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how to setup a company in Dubai?

Easy process for Business Setup in Dubai

Step 1
Finalise documents
The first step is toApply for a business license.
Step 2
Apply for business license
The second step is to get a business license.
Step 3
Apply for Owner/Partner Visa
Third step is to apple for owner/partner visa.
Step 4
Open a bank account
Final step is to open a bank account of your business. 
Business setup in dubai
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We are powered by a team of Business setup professionals dedicated to delivering nothing but the best. We offer fast, friendly, and efficient services for setting up your business in Dubai, UAE. We have a team of professionals who know all the nitty-gritty of setting up your business and help you through each step of the way.
Setting up a business is not an easy task. It needs proper planning, information gathering, market research, and business analysis to execute. Our business setup consultants in Dubai,  will help you. They are well equipped with all the latest resources and expertise in this field to provide you with the best advice and help you in executing a smooth and trouble-free business setup. In addition, we help you set up a business legally and securely.
Our business formation consultant's team will assist you in getting the most favourable business environment and legal agreement to suit your business setup in Dubai, UAE. We also assist you in securing the necessary licenses for your business from the government and help you gain certification for your business from any appropriate agency. Our expert consultants will guide you in selecting the proper business structure for your business. We provide you with a free consultation wherein you can discuss your business plan, business objectives, business growth plans, business projections, marketing plans, management strategy, working capital, profits and losses, tax implications, regulation changes, business funding, financial system, working capital management and other important matters regarding the business.
For any further queries regarding the business formation process, you can approach us any time of the day. We are available round the clock throughout Dubai & across the world.

company formation in dubai

Complete Business Setup Guide In Dubai, UAE

Why Setup a Company in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy has grown very fast, and there is an ongoing economic boom in the country. Nowadays, both companies and individuals from around the world set up an office in Dubai as this city offers many benefits to both parties. The location of Dubai is one of the main reasons why many businesses have established operations in this part of the world. Located in the middle of the UAE, Dubai is well connected to different countries through its airways, contributing to its booming economy. Other factors contributing to the increasing demand of companies to set up operations in Dubai include tax-free corporate income and exemption on import and export. In addition, there are no personal or property tax and exemption on banking transactions for both individuals and companies.

Where to Setup a Company in Dubai?

Various international businesses have been looking for the opportunity to set up their company in the UAE. The commercial property in Dubai varies significantly in both size and price. To secure a place to do business, you will need to get a site that is well suited not only to your business needs but also to the surrounding conditions. Dubai's climate, the cost of living, transportation infrastructure, and taxes require a lot of planning to ensure that you get a location that will provide your business with not only the services it needs but also one that will not be forced to shut down because of poor background, taxation, or other concerns. It is also essential to investigate the feasibility of setting up a manufacturing or warehouse facility in the local area. It will impact the type of taxes that you will need to pay.

How to setup a company in Dubai?

When it comes to establishing any new business or organization in Dubai, the first thing that you need to do is to formulate a business plan. This document is essential as it serves as the initial piece of information used in gathering investors and lenders, and government officials to support your venture. Your business plan should include a brief history of your company, objectives, and market analysis. All this information will help you raise funds for your business through different means. The process to start a business in Dubai is not too complicated. The last step in starting a business in Dubai is the acquisition of the required licenses and papers from the Dubai government. For this, you will need the application form from the concerned department.

Business License in Dubai

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  • Visa Fees
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AED 9,999 *
  • 0% Income Tax
  • 100% Ownership of company
  • Can Open Bank Account UAE


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How To Setup Business In Dubai?

Below are the following steps to set up the Business in Dubai:

  • Reserve Company Name .
  • Register your company at the (DED) Dubai.
  • Attest company’s MOA at DED, Dubai.
  • Submit Company legal documents to DED.
  • Apply for Trade License in Dubai, UAE.
  • Apply to the “Ministry of Labour” for the establishment card.
  • Register employees with the “Ministry of Labour”, Dubai.
  • Find property in Dubai and rent or lease an office.
  • Apply for the owner & employee visas in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Steps to Starting a Business in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is considered to be the business startup capital of the UAE. This has been supported by the national government through various projects and free zones that have been implemented for corporate entities.

So, if you want to set up your business in Dubai, you can take advantage of these free zones, where almost all the companies are set up. So, what are the main benefits of establishing a business in Dubai?

These are only a few of the advantages that come with setting up a business in Dubai. If you are thinking of investing or starting a new business, then you should think of Dubai. The business locations are excellent, the cost of living in Dubai is low, and the population is increasing daily. All these factors and more are working to make Dubai a hub for a both domestic and foreign investor.

