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Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) MAP

About Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Welcome to ADGM, the peak of business success in Abu Dhabi. Our financial-free zone is on Al Maryah Island, a regulated haven for financial and non-financial sectors. Just 15 minutes from Zayed Port and half an hour away from Abu Dhabi International Airport, ADGM is a centre of connectivity. Our stringent regulatory environment provides a suitable space for growth, and we are happy to see companies bloom. Tolerant of differences, ADGM opens its arms to non-financial service providers and weaves the web into a global village. With its strategic infrastructure and regulatory strength, ADGM is the place for international business excellence. Why choose ADGM? Because opportunities meet excellence here.

Average business setup time: 2 weeks

Benefits of setting up a company in: ADGM – Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

1. Regulatory Excellence

ADGM offers a stable environment for business with its strong legal base. This focus on regulatory excellence gives investors and stakeholders confidence.

4.Versatility for All Sectors

Although famous for its financial orientation, ADGM welcomes all sectors. The free zone's openness means that its business community comprises different types of people, with diverse interests. This stimulates both interaction and creativity in the local economy.

2. Strategic Location

Located on Al Maryah Island, ADGM is located just 15 minutes from Zayed Port and half an hour to Abu Dhabi International Airport. This strategic positioning enhances accessibility and connectivity, making business run smoothly.

5. Support for Non-Financial Service Providers

Apart from finance, ADGM's arms also extend out to non-financial service providers. This versatility helps to create a flexible, dynamic ecosystem in which businesses of all kinds can grow.

3. Global Connectivity

Located on Al Maryah Island, ADGM is set in a prime location 15 minutes from Zayed Port and just half an hour away from Abu Dhabi International Airport. This strategic positioning also means better accessibility and connectivity, making it easier to do business.

6. Tax Benefits

ADGM offers a low-tax environment, and this helps corporations to adjust their financial strategies properly and make themselves more competitive overall.

Business Activities

Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone, where a spectrum of business activities finds a thriving home. From associations to FinTech, our versatile ecosystem caters to diverse industries, fostering innovation and growth.


ADGM provides a conducive environment for associations to flourish, offering a platform for collaboration, networking, and shared success.

Crypto Activities

Embrace the future of finance within ADGM, where our free zone accommodates and supports the dynamic realm of crypto activities, encouraging innovation and responsible business practices.

Professional Services

Explore boundless opportunities for professional services, as ADGM ensures a regulatory framework that upholds quality and integrity in diverse service sectors.

Wealth and Asset Management

Navigate the world of wealth and asset management with confidence in ADGM, where our robust regulatory environment ensures stability and trust for financial services.


ADGM is the ideal destination for banking institutions, providing a secure and strategic location to conduct operations, backed by a commitment to regulatory excellence.

Family Business

Nurture your family business within the supportive environment of ADGM, where traditions meet modernity, fostering growth and sustainability for generations to come.


Experience the pulse of retail in ADGM, strategically located for accessibility and connectedness, creating a vibrant marketplace within our free zone.

Capital Markets

Elevate your capital market activities within ADGM, benefitting from our global connectivity and commitment to creating a conducive environment for financial growth.

Listing Authority and Products

ADGM stands as a reputable listing authority, providing a platform for diverse financial products to be showcased, ensuring visibility and credibility in the global market.

Business Setup in the ADGM Free Zone

Take the first step toward an unimpeded course to start your business in the ADGM Free Zone. With a reputation as the gold business standard in Abu Dhabi, the ADGM Free Zone provides an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies. Our accelerated business establishment procedure is crafted to swiftly add efficiency and clarity to your operations, cutting through red tape. Association to Fintech, professional services or the families of Middle Eastern businessmen: ADGM Free Zone brings together a wide range of industries for innovation and growth. Its advantageous geographic position, sound regulatory structure, and an environment conducive to business development boost your efforts toward success. Whether you’re a start-up or an established name, ADGM Free Zone offers the perfect place for your business ambitions. We keep it simple and fast to get set up in one of the world’s most dynamic regions; we put all our effort into helping you build a promising future from day one. The journey to business success starts with the ADGM Free Zone.

What Is a Free Zone?

A Free Zone is a specific geographic area within any given country designated as subject to unique economic regulations. To create and stimulate business growth, such an area can provide businesses with numerous benefits for international trade. Many of these zones offer tax exemptions, simplified administrative procedures and a business-friendly atmosphere that attracts local and foreign firms.

What Is the ADGM Free Zone?

A world-class financial-free zone The ADGM Free Zone, located on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, is very prestigious. Because of its overall sense of place, regulatory prowess and unlimited global connections, ADGM is home to wide-ranging economic activities, including associates, crypto activity, professional services, Sunny Wealth & Asset MgtBanks Family business, Reatl Capital markets FinTech, etc.

Why Choose ADGM?

