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Costs for: Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC)

Dubai Internet City (DIC)

About Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the largest information and communication technology (ICT) region in the expansive Middle East and North Africa. The strategic location of this place makes it an important base for companies looking to break into the growing markets in that region. The active high-tech business community has space for enterprises of all sizes, from individual visionaries who work alone to companies listed among the Fortune 500.

DIC covers 1.5 million square feet and is a vital hub of innovation, cooperation, and expansion. Among its vibrant landscapes, over 10,00 professionals come together to fuel the progress of more than a thousand tech companies. Among the distinguished tenants are worldwide figures such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

DIC provides a fertile ground for businesses to grow, where ideas sprout, and partnerships develop. Its vibrant ecology encompasses the vitality of technological progress and innovation, which makes it an ideal home for those interested in launching revolutionary undertakings on the digital front.

Benefits of setting up a company in: Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC)

1. Strategic Location

Dubai Internet City enjoys a prime location, strategically positioned to serve as a gateway to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This facilitates easy access to emerging markets and enhances business opportunities.

2. Largest ICT Hub

As the largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hub in the MENA region, DIC provides an unparalleled environment for tech-focused companies. This vibrant ecosystem fosters innovation, collaboration, and growth.

3.Diverse Business Community

DIC is home to a diverse range of businesses, from startups and SMEs to multinational Fortune 500 companies. This diversity promotes networking opportunities, knowledge exchange, and potential collaborations.

4.Global Tech Giants

The presence of global tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft underscores DIC's appeal as a preferred destination for leading technology companies. Associating with industry leaders can enhance credibility and open avenues for collaboration.

5.Business-Friendly Policies

The business-friendly policies of DIC streamline company setup processes and foster an environment conducive to growth. From simplified registration procedures to favorable regulatory frameworks, DIC aims to support the success of businesses within its jurisdiction.

6. Tax Advantages

Companies established in DIC benefit from the UAE's favorable tax regime, which includes zero income tax and customs duties. This provides a significant advantage for businesses looking to optimize their financial operations.

Business Activities

In the digital landscape of Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC), the domain of Multimedia Development and Distribution emerges as a pivotal force in shaping engaging and immersive content experiences. Companies specializing in Multimedia Development within DIC have the unique advantage of operating in an environment that champions innovation and creativity.

IT Services

Dive into the dynamic world of Information Technology (IT) services within the Dubai Internet City Free Zone. Whether it's infrastructure management, system integration, or IT consulting, DIC provides a fertile ground for companies to deliver cutting-edge solutions and propel businesses into the digital age.

Internet and Network Services

Connect and thrive in the digital realm with Internet and Network Services based in DIC. Leverage the advanced infrastructure of the free zone to provide seamless connectivity, network solutions, and innovative internet services, contributing to the evolution of the digital landscape.


Embark on an e-commerce journey at DIC, where the future of online business takes shape. With a strategic location and a robust ecosystem, companies can establish and grow their e-commerce ventures, tapping into the vast potential of the Middle East and beyond.


Set the stage for consultancy excellence within DIC. Whether it's management, technology, or strategic advisory services, the free zone offers a conducive environment for consultancy firms to thrive, collaborate, and provide valuable insights to businesses across diverse industries.

Software Development, Installation, and Modification

Unleash creativity and innovation in the realm of software within DIC. From development to installation and modification, companies can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of software solutions. The collaborative atmosphere fosters an environment where ideas transform into cutting-edge software applications.

Multimedia Development and Distribution

Immerse yourself in the world of creativity with multimedia development and distribution in DIC. From content creation to distribution channels, companies can explore the vibrant landscape of multimedia, reaching global audiences and contributing to the ever-expanding digital content universe.

Dubai Internet City Free Zone Business Formation

In Dubai, businesses looking for a youthful and attractive environment will find no better home than in the exciting surroundings of Dubai Internet City Free Zone. It is an intelligent decision if you are considering starting your business in this world-famous free zone. This blog post will lead you through company formation in Dubai Internet City Free Zone. This is a seamless procedure with no room for error along the way. Whether you’re a startup or an old war horse of the business world, we provide all the necessary information to get your journey as a merchant off and running. Plunge into the details and explore all manner of opportunities. So read on to discover how you can place your business in the heart of Dubai amidst its booming commercial environment.