What are the Advantages of Starting a Business in Dubai, UAE.

The main advantage of establishing a business in Dubai is the availability of different business opportunities. For instance, an individual can establish a hotel or a restaurant. A hotel will require minimum capital and it can hold a tourist place.

On the other hand, a restaurant in Dubai will need minimum capital and it can serve the locals of the emirate. Both these types of business will need different licenses from the government of Dubai. If you purchase a property in Dubai and set up a company there, you will not have to pay any kind of income or personal taxes. This makes business in Dubai very attractive to many investors.

However, there are certain business owners who will try their best to avoid paying the required taxes. For such cases, they can consider forming a partnership or a limited liability company. These entities will help them to evade paying the required tax.

Can a foreigner start a business in Dubai?

The main advantage of establishing a business in Dubai is the availability of different business opportunities. For instance, an individual can select a hotel or a restaurant. A hotel will require minimum capital, and it can hold a tourist place. On the other hand, a restaurant in Dubai will need minimum money, and it can serve the locals of the emirate. Both these types of business will need different licenses from the government of Dubai. If you purchase a property in Dubai and set up a company there, you will not have to pay any income or personal taxes. This makes business in Dubai very attractive to many investors. However, there are sure business owners who will try their best to avoid paying the required taxes. For such cases, they can consider forming a partnership or a limited liability company. These entities will help them to evade paying the required tax.

How to Obtain Trade License in Dubai, UAE.

Acquiring the “trade license in Dubai” usually depends on the nature of the business the individual plans to set up in the Dubai mainland. If the person planning to setups a company in Dubai for the activities like import and export, clothes and hosiery, accessories, luxury furniture, electronics, then a “general trade license in Dubai” will be required if individual planning for multiple trade activities in Dubai then the “general trade license in Dubai” is sufficient. There are also specific business natures and pieces of training in Dubai mainland which are not covered in the “General license Dubai” example: cars, guns and weapons, wine and alcohol, certain medical products. Individuals to set up such particular business in the Dubai mainland need complete approval from the higher authorities in Dubai or via the UAE municipalities.

How to find Business Setup Companies In Dubai

Are you thinking of setting up a new business in Dubai and have no idea where to set up business in Dubai, UAE? Do you know that Dubai has the most economical structuring to become the leading point for diverse business activities? Dubai is divided into major zonal segments, referred to as mainland, free zone, and offshore. Each business has its own specific needs, and business owners or entrepreneurs must select the perfect location in Dubai, considering which suits their and financial need requirements.

What is the Cost of Starting a Business in Dubai Mainland & Free Zone

Dubai, being a “foreign market”, businessmen generally assume that “business setup in Dubai” could be an expensive process. With our assistance, you can set up your business in Dubai, UAE starting with just INR 4.5 lacs. However, each company setup is different and may have different needs and requirements. To understand how much setting up your company in Dubai will cost, speak directly to our “business setup experts in Dubai”.

Why Business setup in Dubai?

  • You Get 100% Business Ownership in Dubai.
  • Select The Industry-Specific Free Zones
  • Dubai is a Strategic international location
  • Setup Business with World-Class InfraStructure
  • Get the benefit of Limited Restriction on the Minimum Capital
  • Find Affordable Office Space which anyone can afford
  • Hassle-Free and Easy Documentation process.
  • Gain The Benefits of Low taxation rates.

Process of Company Setup In Dubai as a Foreigner

The advantage is the legal system in Dubai is very efficient and very reliable. There are many well-known firms and banks in Dubai that offer various legal services to its citizens. So, if you want to start a business in Dubai, you do not need to worry about the localities and laws. The law in Dubai is very pro-business, and the corporate houses there are growing very fast due to the ease of
doing business. So, if you want to set up business in Dubai, you can be sure that your business will flourish in no time.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Company in Dubai?

