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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Embark on a business growth and opportunity journey with QuickBiz’s Mainland Company Formation in Dubai. We specialize in simplifying the complex process of establishing your company in the thriving heart of the UAE. Our expert team, deep legal knowledge, and local insights pave the way for your business to flourish in this dynamic marketplace. 

Dubai Mainland Company Formation, UAE

Mainland company formation in Dubai is the most lucrative and attractive investment option available for the investors and businessmen. “Dubai Mainland companies in Dubai” are business entities which are allowed to operate and function within the tradable boundaries of the “Emirati jurisdiction” which come under Dubai’s commercialized geo regions. In Dubai almost all the  businesses that come under the commercial, professional and the sole registered under the “Dubai Economic Department” (DED) are also known as “Dubai Mainland License”.Possessing the Dubai mainland license will helps you to enjoy the maximum freedom and flexibility for you to grow & operate your business in Dubai. Mainland Company formation in Dubai, UAE powers you the freedom to extend Dubai based business branches to any other parts of the Dubai and all across the UAE. 

Dubai Mainland Company Formation
Benefits of Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

How many Types of Mainland licenses in Dubai?

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Professional 
  • Tourism

QuickBiz LLC provides all “Business Setup Services”. We also provide complete business formation and consultation for obtaining the Dubai mainland licence and to kick start your business in Dubai Mainland, which is the most dreamed locations of the UAE. QuickBiz LLC helps you to save time and cost of getting the Dubai trade license, which ensures your “mainland license in Dubai, UAE”, which is in accordance with the “DED ” – Dubai Economic Department.

Types Of Mainland License Issued In Dubai

Generally, there are four major licenses which are issued for business operations in the Dubai Mainland, UAE. The various  licenses are issued based on the below business types:
This type of license is issued for companies and firms that undertake “service oriented endeavors”. The professional License in Dubai Mainland is required for the  professionals who participate in any “professional activity” like consulting etc,as compared to the other licenses the cost and charges involved in the issuance of the professional license is less and affordable.
The commercial licenses are issued for those businesses and organizations that undertake the buying and selling of goods or the services or simply deals in trading. Most of the traders apply for the “general trading license in Dubai Mainland” in order to operate multiple trading businesses with a single license.Applying for commercial licenses in Dubai mainland are very common. The entire process connected with the Professional License in Dubai Mainland like issuance, amendment and commercial licence cancellation can be obtained easily.
The Industrial license issued to the companies that are involved in the mass manufacture and production of goods. The Industrial License in Dubai Mainland, needs to seek the permission and approval from “Dubai’s External Ministries and government departments” totally depending upon the types of the industrial activity.
All tourism related activities in Dubai Mainland require a valid “Tourism License”. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, (DTCM) plays a major role in the approval and issuance of Dubai’s tourism license. A valid Tourism license in Dubai Mainland is mandatory to conduct all the  inbound and outbound tour related activities.

Documents required for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

The document requirements for the Dubai Mainland business setup are the following:

    • Choose Trade Name ( At least three name choices)
    • Business Activity Type
    • Passport copies of the shareholders.
    • Entry Visa stamp.
    • Passport size photograph.
Mainland License Issued in Dubai

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Business Locations in Dubai, UAE

Renowned as one of the world’s most developed business hubs, Dubai beckons entrepreneurs far and wide. Here, we outline some of the standout regions ideal for launching your business in this dynamic city.

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road

Registering your company along Dubai’s iconic Sheikh Zayed Road is a prestigious business choice. With its impressive skyline and superb connectivity, this avenue symbolizes Dubai’s prosperity and advancement, serving as home to some of the globe’s foremost corporate giants and industry leaders.

Business Bay dubai

Business Bay

Business Bay, often hailed as Dubai’s central business district, offers an ideal setting for a diverse range of businesses. Whether you’re in finance, professional consultancy, retail, hospitality, or any other industry, this district provides a perfect home for your enterprise. With a continuous expansion of business centers, Business Bay meets the growing demand for office spaces in Dubai.

Al Qusais dubai

Al Qusais

Despite its location on the outskirts of Dubai, Al  Qusais has made impressive strides in development. This area is divided into residential neighborhoods and industrial zones, making it a versatile choice. Whether you’re considering educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, or related businesses, Al Qusais offers ample opportunities. Plus, registering your company in Dubai’s Al Qusais district can be a cost-effective option.