What Is a Free Zone?

A free zone, whether in Dubai or another country, provides a special section set aside by the government for business  activities that enjoy considerably lightened regulatory oversight and reduced restrictions compared to operations within the local market. Companies in a free zone enjoy exemptions from various taxes and regulations that would otherwise apply on the outside, making it an option for entrepreneurs looking to start up or expand operations here.
The Dubai Internet City Free Zone, one of the city’s largest and most famous free zones, is a prime example. The free zone provides a broad range of business licenses for firms in different industries. With its competitive advantages and entrepreneur-friendly environment, Dubai Internet City Free Zone becomes an attractive option for operators looking for a springboard to success.

What Is Dubai Internet City Free Zone?

Established in 2000, Dubai Internet City Free Zone is an integrated technology park serving as a crucial hub for businesses wishing to enter the era of emerging technologies and revamp their operations.  Dynamic zone It isn’t only a place to house your business; it also offers first-class facilities and high-tech IT products, making this an ideal environment for growth and innovation.

A global community of more than 200 leading technology companies from over 50 countries makes up Dubai Internet City, which includes some 647 buildings. It’s an international ecology built to exchange knowledge, collaborate and innovate across borders. It is a crucible of technological breakthroughs.

But it comes with its advantages: establishing your business here means you are plugged into a bustling tech community, networked to prime facilities and ideally located at the vanguard of international technological innovation. A leading centre for technical development, Dubai Internet City Free Zone provides the best environment where businesses can bloom amidst a digital landscape.

Advantages of Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City is a premier business park located nowhere outside Google and Microsoft! Nestled within its dynamic environment, Dubai Internet City Free Zone extends a host of compelling advantages for businesses within its realm:

  • Tax Incentives: Dubai Internet City companies enjoy generous fiscal benefits, including total exemption from income tax, corporate tax and import or export duties. This attractive tax environment creates a conducive climate for businesses to grow and invest further in growth initiatives.
  • Foreign Ownership: Taking a progressive approach, Dubai Internet City gives up to 100 % foreign ownership. This policy strengthens the attractiveness of Shanghai’s free zone, allowing foreign entrepreneurs and companies to partake in partnerships without local participation required.
  • Capital Repatriation: There are no profit and capital repatriation restrictions for businesses within the free zone. This enables companies to manage their financial resources and distribute funds as appropriately needed. It maintains flexibility in the operation of finance.
  • Efficient Company Formation: Dubai Internet City Free Zone simplifies the company registration process, providing a straightforward and rapid way for companies to start doing business. This simplicity of installation shortens the time-to-market for companies so that they can begin operations early.

How Do I Set Up a Business in Dubai Internet City Free Zone?

Starting a business in Dubai Internet City Free Zone involves simple procedures, and using the services of an experienced company incorporation agent can smooth out any obstacles. However, the first step is choosing a business license that meets your needs. To serve the varying requirements of companies doing business across a whole range of fields, Dubai Internet City provides different kinds and grades of licenses. Whether you are into IT services, e-commerce, consultancy or multimedia development–every type of business activity is encourage in the free zone. Guided by a first-rate formation agent, this essential step to setting up a business in such an innovative centre of technological development passes quickly.

Steps for Dubai Business Formation at Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC FZ)

You will find navigating the business set-up procedures in Dubai Internet is very simple, particularly with GCS Group’s excellent expertise. Orchestrated for a smooth and efficient experience, these three steps are the key to starting your company.

Step 1: Taking the First Step: The first step is contacting GCS Group. Experts tailor the advice to your business type and what you want for it. From understanding your needs to providing you with the best-suited options, our consultation is an important first step in creating a successful business.

Step 2: License Choice and Activity: The next key step is to choose your license and specify the nature of your business activity. Our cooperation offers an all-in-one service to accompany your business and industry needs with various licenses available in Dubai Internet City.

Step 3: Easy License Application: Finally, you apply for your chosen license through the e-services portal of Dubai Internet City. Working with the GCS Group, we take care of this whole process for you and prepare all documents in detail. The application process can be complicated, so we aim to make things as smooth as possible.

