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Costs for: Shams Free Zone (Sharjah Media City)

About Sharjah Media City (Shams Free Zone)

About Sharjah Media City (Shams Free Zone)

Shams Free Zone, which is also called Sharjah Media City, is at a good place. You only need to drive for five minutes from the Sharjah International Airport and just 15-minutes from Dubai airport too. This great place is perfect for companies wanting easy access and links within the area.
Shams Free Zone helps businesses with their service, trade and industry licenses. It’s a flexible place for people starting companies or doing business. The free zone has more than 200 allowed business activities and serves many different businesses. If your business is about counting money and checking books, or getting into publishing and selling wholesale goods, Shams Free Zone can offer a friendly place for different types of work.
Shams Free Zone is a busy place for business that prioritizes speed and ease. It helps growth and creativity happen. Being near key airports makes it easy to travel and handle supplies. This adds more reasons why people might pick Sharjah as their choice for starting or growing businesses in the lively environment there.

Benefits of setting up a company in: Shams Free Zone (Sharjah Media City)

1.Strategic Location

Shams Free Zone's strategic location, just minutes away from Sharjah International Airport and a short distance from Dubai International Airport, provides businesses unparalleled accessibility and connectivity.

4.Versatile Licensing Options

Shams Free Zone offers a variety of license types, allowing businesses to choose the one that best aligns with their activities and goals. This flexibility caters to the specific needs of different industries.

2. Diverse Business Activities

Shams Free Zone welcomes over 200 business activities encompassing various industries. From service-oriented enterprises to trading and industrial pursuits, the free zone accommodates the diverse needs of businesses.

5 Innovation-Focused Environment

Shams Free Zone fosters an innovation-driven environment as a hub for media and creative industries. Businesses can benefit from the synergy created by co-locating with like-minded companies in the media and content creation sectors.

3. Efficient Licensing Process

The free zone streamlines the licensing process for service, trading, and industrial activities, facilitating a quick and hassle-free setup for entrepreneurs and companies.

6. Proximity to Airports

The proximity to Sharjah and Dubai airports enhances logistical efficiency, facilitating the easy movement of goods and personnel. This is especially advantageous for businesses engaged in international trade.

Business Activities

Shams Free Zone offers a diverse range of business activities, catering to various industries and sectors. Some of the key business activities permitted in Shams Free Zone include:

Insurance Services

Shams Free Zone provides an ideal platform for insurance service providers to establish and grow their operations. With a strategic location and a business-friendly environment, companies in the insurance sector can thrive, meeting clients' diverse needs.

Information Services

Leveraging Shams Free Zone's advanced infrastructure, information service companies can flourish in an environment that supports technological innovation. The zone's commitment to fostering a dynamic business landscape makes it a perfect choice for those in the information services industry.

Scientific Research and Development

Shams Free Zone encourages the advancement of knowledge and innovation. Companies engaged in scientific research and development can benefit from the zone's strategic location and a collaborative ecosystem that facilitates groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.


Shams Free Zone offers an inspiring setting for advertising agencies seeking a vibrant and creative environment. The zone's proximity to critical airports enhances accessibility, making it convenient for businesses engaged in advertising to connect with clients regionally and globally.


Shams Free Zone is an ideal hub for trading activities, providing a strategic location and efficient logistics support. Businesses in the trading sector can take advantage of the free zone's diverse market opportunities and streamlined processes.


Education institutions and training providers can find a welcoming home in Shams Free Zone. With its commitment to fostering knowledge and learning, the zone provides a conducive environment for educational entities to thrive and contribute to the region's educational landscape.

Travel Agencies

Shams Free Zone's proximity to major airports makes it an excellent location for travel agencies. The zone's accessibility enhances the efficiency of travel-related businesses, ensuring seamless operations and services for clients.


For companies involved in the sports industry, Shams Free Zone offers a dynamic setting. Whether in sports management, events, or training, businesses can benefit from the zone's strategic location and commitment to promoting sports-related activities.

Bookkeeping and Auditing

Shams Free Zone provides a supportive environment for financial services, including bookkeeping and auditing. Businesses in this sector can capitalize on the zone's streamlined processes and business-friendly atmosphere.


Broadcasting companies can thrive in the Shams Free Zone, taking advantage of its strategic location and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The zone's commitment to fostering media-related activities makes it an excellent choice for broadcasting industry professionals.


Shams Free Zone is a strategic base for wholesale businesses, providing efficient logistics and connectivity. Companies in wholesale trade can benefit from the zone's business-friendly policies and diverse market opportunities.


Shams Free Zone supports companies in the human resources sector, offering a conducive environment for HR-related services. With streamlined processes and a commitment to business growth, the zone is an excellent choice for HR-focused businesses.