Al Quoz

Al Quoz, positioned on the western side of Dubai between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, serves as a unique blend of residential and industrial zones. It primarily caters to large warehouses, garages, and labor accommodations, making it an essential hub for various industries. Notably, the Dubai government’s ambitious projects in Al Quoz are poised to further enhance the region’s industrial sector, promising growth and opportunities


Deira, as a choice for company registration in Dubai, holds a special appeal for startups, traders, SMEs, and small shops that want to embrace the traditional business culture of the Emirates. This bustling area is steeped in history and is home to some of Dubai’s oldest shops, reminiscent of a vibrant souk, where traders find ample business prospects. For entrepreneurs seeking to establish a small shop in Dubai, Deira stands as an excellent choice

Jumeirah dubai


Jumeirah, a captivating locality renowned for its stunning residential plots and flourishing tourism sector, presents an array of lavish business development opportunities. Whether you are a large corporation or a startup, establishing your company in Dubai’s Jumeirah region can be an ideal choice. With a diverse range of freehold properties and well-equipped business centers, Jumeirah makes it exceptionally convenient for SMEs to initiate and grow their businesses

Essential steps for mainland Company formation in Dubai, UAE

Generally, there are four major licenses which are issued for business operations in the Dubai Mainland, UAE. The various  licenses are issued based on the below business types:
 The MOA is up to speed with the MOA, which outlines the operating guidelines for your Business, such as the goal, the capital involved, and sharing information, among others.
 The Department of Economic Development (DED) DED will notarize the MOA and then issue the initial approval. Contact an expert in Business to get this formality completed.
Choose the most appropriate name for your company and sign it up with DED. DED can change or eliminate the trade name if an alternative company has already registered the name.
 A registered office address must issue a trade license. Who could provide ownership agreement or tenancy details to prove an address registered?
If you fulfil all of the mentioned requirements, you could apply for a trade permit. DED is the agency that grants licenses for mainland trade within Dubai, UAE.
 Submit all relevant documents associated with incorporation of the company at the department of commercial registration, DED, and pay for the necessary fee for the license.
You can obtain your trade license from DED. Registering a company should be completed within one week.

Suppose you’re not familiar with Dubai and UAE and have questions about incorporating your company and the issuance of licenses. We recommend you confide the task to a seasoned business advisor. QuickBiz Business Setup Services can assist with all the tasks required for establishing a business on the mainland for Dubai and UAE.

Our Business Setup Consultants and advisors are always available to assist you.

Benefits of setting up a business in a Dubai Mainland

Benefit of office space 

Dubai Mainland companies can be set up and operated from anywhere in the country although, both the Dubai freezone (DFZ) and Dubai offshore companies are required to operate from a certain geolocations.

Do business anywhere in UAE

You are allowed to carry on your business endeavour from anywhere in the UAE and there are no restrictions.

Favourable geographical location

Dubai is considered as the “gateway to the middle east”, and hence there is tremendous scope for the business diversification in any other “GCC countries”.

Corporate tax exemption

The Dubai Mainland companies can enjoy the benefit of “corporate tax exemptions”. The foreign investors in many countries are required to pay a fixed amount of money in the name of “corporate tax”.

Income tax exemptions

The Dubai Mainland companies are totally exempted from income tax.

Capital Incentives

The UAE, being a “pro business government”, provides many tax concessions and lucrative incentives for the foreign investors. There is almost no restriction like for “minimum capital prerequisite” to set up or form a business Dubai Mainland.

No Currency exchange restrictions

Dubai Mainland companies in UAE, do not have any currency exchange regulations.

Improved business opportunity

Starting up your business in Dubai Mainland, UAE means that you get the maximum international exposure, which enhances the reach and visibility to international clients and foreign markets. You get to leverage the international business exposure of the Dubai mainland to expand and diversify your dream business.

Professional business ethos

Dubai Mainland has a very professional business culture and business ethos that provides the due consideration to the business enterprises of all types and diversified nature. Dubai’s professional business culture and environment makes Dubai among the most favourite business destinations of foreign investors, company startups and the seasoned professionals.

Comprehensive FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Mainland Company Formation

Most frequent questions and answers

Getting a mainland company registration in Dubai means opening up international trade opportunities for your business. As a requirement, a company must be sponsored by a national of the UAE. By seeking professional advice, you can retain control of your business while allowing it to operate internationally. The benefits of Dubai mainland registration are many. In today’s globalized world, international expansion is necessary for many brands, and flexibility can help you penetrate key foreign markets.

One of the most important aspects of setting up a company in the UAE is the business setup in Dubai mainland. The location of the city’s mainland provides a diverse consumer market and is characterized by business-friendly policies. Additionally, the government supports mainland business setup in Dubai, as it is exempt from corporate tax. Here are three reasons why setting up your business in Dubai mainland may be right for your business. Read on for more information.

The first step in setting up a business in Dubai is to select a company name. It is critical that your company name is unique and doesn’t appear similar to any existing companies. It should be original and not offensive to the local population. It must also be registered as a trademark. Additionally, it must be in English, Arabic, or both, or some combination of the two. When setting up your company in Dubai, contact the Department of Economic Development for initial approval.

A mainland company formation in Dubai allows a foreign entity to establish a presence in the UAE. The UAE government provides a favorable environment for foreign companies, thereby boosting their status and reputation locally. This in turn makes it easier to secure contracts with the government, both locally and internationally. This type of company formation is vital for many companies in the world of globalization. However, the legal requirements are not simple to meet. You need to select the right legal form for your company before it is registered.

