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VAT Registration Consultants in Dubai, UAE

We provide VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai, which FTA UAE approves. We are approved by UAE local authorities and registered VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE, with the certified VAT & TAX experts by the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The basic understanding of the tax concepts is the first step towards compliance & we provide services like VAT Registration in Dubai, VAT return filing in Dubai, VAT auditing in Dubai, and various “VAT Advisory services in Dubai,” UAE. We make sure that your UAE-based business is VAT prepared by Make My Company – the most trusted and in-demand VAT consultants in Dubai.

“Value Added Tax” is a tax on consumption or the use of goods & services which is levied at the “point of sale” in the UAE. VAT is the form of an indirect tax. It is almost the same as the “general sales tax” to the consumers in UAE. VAT is a computed tax & overcomes many other challenges which affect the general sales tax in UAE.

As per UAE VAT and Tax rules, any business that exceeds the mandatory limit or thresholds of AED 375,000 must register for the VAT in UAE.

Step By Step Process To File Your VAT Returns in the UAE:

At Make My Company, we manage and make your filing the VAT Returns an easy & effortless task. We follow the strict guidelines of the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA). We expertise in assisting the taxpayers from dealing with the online website operations to the “final payment” and seeking the tax refunds, which is strictly followed in compliance with UAE local law.

The UAE-based businesses expected to pay VAT are divided into the respective categories according to their sizes. The UAE-based “FTA e-portal” is designed and developed to accept the VAT returns in UAE only via the online mode, which provides total transparency between the client and the VAT auditor. The local businesses must input the sales data manually, Output VAT & the Input VAT in the pre-defined boxes of the “VAT Return form” provided by the UAE-based FTA e-portal.

The VAT form is also known as 'VAT 201', which is categorized into #6 major sectors:

  • The VAT Return Period
  • The Taxable Person’s Details “Net VAT Due”
  • The total VAT on sales and the other VAT outputs
  • VAT on total expenses and other tax inputs
  • Self Declaration & Authorized Signatory
  • Any other additional reporting requirements etc

The other VAT-related form available on the online portal is called the ‘VAT Voluntary Disclosure Form 211’, which should be strictly filled under specific conditions. Every UAE-based business VAT & taxpayer must always use their registered credentials and documents for filling up their VAT Returns and Taxes in UAE. The “VAT Return in the UAE” filing needs a detailed summation of the “business transaction details,” Purchase & Expenses, Annual sales details, Input & Output VAT can also be calculated separately. Make sure that these data input tallies provide a reliable summary that can be implemented into the UAE-based FTA-approved, online portal VAT Return Form.

Make My Company’s FTA Certified Tax Consultants in Dubai, UAE take the most hassle out of the documentation, also filing & compiling all the necessary documents and providing total transparency in the VAT Return procedure. We are rated as the top VAT Agents in the UAE, and we guarantee quality VAT registration service and customer care before & after your Tax Return Process.

VAT Registration Process in the UAE:

Make My Company – Top VAT Consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & UAE assist you to undergo the simple process to start your business VAT registration in UAE.

Make My Company’s accounting & Bookkeeping Services is the best accounting & consultancy firm in Dubai. We offer comprehensive VAT consultancy under certified VAT Experts & VAT return filing solutions to many companies in the UAE. We also guide and consult the Dubai-based businesses on the various financial impacts of the tax on goods & services and the various measures to mitigate the VAT effects. We guide the UAE-based businesses on the various steps on the proper taxation compliance, “VAT refund,” & adoption, including other necessary notifications to the accounting systems and the databases.

Best VAT Consultants in Dubai, UAE

We follow the personalized approach towards our clients; we make sure that they profit from the tailored VAT registration services through the personalized tax consultant in Dubai. The personalized Dubai-based VAT consultants will make you understand all the information to follow about the new VAT policies and regulations relevant to UAE rules and advise you about the various changes to be made for your existing business in the UAE.

We offer the Best Dubai Tax & VAT Registration Services In UAE:

VAT Registration In Dubai:
As VAT Consultants in Dubai, we offer the “VAT registration” for your local business & consult you through the various voluntary and required qualifying steps of VAT registration.

VAT Consultants in Dubai
Make My company’s “VAT Consultants in Dubai” are experts and experienced with UAE tax rules and regulations. The VAT expert understands the business requirements and provides the applicable advisory services.

VAT Impact Analysis & Tax Assessment
We assess the various impacts of various VAT laws on business transactions to minimize the financial risks and implement the effective Vat implementation process.

UAE Based Expert Tax Agents
Make My Company houses the “FTA certified tax agents” who are highly expert in UAE-based taxation, UAE’s financial laws, and the legal structures denoted by the “UAE Federal Tax Authority.”

VAT Return Filing
Our VAT return filing Consultants in Dubai will assist you throughout the quarterly and monthly return computations & filing VAT returns.

VAT Compliance In UAE
Make My Company’s taxation & VAT Services in the UAE ensure your business adheres to the various VAT obligations and the timely compliances of the UAE’s based “VAT law and regulations” denoted by the FTA.

Our VAT Registration & Tax Services In Dubai, UAE

  • AT Company Registration Service In UAE
  • Vat Consultancy
  • Implementation of Compliant Accounting Software and Systems
  • Development & Application Of VAT within the company
  • VAT Training For Staff Personal
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

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Thanks for the awesome service! Waited fors than 30 mins to get my iPhone4S’ are all super friendly!

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