As part of our all-around service, we also help set up an account at the Dubai Internet City Free Zone (DIC FZ). This account grants you access to their services online, making it easy to do things like apply for licenses and register companies.

As your partner, GCS Group makes the journey to starting up a business in Dubai Internet City nothing short of easy. Take steps confidently: With our by-your-side guidance, you will not simply enter this bustling business centre but be equipped and prepared for success.

Decide on the Type of Business Entity for Dubai Internet City Free Zone

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate licence for your business, picking out an appropriately suited type of company becomes the next important step. Dubai Internet City offers several free zone licence types, each catering to distinct business activities:

Commercial Licence (Trading Licence)

With this licence, one can import and export goods, giving companies the opportunity for retail work. Businesses with a Commercial Licence in Dubai Internet City can easily link the import, export and local storage of goods—an excellent choice for those based in retail.

Professional Licence (Service Licence)

The Professional Licence is necessary for businesses providing services to Dubai Internet City but not involved in importing/exporting goods. Businesses in this category include marketing or advertising agencies, consultancy firms, IT companies and so on–a wide variety of service industries.

Industrial Licence

The Industrial Licence in Dubai Internet City, designed for companies engaged in local manufacturing, caters to firms making their products within the free zone. Since there are warehouses available, businesses can also place their manufactured products in safekeeping- a complete solution to manufacturing and storage needs.

With this business licence in hand, the hunt for a suitable area within Dubai Internet City where your commercial activity will boom begins. This strategic decision also adds another layer to your business’s smooth, custom-made set-up in this ever-changing centre of industry and invention.

Dubai Internet City Zones

Dubai Internet City unfolds its strategic layout through three distinctive zones, each meticulously designed to cater to specific industries, fostering an environment where businesses can thrive and innovate:

Technology Park

The Technology Park in Dubai Internet City is designed for enterprises active in technology, media and telecommunications. Devotes a particular area to businesses involved at the cutting edge of digital innovation. With advanced infrastructures and a cooperative environment, it’s the best place for those plotting technologies of tomorrow.

Marketing Square

To provide a riveting environment where companies can enhance the image of their brands, Marketing Square emerged as an epicentre for marketing services (including advertising and PR). The space inside Dubai Internet City is designed to encourage creativity and strategically marketed activities, giving companies an ideal place to promote themselves.

Creative Cluster

The Creative Cluster at Dubai Internet City is a pulsating centre for businesses interested in design, content generation and shows business. This place inspires creativity and cooperation, the ideal setting for companies specializing in defining visual experiences, creating multimedia content or developing revolutionary design innovations.

No matter what realm your business exists in technology, marketing, or creative design, to name a few- Dubai Internet City has dedicated zones for you. Beyond helping companies connect with other enterprises that provide related services and products all under one roof, being part of a free zone doesn’t just mean accessing the perks associated; each specialized area is an ecosystem unto itself where people.

Collaborating with the Dubai Economic Department (DED): A Vital Step in Business Formation

In particular, the Dubai Economic Department (DED) is leading in giving your company’s business license its approval and getting it into your possession. The process can be conducted swiftly through GCS Group from beginning to end. Types vary according to the class of particular license Dubai Internet City requires of your business, so tailored solutions are called for if you want to achieve specific goals.

At the same time, you’ll need to register your company and Dubai Internet City office space with Dubai Customs. This initiative also means that your import and export activities are all done cost-efficiently, contributing to the financial responsibility of your business operations.

The hiring of employees is the key decision to be made at the end of the Dubai Free Zone business formation process. With a team in place, you become eligible to apply for Dubai residence visas on your behalf and the valuable employees. The all-encompassing approach, covering licensing through customs registration and workforce recruitment, makes for a firm foundation for building an effective business operation in the bustling environment of Dubai Internet City.