The cost for Setting up a business is starting from AED 12000 – AED20000. This is so especially in an international corporation that intends to employ hundreds or thousands of professionals in various departments. The recruitment and training of these employees are the costliest part of the entire company setup process. To keep these employees happy, it is essential to pay them well. That is why one should consider the option of incorporating a company in Dubai.
Starting a company in Dubai is very easy. The only requirement is that a nominee will act as the director of the company. To incorporate a company in Dubai, the nominee must follow all the necessary formalities for winding a business in the country. To save on the costs involved in setting up a company in Dubai, a person can opt for an indirect company service that will take care of the entire company setup process for him.
To establish a company in Dubai, the nominee will have to get a legal business license from the Dubai government. This will also serve as the proof of identity of the company director. It will be easy for a company formation company in Dubai to start trading with a legal business license. All the necessary papers regarding the capital, trading, employees, and business operation will be ready and available. Also, with the business license in hand, the company formation company in Dubai will set up its own office in the city. By having their own office, the company formation company in Dubai will operate its business smoothly without any difficulties.
When dealing with legal documents, the company formation process in Dubai will be quick and smooth with their experienced consultants. A company formation company in Dubai can be managed through the services of a company formation consultant. These consultants are knowledgeable about the entire procedure involved in company formation in Dubai. These consultants are professionals who are always ready to give their services at a reasonable price. Also, they will offer assistance and guidance with the company formation process at no extra cost. To get the best services, it is imperative to look for a company that provides a free consultation to its clients.
If you wish to know how much it costs to set up a company in Dubai, it is essential to have a complete understanding of the laws governing company formation in Dubai. There are several government departments responsible for the regulation of international businesses in Dubai. Consultations are offered by these departments to provide information on the legal company formation procedures applicable in the country. In addition, several guides and brochures are also distributed to explain various aspects to help educate and inform individuals about company formation in Dubai.
Once you have chosen a company formation company in Dubai, you should then submit your application. Companies in Dubai are governed by local laws and regulations, which are different from international business laws. This means that you will need to submit documentation and other material supporting your company formation project. If you are not aware of the legal requirements of the country you are operating in, it may be better to consult a company formation consultant to receive proper advice.
Another critical question you may want to ask yourself, “How much does it cost to set up a company in Dubai?” This is because there are certain legal costs associated with setting up a company. These costs are typically paid by the expatriate or the company itself, and it depends on the nature of the company and its incorporation. Expatriates will pay around 20% of the company’s capital as fees and taxes. Companies that are established will also have to pay for their own building and other establishment expenses and office supplies.
Setting up a company formation in Dubai can be a daunting task, but it is always important to ask yourself, “What do I have to invest in?” Before you decide on which company formation options to go with, make sure that you are entirely aware of what you are getting into. You don’t want to get scammed by some company offering a low-cost option. But, on the other hand, your hard-earned money should be well spent.

How Business Setup In UAE work?

What is the actual value of knowing how to start a business in Dubai? You can either create your business from scratch or expand an existing business. Growing an existing business may be tricky as there are no business setup process and guide available for this. On the other hand, if you start a business from scratch, things are not that tough, and you can be assured of easy money making without any hassle.
Since the business setup process in Dubai is not exactly similar to that of a normal country, most business owners fail to set up their businesses successfully. The primary reason behind this is the lack of business awareness and improper knowledge. To overcome such situations, the Dubai business owners take the help of experienced business consultants who educate them on all the basics of doing business in Dubai. In addition, these business consultants also teach them about their business competitors in Dubai and how they can increase their sales in a short period.
Once they have complete information about starting a business in Dubai, the business owners then need to look for capital to invest. They can either obtain this capital through personal savings or by taking the help of funds from their family and friends. To get the required money for their business venture, they must seek the help of commercial banks like Emirates Commercial Banking (ECB) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBOD). Some other companies offer the option of getting business loans from their own bank. However, one should bear in mind that business loans with banks will be costly, and one cannot hope for a considerable amount of money at the beginning of the business setup process.
Other business formation companies offer business financing in the form of lease payments. These companies can be used by inexperienced businessman to get the required funding. However, business financing is a long process as one has to go through several formalities, and there are chances of losing money during the process. If you are looking for an easier way of obtaining business loans, you can consider taking help from private lending companies in Dubai.
These companies have proper knowledge about the legal formalities and procedures involved in getting commercial loans from banks. Therefore, they can easily handle all the paperwork and processing the loan without much difficulty. The only drawback of using business formation companies is that they have to spend more money hiring their services. The business setup process is quick and easy, but at the end of the day, it is the entrepreneur who has to bear the burden of expenditure.
The excellent news for the inexperienced entrepreneur is that they can quickly get the desired business loans without going through the stress of business formation. They have to search the internet, and they will find many companies offering business loans in Dubai. The best option to select the company is the one that offers free consultation and assessment of the business setup. This will help the borrower to choose a reliable company. Therefore, the business loans in Dubai are highly beneficial as they help get the business started and help improve the standing of the entrepreneur.