Trademark Registration In Dubai

In the bustling business landscape of Dubai, establishing a unique and recognizable brand is paramount. Enter the world of trademark registration – a crucial step in safeguarding your intellectual property and ensuring the distinctiveness of your business. Our guide serves as your gateway to understanding the nuances of trademark registration in Dubai, offering clarity on the process and empowering you to protect your brand identity effectively. Join us on the journey to secure your business legacy in the vibrant marketplace of Dubai through trademark registration.
Trade Mark Registration
Trademark Registration UAE

Trademark Registration In Dubai

Trademark is a name, image or emblem that can be customized and used to establish various types of goods or services provided by a particular company. A trademark is a reputation, words, signature, letter, symbol, drawing, figure, inscription, image which is significantly used to distinguish a collection of goods and services of a business.

  • There are several advantages for registering logos in Dubai, like you can protect your brand and make different changes that cannot be copied by other companies or no one can imitate your trademark.
  • The Dubai Ministry of Economy is the official authority that governs the registration, renewal and cancellation of your trademark.

Trademark Registration In Dubai?

You have to keep some limitations in mind while registering a trademark in Dubai. If you would like to write a Dubai trademark, it should not contain any of the following:

  • Offenses against public morals and religions
  • Public symbols (such as flags)
  • Characters like nongovernmental organizations and the Red Crescent
  • Names or titles of third parties
  • Direct translations of alternative well-known logos

There are also further limitations that you should always think about while trademarking your company, and you can find out this by contacting the Ministry of Economy.

Who Can Apply For Trademark Registration?

 An individual who needs to differentiate his product or service of a business by trademark should file for trademark registration in Dubai and in those jurisdictions wherever they are required to be protected.

  • However, every option in Dubai doesn’t need to get a trademark or apply for trademark registration. 
  • The people of Dubai, moreover, are natural and artificial persons engaged in any economic, technological, technical, or service sector.
  • Foreigners are natural and artificial persons engaged in any economic, technological, technical, or service sector.

How You Can Register Your Trademark In Dubai

The trademark registration process is quite simple and easy, but it is necessary that while you are registering a trademark, you follow some steps and required procedures.

  • It would help if you were 100% sure your trademark is original and not already registered. There are different tools available online to check for trademark originality. If a company already uses the brand, you can’t use it for your business.
  • The next step is to fill out the form on the Ministry of Economy. You can go to services on the website’s homepage and then select e-services from the respective menu. After this, you must choose the trademark option from the service page and then select trademark registration from the new application option. Now, the opportunity for filling out the form will come, and you should fill in the required information with relevant documents.
  • You should pay the registration fees in Dubai.
  • After submitting the application form, you should pay the fees for trademark registration in Dubai through the Ministry of Economy.
  • If the information on your form application is correct and doesn’t break any law, then the Ministry of Economy will take 30 days to approve it.
  • The next step is to inform two local newspapers about your trademark registration for a company. The Ministry of Economy will publish this in the newspaper on your behalf when you pay them AED 1000.

 Finally, the trademark registration certificate is received. It has different and essential details like the registration number, trade name, investor name, trademark, and all the descriptions of goods and services that fall under the business.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration

  • Logo of trademark
  • Copy of the business trade license
  • Power of attorney of business
  • Passport copy
  • Priority documents
  • Types of goods and services which should be protected

Benefits Of Trademark Registration In Dubai

  • It protects the goods and Products and the complete identity of the business.
  • It enables the customers to see the original brand product, which is necessary for the business’s growth and helps them remove duplicate products.
  • It ensures the product’s superior quality and increases the client’s trust.
  • Trademark Registration protects against other Trade Companies who sell defective goods/services.

How Will Our Consultants Help You?

The Trademark Registration method in Dubai is quite simple and easy however any type of problem that occurs in the form or throughout the document submission can lead to the rejection of the trademark.

Hence, it’s best to have interaction with a business consultant who knows all the procedures of the Trademark Registration method in Dubai. We offer end-to-end help in obtaining your whole trademark registered in Dubai at the quickest attainable time with reasonable fee.

Our team extends and gives complete support in registering a trademark in Dubai so that all legal requirements of companies with multiple goods and services are fulfilled. Our professional experts will help you in the procedure of gaining trademark registration without any problem. We are always ready to help our clients in any manner we can.

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