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Company Setup Services In Dubai

Company Registration

At SDB, we know the value of starting a new company in Dubai and its role and responsibilities. Being new in Dubai it is tough to understand it's law and restrictions to start your company.

Free Zone Company Setup

Doing business in Dubai, make you strong and feel safer being an businessman and an investor.No boubt, UAE is recomended for its unique infra and its high level of international standards.

LLC Company Formation

LLC company formation in UAE is amlost a very comon type of business performed, infact this is only an option that provides you with maximum legal rights.If you planning to expanf your business in Dubai, than LLC company formation is best option.

Family Visa

A small amount of working people in UAE live isolated from their family.Most of these people come from distant, leaving thier parents and the social life.

Pro Services

Our Public Relations Services have evolved from being simplistic to a more innovative function which is able to effectively use the two way communication (Process) between the organization and its concern public sectors.

Tradmark Registration

SDB also guide you in getting various trademark registration in Dubai. Indeed trademark is important part of an organization which make it unique and to be recognized globally


Why SDB Is The Best Business Consultants In Dubai?

Business Setup In Dubai – SDB is the best in the industry because we offer may services and have a great adviser who solves many problems related to licensing issues or visa-related problems. We provide a bank account opening service which helps you to represent your business depending upon what type of company you form.
We offer many top services in this industry and take care of all your needs related to company formation. We have a list of special packages which may change time to time depending upon authority rules in the special packages you will get reduces prices and multi-services because we provide all services at a very affordable cost with special packages which can be afforded by and business firm of any type or size.Our team has a year of experience and also faces many problems which they solve smartly. This experience will help us to serve your requirement in the best possible manner. Our quality work and efficiency forces you to be with us as client relationship.When you meet our team for first will provide special attention towards your questions related to business setup in the Dubai process. We even help you by act as the local representative and local sponsor for your company in Dubai, UAE. As we will provide every information about the paperwork and documentation we are doing for your business formation in Dubai. We provide you 100% ownership if you get free-zone area to for your business startup. We also have an excellent customer support system to take care of all your business needs.




Dubai is a place where the companies are starting to set up their headquarters

because Dubai is a place where people have high living standards and they usually buy luxury products and services, that’s why many companies want to set up their branches in Dubai. But setting up a business in Dubai is not easy, you have to follow the proper procedure if you don’t do so then you may have to face problems but don’t worry many companies help the investor and entrepreneur to set up their business and help them in procedure which is provided by the authority.


Dubai govt. help the companies to start their business in Dubai

and the special companies like SDB are one of the best setup consultants in Dubai who help many companies to start their business in Dubai. They help the businessman for starting to end but after the end of the start-up process their or more many services they provide related to future issues may you can face it depends upon what type of business you are doing. SDB give you all answers related to Business Setup, Corporate Finance and Tax Compliance etc. If you are willing to set up and develop their organization in Dubai, UAE.


SDB have a huge team of professionals

who know all rules and regulation of Dubai authorities and you do not need to do any research as you can blindly trust them to take help of these professionals even if they have a special department for other languages like English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Russian etc. If you are not comfortable to speak in other languages then you can talk to the team in your national language in which you are more comfortable.


Starting a Business in Dubai is Dream of every entrepreneur

SDB and team will help you to achieve your Dream quickly with perfection and If you face any problem after setting up a business in Dubai then you can contact our professional team to get a solution to that problem. Consistently SDB is concentrating on providing the genuine outcomes of any problem.


At the centre of our business

we believe in providing the best advice to you and help in setting up your business. Our consultation on business setup helps many companies and still helping them in many other related services we offer like Tax etc., our advisors and experts have years of experience as they handle many cases and guarantee the most normal amount of you will spend and get you dreamwork done in a faster way than you expect. Call SDB for a piece of benevolent expert advice and let us help you by giving the best answer related to business in UAE. We provide everything you need in setting up your business and give a successful run to your business in Mainland Dubai, UAE.


Advantage of having Business Setup In Dubai, UAE

If you want to set up your business in Dubai you have to first know about the area and marketing strategy or other. UAE companies come under the Department of Economic Development as all paperwork and licenses are applied under Dubai authority in the UAE.
SDB help you in setting up a business and support you to get the necessary documentation done with the right guidance and government connection. We will guide you in company registration and trade license and all offer some pro services will you need in future like visa procedure or related to tax & finance and even we solve your problem of having a local sponsor or local UAE partner.

We are Best FOR yOU


Setting up Business in Dubai, UAE is easy with SDB and a team of registered professionals who focus on its work and know the market of Dubai how its work. Our team is market-oriented about your dreams to give them away to reach the success level even we work hard to assisting you not with only the paperwork or documentation of your business setup but we also help to in equipping you with the required tool you will need to develop, promote for expanding your business in all over Dubai, UAE.

We have unique ways to help you in setting up your business and we have an impressive list of important contacts which help us in solving your problems related to set up business. Our services do not end with your residency visa and trade license. We have even more other services which you will be asking in future like Tax, finance, etc. it is just a point of the relation of meeting only after this we have to stay together for a long time. In this view, we have a special team who help the families and individuals with high net worth, companies and startups to establish their dream in the UAE and abroad. Our work and process of startup are Open to you, our every step is to discuss with you and share the reason behind what and why we are doing so. We help hundreds of customers make their life easier and establish their business in Dubai, UAE.

Consultancy Cases

We offer tax advantages, better connectivity, professional workforce and a perfect infrastructure. Below you will read about more advantages:-

  • Foreign Investment
  • Currency
  • Corporate Tax
  • Office Space
  • Income Tax (exemption))
  • Clients

The UAE government helps itself by providing incentives and calls for foreign investors to invest in the UAE. There are many things the government makes easy for investors to encourage foreign investment in the land of Dubai and SDB provide you leverage to invest when and where you want.

When your business is in any other country then you have to face the problem of currency which is a very common and important issue. The whole transaction depends upon currency type and if you are not able to arrange the currency exchange, you have to cancel the deal. But when you set up your business in Dubai, UAE with help of Make My Companies you do not need to worry about the currency issue because the UAE helps you by providing benefit from no currency exchange controls as there are no restrictions on the remittance of funds.

The UAE government helps itself by providing incentives and calls for foreign investors to invest in the UAE. There are many things the government makes easy for investors to encourage foreign investment in the land of Dubai and Make My Company provide you leverage to invest when and where you want.

When any businessman sets up its business, that person wants the place where everyone can see and get aware of its company and Dubai is a place where business in the UAE has no restrictions in terms of office area. But UAE Freezone business and offshore companies are restricted as there are some rules you have to follow other you will not able to apply for that area to the government of Dubai

Income tax is the main income of every government and this is not exempted as every company will pay the income tax due to which the is reduction in the profit of every product or service. But in Dubai, UAE is a place where the government of Dubai provides the best advantage of the exemption in income tax and personal income tax is not levied on business every jurisdiction.

When a business set up in any country people think the customer will belong to only from the place where the business is set up but in the case of Dubai UAE business put on the global map. Starting a company in Dubai will give you the clients from worldwide and you have a chance to provide sell your items and expand your business.