General Trading License In Dubai

Have your hopes of building up a business with wide-ranging activities come true? Just look as far as a General Trading License in Dubai. But at GCS Group, we make it possible for entrepreneurs to take limitless possibilities by hand. We guide them step-by-step through how to get a General Trading License. With our experience dealing with the subtleties of doing business at all levels within Dubai, we work to make everything as smooth and comfortable for you as possible so you can start your entrepreneurial adventure without worry. Come with us and enter a world of business diversity & opportunity at the very heart of Dubai.

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General Trading License In Dubai

What Is General Trading License ?

Many business people prefer to get general trading license in Dubai for anyone who wants a company ready-built can very easily open one here. For setting up a general trading company to do both international and local trade, Global Investors gives preference to Dubai because it is so convenient.

A general trade licenseThen for investors who want to have business activity where they can deal in a wide variety of commodities, both at home and internationally, trading freely with Dubai will be all the more convenient. Trade license from Free Zones and mainland would take a general trade License in Dubai.

  • As for the trading company supplying goods to domestic textile mills, it should take a code for import and export.
  • Many company owners from different countries opt for a general trading license or preferable bank account in Dubai to improve their business earnings.
  • Under the revised law governing industrial companies of Dubai, investors are permitted to set up 100 % general trading company in Dubai.

Overview Of General Trading License In Dubai

General trading covers all business activities in Dubai, such as direct wholesale, retail, import-exporting or intermediary foreign trade in things ranging from essential commodities to goods like clothes and foodstuffs. When you have a general trade license, all necessary items should be able to be traded easily. If you compare any single license to an all-rounded trade license, it is more effective since individual invested firms can sell increasingly greater products.

Cost Of General Trading License In Dubai

On the mainland, AED 30,00 is required for a general trading license in Dubai. Typically, this includes the cost of selling a trading company on the continent, including license fees, virtual office rent with Ejari for one year, and non-registrable pre-approvals, which add up to about AED 42 thousand. So this kind of trading License in Dubai is the most popular Trade Licenses for investors. You can do business trades on several products using one trade license.

  • Business trade and commerce: Dubai is the most common hub.
  • Given its geographic location and the international air, sea, and land links it can offer via Dubai Ports (the world’s busiest port regarding container shipments) both to early Asian markets and late European ones.
  • For trading corporations, business opportunities in Dubai abound.
  • The Free Zones and mainland offer vast resources for offices, warehouse support services, banking assistance, and transporting materials. In addition, there is a supply of foreign capital.

Different Steps Helps You To Get General Trading License In Dubai

Free zone or mainland? Please select the appropriate jurisdiction. Thus, the business of your trading firm falls within a general trading licence.

Please choose your company’s name, in other words, its legal form.

  • You must fill in and submit the form to the relevant authorities.
  • If necessary, get the required approvals for your business.
  • It would help if you got the documents ready, like the memo of Association (MOA) and items approved by various government authorities.
  • Find the right business location and secure residence Contract & Ejari.
  • You will get the Trade license if they receive all required documents and fees.
  • For the respective business, apply for a residence visa and bank account.

Documents Required For General Trading License In Dubai

  • A signed and partially completed General trading License application by the investor/manager.
  • You need a Memo of Association, an investor agreement and all the necessary documents.
  • Trade name Approval (Attested) from the Dubai Economy or other free zone authority
  • Passport copy of the Shareholders

Two Methods To Gain A General Trading License In Dubai

From Dubai Economy

The Dubai Economy is the perfect choice for opening it up to corporations that always want wholesale and retail businesses on the mainland, eagerly trying every day to get a General Trade License from them. DED also issues a license immediately, valid for one year and does not need office space.

But after one year, the corporation needs to renew its license by providing a physical office space for your company in Dubai for trading.

UAE license in general commercialism The capitalist can sell products, stock them and pass them on to the market directly.

You can personally oversee and protect your trade business in Dubai, open a store there, etc. In addition, there are no limits on issuing visas and employment visas.

It depends entirely on the nature of your work in your office: Should you have a large room there, you can hire many and more employees; should space be limited, fewer and fewer workers.

You need to submit the stockholder agreement and other relevant documents to Dubai Economy for them to issue you a License.

Dubai free zone

For business trading companies, the Dubai Free Zone is an ideal place to do their business. As a trading license investor, you should be able to sell, distribute, warehouse and do import-export business. There are different

Approx. Forty free zones are usually traded In Dubai, and licenses are to be sorted for investors, etc.

  • There are many advantages, such as 100 % foreign ownership, no import duty, etc.
  • It is very effective and efficient in forming a business Trade Company.
  • This helps investors to deal with their business overseas easily. In free zones, advanced technology means that warehouse support is always on hand.

How We Will Help You?

Our experienced business consultants will accompany you every step of the way in establishing your company and we can assure that you’ll receive a general trade license for Dubai promptly. We will give you the right custom package based on your business needs.

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