Please participate in our Corporate Nominee Sponsorship Programme to enjoy the exquisite yet unique convenience of surroundinyourselfwith 100 % beneficial interest and financial control, all in your right. But this program enables you to be the true master of your own business, allowing you full ownership over it so that every cell in your body gets its due from being an owner and provides convenience for human beings like yourself.

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Setting Up Your UAE Company Starts

Setting Up Your UAE Company Starts with GCS Group

For first-time entrepreneurs in Dubai, whether they need a local sponsor (Nominee Shareholder) is an important consideration. Whether a local sponsor is  required depends on many factors, including your nationality and the nature of the business you want to open.
Are you a non-member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)? If so, and if your business license is either commercial or industrial, then yes, indeed: You will need to find yourself a local sponsor. However, a local sponsor is optional if your business activity falls under one of the professional services license categories or if you are in a free zone.
GCS Group assists firms that require a local sponsor. The first step is to create a mainland Limited Liability Company (LLC), of which you own 49 % while your local sponsor holds on to 51 %. Of particular note is this: Although the shares are divided in accordance with ownership, profits aren’t apportioned to all parties alike–for instance, your local partner has no say in day-to-day operations.
Getting a local sponsor in Dubai is complex, especially for start-ups or new entrepreneurs. Local sponsors must be UAE nationals (Emirati) or corporate entities wholly owned by them, with a local board of directors. GCS Group will guide you through this process, providing a smooth and compliant partnership with the local sponsor.

Choosing a Local Sponsor in Dubai – The Corporate Option

We know that the thought of having a local sponsor and giving up 51 % ownership can deter entrepreneurs at GCS Group. To reassure you about these concerns, our Corporate Sponsorship Service has been carefully designed to give you total peace of mind.
Because of our joint partnership with the GCS Group’s service agents, you don’t need to spend time looking for and building a relationship. We instead offer a high-grade corporate nominee: your local sponsor 51 %. Dubai.
Our primary objectives in limited liability companies are empowering you with 100 % financial and operational control while protecting your shareholder rights. The service agreements and documents used here are carefully constructed by first-rate attorneys with proven experience acquired over a decade. We ensure that you are provided with complete documents to protect your business and safeguard the financial interests of your enterprise.


Corporate sponsorship with GCS Group provides equivalent advantages to those associated with individual sponsorship, with a tailored approach designed to navigate potential challenges. By opting for GCS Group’s corporate sponsorship service, you’ll enjoy:

1. No interference from the sponsor

With corporate sponsorship, entrepreneurs retain absolute control over their business despite the local sponsor holding a slight majority of company shares. Generally, a corporate local sponsor has no say in the company’s day-to-day affairs. Daily operation: Adopting a hands-off attitude means business owners can retain full control over their employees, clients, and services.

2. Easy

But with our corporate sponsorship service, we’re the ones who do all of that heavy lifting. GCS Group is thus quickly becoming known as not just one of Dubai’s and the UAE’s premier business setup consultants but truly an expert in its field. GCS Group is a one-stop shop for company formation, covering the entire process from start to finish. As a result, you won’t have to confront the endless bureaucratic department authorities that come with getting your business off its feet.

3. In-depth proactive contracts

The business setup process includes many complexities, especially the side agreements. Fortunately, here, the advantage is on the side of corporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsors provide many detailed contracts written by top-level legal counsel to protect the rights of business owners and their shareholders fully. These proactive contracts thereby contribute to a secure and transparent business, building confidence in the partnership.

GCS Group’s corporate sponsorship service
LLC Sponsorship

LLC Sponsorship

The GCS Group provides an exclusive corporate nominee  service, meaning we are your 51 % local sponsor in Dubai. We aim to give you 100 % financial and operational control to preserve your shareholder rights inside the company as an LLC. These agreements and documents are carefully drawn up by first-class legal counsel, a track record well established over nearly ten years of testing in the furnace of meeting marketing requirements. They thus represent genuinely state-of-the-art compliance with the law. But our corporate nominee is the best candidate to procure a local sponsor. With our sponsorship services, you will receive complete documentation to protect your business and secure your company’s financial rights.

Established in 2017, our team of one hundred personnel provides a combined network and expertise to ensure continuous aid across the board, from company incorporation through license renewal services, including visa procedures. Our clients are grateful to have a single service agent for their company formation needs, which is what we aim to be.

In addition to LLC companies, we extend our assistance to help you establish any of the following entities in the UAE mainland:

Representative Office
Sole Establishment
Civil Company

We provide a wide range of services with full consideration for different business organizations, so setting up and running your company in the rapidly changing environment of mainland UAE is quicker and easier than ever before.

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