10 reasons to set up in Shams Free Zone

1. Business Advantages in Shams Free Zone: A helpful and easy way.

Shams Free Zone stands out as a preferred business destination with a range of compelling benefits:

Competitive Company Setup Fees: Shams has affordable prices to start a company. This makes it cheap and good for businesses of every size.
Multiple Business Activities: Run different types of business work with just one rule, making it easy and fast for those who start their own companies.
100% Foreign Ownership: Be your own boss. Shams Free Zone lets you have 100% ownership that is not from other countries, so it gives business owners total power over their companies.
Repatriation of Capital and Profits: Businesses can bring back all their money and profits, making them financially flexible with full control.
0% Corporate and Personal Income Tax: Shams Free Zone makes sure you don’t have to pay tax. They remove the need for company or personal income taxes.
No Currency Restrictions: Get the benefits of a money-friendly environment, without any rules or limitations on currency deals.
Import and Export Tax Exemption: Get complete freedom from taxes on import and export, which helps businesses save money when they trade with other countries.

Easy Setup Process

Starting a company in Shams Free Zone is an easy job made for speed and comfort. With good paperwork, officials quickly give out licenses in a few days. This helps businesses start fast.

Flexible Office Arrangements

Shams Free Zone offers a variety of flexible office solutions to cater to diverse business needs:

Office Space Options: Pick between separate or shared hot seats, personal rooms, or artistic spaces good for exhibits and hangout spots.
IT and Tech Support: Get help from computer and tech services so businesses have the right technology setup.
Permitted Business Activities

Shams Free Zone has room for many types of businesses apart from media companies. Typical businesses in the free zone include:

Event Management
Trading (garment and automobile trading)
Film Production/Post Production
Graphic Design
Investment Consultancy
Business/Project Management Consultancy
Multiple Shareholders

Shams Free Zone lets businesses have many owners, up to a total of 50. Shareholders can be people or companies, and they don’t need to be in the UAE. This gives businesses the chance to arrange their ownership in a way that works best for what they need and want.

Multiple Visas

With the Shams flexi-desk plan, companies can ask for as many as six visas. This flexibility helps shareholders and workers more easily join the team. It makes sure they can handle what a business needs from them.

Thriving Business Community

Shams Free Zone helps businesses grow by holding seminars, network events and conferences often. Business people can meet, share thoughts and work together. These happenings make the business world better and give you good chances to meet possible customers or partners.

Free Education

Shams is more than just a place for businesses. It also gives training and education in the field of media. Expert trainers from around the world run seminars and training at Shams, giving media workers a place to learn more skills. They also keep up with new trends in their business.

Support Services

Shams Free Zone promises to help companies at every step. Many helpful services are offered, including help with technology and tips on how to run a business. Shams also puts new businesses on its website and social media pages. This gives them more people to see what they are doing in an open way.

Strategic Location

Shams Free Zone has a great place that can be reached easily from Sharjah and Dubai airports. This good location makes the area more attractive as a business place that’s easy to get to. It helps travel for work people go smoothly.

Now you know the good things and benefits of Shams Free Zone, let’s look at how to start your business in this busy place that is always growing.

Steps to Set Up Your Business in Shams Free Zone

Choose Your Business Activity: Pick the type of work that lines up with what you want to achieve. Shams Free Zone gives out licenses for trading, industry and services. It also provides holding licenses.

Decide on Your Company Name: Pick a special and fitting name for your business, make sure it follows Shams Free Zone’s rules on naming names.

Complete and File Registration Paperwork: Talk to Shams officials for your first time applying a license. Fill out and submit the required forms to important officials. Shams Free Zone gives out permits for different kinds of business actions.

Apply for Your Business License: When given the okay, sign the formal paperwork and hand in your passport pictures. Make sure the passport photos are good enough for UAE’s immigration laws.

Open a Bank Account: Once you get your business license, create a bank account for it. The way you apply is fast and easy. GCS Group, which has a banking expert on staff, can give you guidance to find the best bank for what you need.

Apply for Visas: Get any needed visas, if they are for workers or family members. This process has steps like getting a permit, changing status, passing a health check and signing up for Emirates ID with visa stamping.

Meet UAE Immigration Criteria: Make sure that your passport photos follow UAE’s rules for immigration. You need a white background and wear a colorful shirt, no glasses or jewelry should be shown off in the photo either. No toothy grins are allowed nor hair hiding your face is okay!

Sponsor Dependents: If required, help dependents get their visa applications done. This simple process includes getting an entry permit, changing status to being in the UAE legally and showing you’re healthy medically at a clinic authorized by the government – doing these is important before they can register for Emirates IDs along with placing relevant stamps on their visas. We conducted this step because we felt additional family

Establish Corporate Bank Account: Once you get your license and start up in Shams Free Zone, create a business bank account for it. GCS Group can help pick the best bank for you and set up meetings if needed.


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