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Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage

Our health insurance packages provide comprehensive coverage for both in-patient and out-patient services, ensuring your medical needs are well attended to and giving you peace of mind.
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Excellent healthcare services

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Tailored to your needs

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Health Insurance Dubai: Your Complete Guide

A recent study showed that one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world is to be found in Dubai, with a minimum figure for 181 doctors per 100,00 people. This outstanding healthcare infrastructure has thrust the city into the front ranks of medical tourism, cementing its position as one Mexico’s best health and wellness destinations.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) presents a largely well-developed health system with very high standards of healthcare. And it means modern health facilities that are easy to get at and complete medical insurance plans. Importantly, health insurance in Dubai is not just for locals but also readily available to visitors. The city has become a major global healthcare center as a result of these factors.

To those seeking professional or business opportunities in Dubai, understanding the complexities of health care plans is essential. Analyzing the health insurance market is an important component of taking stock of all living costs in Dubai. Under this easily set up and all-encompassing healthcare, everyone can enjoy Dubai’s top-notch medical services for peace of mind as well.

Health Insurance Requirements in Dubai

However the requirements and facilities for health insurance in certain cities differ, a consensus commitment to world-class healthcare remains consistent. In Abu Dhabi, for example, citizens enjoy the Thiga program which gives them total coverage from a variety of public and private medical service providers.

The UAE possesses an extensive government-run health care system. Standards of quality in both the public and private sectors conform to high standards, while these are either free or subsidized for all UAE nationals. But expatriates, non-residents and so on are not immune from having to pay for equal quality of care. Employers are generally responsible for the health care of those employed in the UAE.

But employers, both of expatriates and local workers alike may not deduct employees’ salaries to provide medical coverage. Sponsors must provide dependents with health insurance.

The Health Insurance law in Dubai requires that all residents possess valid insurance with minimum coverage levels determined by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). not eligible for insurance coverage through government health programs in Dubai) For resident UAE nationals, there is such a thing as Saada. The Biomedical Research Center, private hospitals and other DHA health facilities offer treatment to enrollees in Saada. Citizens also have the right to opt out of other private healthcare coverage and join the government scheme. This system provides quality care for citizens of all nations. Hands-on learning emphasizes the UAE’s determination to secure a healthy future for its people

How Healthcare Works in the UAE

The medical care system in all emirates is, in general terms, straight forward. But there are a few details to keep on the radar screen: primarily ones relating to health insurance coverage for Dubai residents. An employee’s and his or her dependents ‘coverage range depends on designation and salary. Therefore, the kind of policy one chooses and its extent of coverage will affect medical costs.

In Abu Dhabi, employers and sponsors are required to provide health insurance coverage for their employees as well as dependents. Generally, dependents are one spouse and up to three children under 18 years old.

In Dubai, however, employers must provide health insurance coverage for their employees only. On the other hand, sponsors must provide insurance coverage for their resident dependents.

The various healthcare insurance options available in Dubai are listed below.

Private Health Insurance in Dubai

Those who are not residents of Dubai must have valid health insurance provided by their sponsor or employer. But remember: not all jobs come with health insurance, and your options for your dependents may be limited by the optional treatments you choose or their age.

However, private health insurance is conducted differently by each kind of provider. Thus, before picking an insurer, finding out how they work like procedures for making claims and the treatments your policy covers as well as payment information–is very important. See the UAE Insurance Authority website for a list of all approved and registered insurance providers. Be sure to find health coverage from a legitimate, approved insurance company. You must do so because if you are applying to live in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, the government will require that your health coverage valid.

Advantages of Private Health Insurance

Among the most obvious benefits of buying private health insurance in Dubai is escape from having to pay a monthly tax. In the UAE one can spend over ten times as much living without health insurance, in penalties alone.

Moreover, private health insurance provides coverage to some of the country’s finest medical facilities. These services use only the most advanced medical equipment and have doctors who speak English as their mother tongue.

What’s more, personal insurance makes it possible to tailor coverage according to your actual needs. You may opt for extra benefits or provide special service under certain circumstances. This flexibility means your health insurance fits what you want and need.

Public Health Insurance Dubai

While public health insurance in the UAE differs between emirates, coverage is chiefly limited to essential healthcare needs. It typically includes coverage for emergencies, as well preventive services such as immunization of newborns and children. There are essential vaccinations and maternity coverages included too.

