Beyond the stage of business setup, we offer all kinds of supporting services to meet your needs: from opening a corporate banking account to registering for VAT and accounting.

Corporate Services In Dubai

So you can take care of business

Our business-support packages ensure that you put the competition behind your back.
For UAE startups and business owners, having a professional company take care of the many aspects involved in building up an effective brand name with commercial footprints can be a boon if you want to make a splash in the UAE, for example. If that’s true, you need someone who can provide the fruits of experience and offer more than just those first few pieces of paper.
Our comprehensive support services are based on our clients’ daily needs; in particular, each service is designed to help you get started so that you can do what really matters.

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    Essential Services in Dubai

    Bank Account Opening UAE

    Bank Account Opening

    Our in-house experts relieve the inconvenience of business bank account opening for you.
    Accounting Services UAE

    Accounting Services

    Highly qualified accountants will help you to make your finances more effective. Our services include bookkeeping, reconciliation, financial statements preparation and payroll accommodation. We produce VAT reports and audit assistance programs as well.
    Compliance Services UAE

    Compliance Services

    A team of professionals will walk you through the regulatory requirements for doing business in the UAE, including compliance with Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO).
    Health Insurance UAE

    Health Insurance

    Choose from top global companies to get one-to-one personalized health insurance plans. Whether you demand an individual or group insurance plan, we have wholesome coverage that fits your needs.
    VAT & Tax Consultancy UAE

    VAT & Tax Consultancy

    You can rely on our team of professional accountants to handle your finances with ease. We provide various services such as bookkeeping, reconciliation, financial reporting, payroll processing, VAT reports, and audit support.

    Operational Services

    Health Insurance UAE

    IT Services

    You'll have your digital essentials in hand effortlessly with GCS Group. We offer web hosting, business email and domain name backed by 24/7 tech support. Concentrate on your business development while we handle online with expertise.
    VAT & Tax Consultancy UAE

    Legal Services

    Rely on the legal expertise of GCS Group for M&As, corporate restructuring, financing and dispute resolution in the UAE. Our devoted team assist in compliance and solutions tailored to your business.

    Support Services in Dubai

    Tourist Visa UAE

    Tourist Visa

    These days it is easier than ever to secure a tourist visa for the UAE. Whether you want a 30-day or 90-day tourist visa and are planning on making single or multiple entries, our team can take care of the whole process for you.
    Golden Visa UAE

    Golden Visa

    Our team is ready to help you unleash the potential of a UAE Golden Visa, with extended residency rights for yourself and 100 % company ownership in addition.
    PRO Services UAE

    PRO Services

    Let our PRO team handle for you the intricacies of your licenses, visas and various administrative chores so as to concentrate on running your business. Our professional assistance will save you money and time.
    Golden Visa UAE

    Will Preparation

    Leave behind your legacy with GCS Group. The personalised, hassle-free process of making a will is our area of expertise; we provide peace for your soul and security for care after your death. Trust us for a more convenient experience, tailored to you.

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