Mainland companies in Dubai can operate locally as well as across the UAE. However, some business activities are excluded from these regulations and require the approval of the regulatory authorities. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a more flexible company formation option than an existing one. The process of mainland company formation in Dubai is easier when you hire the services of MMC. The company formation experts at the UAE branch of the firm possess the necessary analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of the UAE laws.

During the past, a UAE Local Sponsor was a mandatory requirement for setting up a mainland business in Dubai. This historic decision was made by the government administration to promote a diversified economy by increasing the participation of foreign investors. Nowadays, however, it is optional. Once you have a local sponsor, you need to choose what type of business structure you want to have in Dubai. Among the different types of structures, sole ownership, LLC partnership, and joint ventures are all available.

There are many reasons to set up a mainland business in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, boasting of an enormous market of potential consumers and a diverse pool of talented and capable human resources. In addition, the government’s business-friendly policies to help mainland companies establish themselves in Dubai. In fact, the Department of Economic Development supports the establishment of a mainland business in Dubai, which is tax-free for both the company and its owner.

Mainland company formation in Dubai is a good choice for a number of reasons. For one, it allows businesses to conduct their operations anywhere within the UAE. Furthermore, it allows foreign investors to operate their businesses in partnership with a minimum of 51% UAE national ownership. There are some requirements, however, that should be met to establish a mainland company in Dubai. Special permission from the relevant authorities may be required for certain business activities.

Another advantage of a mainland company formation in Dubai is that it can power businesses based in the UAE and Dubai. The low import duty will help businesses to keep costs down and maximize profit. Business spaces are available at affordable rates in Dubai, and they come with all the facilities that are needed to run a successful business. In addition, if you’re looking for a place to conduct business, you’ll find that it’s much easier to set up a mainland company in Dubai than you may think.

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai comes with certain legal requirements and hassles. Among these is sponsorship by a Dubai national. However, once your company has been registered, you will have no problems doing business in the other emirates of the UAE. In addition, this type of company setup allows you to carry out business activities anywhere in the world. Here are some of the benefits of setting up a mainland company in Dubai.

Establishing a mainland company requires obtaining a UAE mainland license. These licenses are granted for commercial, industrial, and professional activity. Typically, a company needs at least one shareholder who is a UAE national. It may also need a real office. In order to register a company, the shareholders will need to appoint a manager. This person will be appointed by the shareholders via a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). In addition, there can be up to five managers in a company.

Establishing a mainland company in Dubai is a great way to expand your business and explore world connections. Compared to starting a business from scratch, the process of setting up a company on the mainland is faster and easier. In just 15 minutes, you can apply to start a new business in Dubai. You can also choose to set up an offshore company in Dubai if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with government agencies. The decision is ultimately up to your audience and your target market.

The process of setting up a mainland company in Dubai involves a series of legal requirements. First of all, the company must have an Emirati partner who holds at least 51% of the company’s equity. Then, the company will be registered under the Dubai Economic Department and will be governed by UAE commercial company law. However, it may still need to seek external approvals before it can operate. To get a mainland company license in Dubai, you must be a UAE national or have a sponsorship from a local company in the Emirate.

Companies wishing to form a business in Dubai mainland can go for a Sole Establishment or a Partnership with a minimum of 51% UAE national ownership. In both cases, the shareholders must fulfill the company formation documents and appoint one or more managers. This allows companies to establish a warehouse or office space anywhere in the UAE. Moreover, the cost of establishing a business in Dubai mainland is kept to a minimum.

The process of forming a company in Dubai Mainland is quick and seamless. The procedures are geared toward encouraging foreign entrepreneurs and investors. They do not require annual audits and are easy to complete. Incorporating a company in the UAE is an excellent decision for international expansion as it offers many benefits, including ease of operation, favorable taxation regimes, and freedom to operate in seven Emirates. Here are some of the advantages of forming a business in Dubai:

While the process of Dubai mainland company formation is easy, the registration process is complicated. You will be required to obtain a trade license and register a company name. The DED will process the initial application and approve the company. It is best to get professional assistance for this process to ease the burden on you. It’s also worth noting that you can always change the trade name if needed. After registering the company, the next step is to obtain an office space.

In the UAE, the most popular business setup is the mainland one. This setup allows you to choose any location within the city for your company office. This will allow you to establish a strong presence in the UAE. Additionally, mainland companies are allowed to work for the government, whereas free zone companies aren’t. A mainland company can obtain an unlimited number of visas, but this is subject to the availability of office space in the area.

There are three types of licensing requirements for starting a business in Dubai. These include an industrial or commercial license if you plan to conduct trade in goods. On the other hand, a tourism-related business requires a tourism-related license if you plan to conduct business involving tourism or services. You must choose the proper license based on the nature of your business. To start your business in Dubai, you must decide the type of license and location you want to operate.


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