Moreover, the insurance encompasses primary healthcare services such as:

  • General examinations
  • Diagnostic services
  • General practitioner and
  • specialist treatment
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Consultations
  • Radiology diagnostic
  • services
  • Laboratory services
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Other medicines

But you should understand that there are some services excluded by this insurance. These include laser or surgical procedures used to correct vision, and hearing aids, dentures and similar appliances as well as examinations for the teeth, gums etc. It may cover surgical operations, maternity follow-ups and physiotherapy in some specific cases. Knowing the extent of public health coverage is important to residents in UAE, so that they have a complete picture on what services are covered and where there may be holes requiring residence from buying extra private health insurance.

Health Insurance for Low Earners or Unemployed

The Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) provided by Dubai is  designed to ensure medical coverage for low-income employees, with particular attention paid to workers whose salaries are below AED 4000 as well as their dependents.

The EBP plan covers a range of health care services for an annual fixed fee, between AED 550 and AED 650. They include childbirth care, medicines, tests , operations and also both outpatient treatments or hospitalized. However, the plan has certain limitations, such as:

  • Basic healthcare coverage in Dubai
  • AED 150,00 yearly claim limit
  • First six months : no coverage for pre-existing or chronic conditions
  • For essential inpatient healthcare services, a 20 % co-pay capped at AED 500 per visit.
  • AED 1,000 per year for inpatient services.
  • Medicine or prescriptions: Up to AED 1,500 per year
  • A 30 % co-pay on every prescription filled

Maternity healthcare, such as outpatient antenatal services and in-hospital care during birth is included under the EBP plan. The plan covers up to AED 7,000 for vaginal birth delivery and provides coverage of as much as AED 10, including the doctor’s fee.

Moreover, a mother’s EBP plan provides coverage for 30 days for newborn children including screenings and tests. However, it’s worth pointing out that only special insurance companies licensed by the UAE government are able to provide the EBP.

Recall that EBP is provided exclusively to staff earning under AED 4,000 a month and provides the same level of insurance as public healthcare coverage. Employers are expected to provide healthcare coverage for domestic workers. For those that fall into the eligible category, it is necessary to know about the characteristics and limitations of the EBP plan in order not to miss out on needed health care services.

Best Dubai Health Insurance Plans for Expatriates

If your employer does not provide healthcare coverage for you and your dependents, then there are two choices: You can purchase insurance from a private healthcare provider or the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP). It is important, before making a choice, to also consider needs and the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.

The cost of the EBP tends to be between 550 and 650 AED per year, about US $150-USD$17. Check the Insurance Authority’s website to browse through its list of registered companies before deciding on which insurance provider you are going with.

Some of these insurance companies also provide Islamic insurance (takaful). Expatriates in Dubai may choose from a number of plans. Aetna International and Cigna Middle East are major health insurance providers for foreigners.

Cigna offers three cover levels: International Plus, International, and Regional. Add extra modules to increase coverage and harvest greater benefits.

However, the Aetna plan offers expatriates three options for coverage plans with a high degree of flexibility in add-ons and optional benefits. Alternatively, you can select voluntary cost-sharing solutions; choose areas of cover options and get the option to make appointments at a network of several hospitals. Expatriates visiting Dubai But carefully understanding the nature of the benefits and choices available by these private healthcare plans is essential for expatriates in deciding about their own medical coverage.

Who can Qualify for Health Insurance Dubai

Expatriates legally employed in Dubai are entitled to health insurance through their employers. You must have a health card to seek medical care in public facilities or government hospitals and clinics.

The card can be applied for by visiting a medical center or online through the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website. Some of the documents required to apply for the medical card include:

  • Passport details
  • Emirates ID number
  • Copy of your tenancy contract
  • Residence visa
  • Completed application card
  • Two passport photos

The medical card will set at least 320 dirhams per adult and 120 dirhams for children under ten. For expatriates, applying for a health card is the starting point from which they can enjoy medical services in Dubai. It’s all part of an integrated healthcare system designed to provide care and protection for city inhabitants.

Do I Need Health Insurance in Dubai?

It is also important to have health insurance in Dubai, since proof of valid health insurance coverage is one condition for a residency visa.

UAE nationals can enjoy free or low cost insurance, expatriates however must pay for public and private insurances. You should raise the question of your health insurance coverage with your employer and ask which part depends on him.

The GCS Group can offer you tailored solutions should we choose to conduct our businesses there as well. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our services. Additionally, our team provides support in all areas and ensures that your business operations as well as the application process for visas in Dubai is smooth.

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