Choosing the optimal free zone among the 50+ options in the UAE is crucial for positioning your business for success.

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UAE Free Zone Company

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GCS Group provides full services for starting a business in over 50 UAE-free zones. Making choices needs to think about things like where it’s happening, the cost of living and kinds of businesses involved. This could be someone using a desk that can change size or larger spaces in an office with their own ways to check how money is being spent and keep records.
While our skilled GCS Group staff will make sure that the advice is correct and prices stay low, your business setup journey will be like a calm boat ride.

Benefits of Establishing in a Free Zone

What advantages come with launching your company in a free zone, and what are the operational mechanisms of each?

1. Retain Ownership

The main help given by UAE free zones is that international investors can have complete ownership of their businesses without needing a local partner.

3. Financial Incentives

Some money benefits in free zones, aside from the ease of doing business, include a 0 tax rate on how much you earn and no taxes for bringing things into or out of these areas. Plus, it's easy to send your profits back home if you want.

2. Business License

Some types of businesses might need clearance from certain officials. Contact us today for a free chat. Our experts will help you learn what is needed to start your business.

4. Sector-Specific

One more important thing is that many free zones in the UAE are focused on specific areas, giving great chances to businesses. This lets business owners quickly get lots of knowledge and experience from their industry.
Benefits of Establishing in a Free Zone

Steps to Establish a Company in a UAE Free Zone

Commencing a business in Dubai is a straightforward process with GCS Group. We can assist you in establishing your business in a free zone, on the mainland, or offshore.

Accounting Services UAE

You will be guided through the process step-by-step in a very transparent manner that gives you a full overview of exactly where you are at any given time of the setup journey.
VAT & Tax Consultancy UAE

We handle all the intricate details for you, ensuring you don't have to worry about a thing, while keeping you well-informed throughout the entire process.
PRO Services UAE

The whole process can be wrapped up in as few seven working days, but behind the scenes GCS Group is pulling out all stops to see your UAE free zone company setup succeed.

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