Rules and Restrictions

  1. If the Ministry of Investment previously licensed any partner, their information must be provided in the electronic application for transparency.
  2. Premium residence holders are exempt from submitting the documents above.
  3. Commit to all activities’ organized obligations, including the Saudization standards and percentages approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
  4. The applicant must input the data of the Saudi national identity, Premium residence/residence, or commercial registration for participating Saudi companies when submitting the electronic application.

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