Other UAE Free Zone Options

Dubai presents a wealth of opportunities with over 30 Free Zones, each offering unique advantages for businesses. While Dubai Internet City stands out as a prominent choice, there are several other notable options for Dubai business formation that might align perfectly with your goals. Consider exploring:

  1. Dubai Airport Free Zone: A strategic hub for businesses with a focus on aviation, logistics, and related industries, Dubai Airport Free Zone provides an ideal platform for companies looking to leverage Dubai’s status as a global air transport and business hub.

  2. Dubai Media City: Tailored for media and creative enterprises, Dubai Media City fosters an environment conducive to content creation, broadcasting, advertising, and other media-related activities. It’s a prime choice for those seeking to thrive in the dynamic world of media and communications.

  3. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC): Renowned as the world’s leading Free Zone for commodities trade and enterprise, DMCC offers a diverse business environment with a focus on precious metals, diamonds, energy, and agro-commodities.

  4. Dubai Science Park: For businesses in the fields of science, healthcare, and research, Dubai Science Park provides state-of-the-art facilities and a collaborative environment to foster innovation and advancements in these sectors.

  5. Dubai Silicon Oasis: Catering to the technology sector, Dubai Silicon Oasis is an integrated technology park that supports businesses in information technology, telecommunications, microelectronics, and other related industries.

  6. Jebel Ali Free Zone: As one of the earliest and largest Free Zones in Dubai, Jebel Ali Free Zone is a comprehensive business ecosystem that spans various industries, offering extensive infrastructure and logistical support.

While each Free Zone in Dubai has its unique characteristics, if Dubai Internet City Free Zone aligns with your business vision, rest assured that we are here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless and successful business setup in the heart of Dubai’s thriving business landscape.

Living In Dubai Internet City Free Zone

If you’re considering relocating your business and making Dubai Internet City your new home, you’re in for a treat. This vibrant area offers an array of amenities for residents, including schools, hospitals, malls, and more. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Dubai Internet City is renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it easy to connect with people from around the globe.

Residence Visa in Dubai

 The Dubai residence visa, facilitating a stay of up to three years with renewal options, is a key aspect for those looking to establish themselves in the city. Our team can provide detailed assistance and information on the Dubai residence visa process.

Real Estate in Dubai Internet City

Residential real estate in Dubai Internet City is highly sought after, with prices for apartments and villas starting at AED 900,000. The area boasts a mix of affordable and luxurious options, ensuring diverse choices for residents.

Dining Experience

Dubai Internet City is a culinary haven, hosting some of Dubai’s most popular restaurants. From international chains like Nandos, Subway, and McDonald’s to local gems like Rossovivo Artisan Pizza and Sumo Sushi & Bento DMC, there’s a dining option for every palate and budget.

Activities and Leisure

 Explore The Greens Souk for shopping, or head to The Golden Mile Galleria Mall in Palm Jumeirah for a diverse retail and dining experience. Enjoy picturesque evenings at Al Sufouh Beach or JBR Beach, and indulge in leisure activities at Emirates Golf Club, Jebel Ali Racecourse, Dubai Marina Walk, and Skydive Dubai—all within a 15-minute drive.


For families, Dubai Internet City is conveniently located near reputable schools like Blossom Palm Jumeirah, British Orchard Nursery, The International School of Choueifat Al Sufouh, and Regent International School.


Dubai Metro runs through Dubai Internet City, providing convenient access, and Dubai International Airport is a mere 25-minute drive away. Taxis are readily available, and the Dubai Marina tram offers seamless connectivity from Jumeirah Beach Residence to Dubai Marina.

Dubai Internet City offers not just a business hub but a holistic living experience, combining work, leisure, and diverse cultural opportunities. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or family, this dynamic area has something for everyone.

Dubai Internet City Free Zone Services

GCS Group is with you every step of the way, setting up your business in Dubai Internet City Free Zone a breeze. We handle all the paperwork, ensuring everything is precise, and you can start trading as soon as possible.
Pick the package right for you from a range of specially designed solutions aimed to be comprehensive and efficient. Our Professional team will guide you every step of the way in forming your Dubai business. If you have questions or need assistance, we ensure everything goes smoothly.
Please contact us now if you want to learn more about our services and packages. We are only too happy to answer any questions you would like and lead the way for setting up your business in this exciting Internet City Free Zone environment.


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