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DUQE Free Zone is a great and modern business centre that operates from the best position. On board, the legendary Queen Elizabeth II lies anchored at Mina Rashid. As DUQE is the only free zone in a ship, it offers its unique atmosphere to businesses within these limits. The amazing thing about this free zone is that it can easily be reached. It is 18 minutes from the airport! In addition, it is located in the heart of Dubai city and just 15 minutes away from famous locations such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. This strategic position offers many advantages to firms – easy interconnections and a world-class business address that reflects the innovative and future-thinking mentality of the DUQE Free Zone. The study at DUQE Free Zone offers students a great chance to acquire essential business skills based in the enchanting environment of marine life and business setting that is Dubai. It is an exceptional chance for them to learn and grow in a lively, multicultural environment.

Benefits of setting up a company in: DUQE Free Zone

1. Unique Maritime Setting

DUQE is the only maritime, ship-based free zone that provides businesses with a unique and memorable environment. The marine circumstances make your business identity somewhat special and distinguish it from the commercial world.

2. Strategic Location

DUQE is conveniently located at the Mina Rashid, enabling it to access major transport centres easily. This strategic positioning provides seamless connectivity that allows easy import-export activity and accessibility for clients as well as partners.

3. Proximity to Dubai International Airport

18-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, the DUQE Free Zone enables businesses to gain rapid and hassle-free access to international markets. This closeness is particularly beneficial for businesses involved in international commerce and travel.

4.Close to Iconic Landmarks

15 minutes from DUQE, one can visit the iconic landmarks of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. This boosts the reputation of your business location and places it in the middle of Dubai’s buzzing multicultural atmosphere.

5. State-of-the-Art Facilities

DUQE Free Zone provides state-of the art facilities for businesses in all sectors. A workspace with state-of-the art facilities, from a technologically advanced infrastructure to attractive office spaces, can benefit the companies.

6. Business-Friendly Policies

DUQE Free Zone was established as a business-friendly economy to offer an accommodating regulatory environment for businesses. Regulatory compliance is also easy to achieve with streamlined processes and incentives.

Business Activities

DUQE Free Zone provides a dynamic and versatile platform for a wide range of business activities, catering to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and companies. Here is a snapshot of the key business activities that thrive within the DUQE Free Zone:


Set up your ad agency at DUQE Free Zone, taking advantage of the special maritime environment to increase the creative power of all your campaigns. Find the benefits of your advertising efforts from a strategic location and an active business environment.

Commercial Brokerage

The Free Zone is an outstanding base for commercial brokerage firms to do deals from its central location, offering modern facilities and a good setting that helps the smooth operation of brokerages.

Consultancy Services

Establish your consulting services company in the DUQE Free Zone to take advantage of this strategic location and business-friendly environment. DUQE is the perfect breeding ground for consultancy businesses that encompasses management consulting right through to specialized advisory services.

Event Organizers

The DUQE Free Zone’s maritime environment is unique, which makes event-organizing businesses special. Make unforgettable moments with clients and partners without any difficulties related to the place where events can take effect.


At DUQE Free Zone, finance companies operate efficiently in a favourable environment for financial services.

General Trading

DUQE Free Zone is a hub for general trading companies with easy access to transportation centres and growing business communities.


Position your investment firm in the DUQE Free Zone to leverage a booming business environment. Take advantage of the strategic locations where it is easy to network and collaborate, leading to successful investments.

IT Support

DUQE Free Zone is an ideal spot for IT support services by tech-driven enterprises.

Lifestyle Coaching

DUQE Free Zone is a specific environment for starting lifestyle coaching companies. Leverage the innovative and inspiring maritime environment to deliver tailored coaching services that are distinctive in the market.


Establish your management consultancy firm at DUQE Free Zone, benefiting from a central location and a collaborative business environment. Provide expert management services to clients while enjoying the convenience of the maritime setting.


DUQE Free Zone is a strategic choice for marketing firms, providing a dynamic backdrop for creative campaigns. Network with like-minded businesses and access modern facilities to enhance your marketing initiatives.

Real Estate

DUQE Free Zone is an excellent choice for real estate businesses, providing a central location for property-related activities. Take advantage of the unique setting to showcase properties and engage with clients in a distinctive environment.


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