Choosing ADGM as a business base provides entry to various apparent benefits. Most importantly, they include the right to 100 % foreign ownership, a unique characteristic that allows businesses complete scope in running their operations. Business-friendly ADGM has no corporate or personal income tax. Boasting an exceptionally competitive advantage will enable companies to increase profit and financial flexibility.

Positioned as a financial centre, ADGM offers unique courts, laws and regulations intended to meet the changing demands of international business. Such a specialized framework provides an environment for secure and transparent legal transactions that meet investor expectations while greatly easing business operations.

ADGM offers two types of visas for investors, directors, employees and dependents to make it easier for them to do business. This flexibility doesn’t just attract international talent; it also helps professionals and their families settle smoothly into the Abu Dhabi community.

Global outreach is one of ADGM’s unique selling points. Companies operating in the ADGM Free Zone are equipped to do business on an international scale. The ADGM license allows businesses to explore various opportunities, spanning local and international markets.

Thriving Businesses in Abu Dhabi Global Market

The thriving ecosystem of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), with its similar legal systems, time zones and trading weekdays, has attracted many global enterprises to take root there. The ADGM has become famous for various business operations, bringing well-known firms and institutions in different sectors. Some typical businesses that have already taken off in ADGM include banking institutions, depository services providers, fund managers and administrators; insurance firms ( captive insurers and reinsurance ); private equity/venture capital companies, investment advisors management consultants, BPO solutions ones as well as innovative fintechs.

Notably, big-name international brands such as Citibank, Credit Suisse and Allianz Securities have joined the stampede for success at ADGM, which is already firmly stamped as a destination of choice. These examples highlight the international acclaim and potential for growth offered by ADGM, which provides an ideal environment in terms of structure and substance.

For those seeking an environment offering quality business services, ADGM is a frontrunner in that it provides world-class infrastructure, its strategic location, and the rules of regulations that encourage innovation and excellence. Count yourself among successful enterprises that have selected ADGM as their headquarters and make your business part of a free zone that genuinely exists to advance success. ADGM – Where Global Businesses Flourish.

Business Formation in ADGM Free Zone

Choosing your entity type is a strategic decision before you embark on business formation in the ADGM Free Zone. ADGM provides four distinct options for business entities, each tailored to accommodate different business structures:

Limited Liability Company (LLC) 

Once incorporated, an ADGM LLC is a popular business form that needs to have at least one founder. This founder can be an individual or a corporate entity of any nationality. The most prevalent form of company in ADGM is the LLC. It provides a simple and flexible structure for businesses looking to establish themselves securely and prosperously within the free zone.

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

The FZ-LLC is purposely established for companies within the ADGM Free Zone, providing a business with an independent identity in the free zone. Like an LLC, it must have at least one shareholder (individual or corporate entity). An FZ-LLC allows businesses to have a local, physical presence in ADGM and enjoy the advantages of operating within an environment conducive to business.

Choosing an LLC or FZ-LLC will depend on your business needs and objectives. Whether you hope to expand your market share or prefer a free zone’s focused atmosphere and services, ADGM offers both the flexibility and assistance necessary for successful incorporation.

Benefits of an ADGM LLC

Choosing an ADGM Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your business presents a range of advantages:

100% Foreign Ownership

100% foreign ownership in the ADGM LLCs gives businesses full control and autonomy over their operations within this free zone.

Tax Advantages

Avoid onerous corporate and personal income taxes, thereby increasing the financial flexibility “and” profitability of your business.

World-Class Legal Protection

ADGM LLCs are managed under the framework of an industry-leading legal system available in all areas operated by ADGM, offering businesses a stable and transparent environment with strong protective laws.

Securities Issuance

These entities can issue both debt and equity securities, providing additional avenues for fundraising and financial structuring.

Suitable For Trading Platforms and Crypto-Currency Enterprises

ADGM LLCs are very ideal for businesses in particular sectors, such as trading platforms and cryptocurrency, where they get favourable settings to meet their unique operational requirements.

ADGM FZ-LLC (Free Zone Limited Liability Company)

An ADGM Free Zone Limited Liability Company (ADGM FZ-LLC) is a specialized form of LLC designed for businesses within the ADGM Free Zone, offering additional benefits:

100% No Taxes Foreign Ownership

Just like ADGM LLCs, FZ-LLC permits 100% foreign possession and ADGM imposes no corporate or individual taxes on them.

No Currency Restrictions 

FZ-LLCs enjoy the advantage of no currency restrictions to ease international transactions.

Rapid Setup Process

FZ-LLCs have a simplified formation process that can be accomplished in less than 24 hours, thus allowing companies to get started quickly with their presence within the ADGM Free Zone.

Minimum Capital Requirement

While there’s no corporate tax, it is important to mention a minimum capital requirement of AED300k for ADGM FZ-LLC.

How to Form an LLC or FZ-LLC?

If you’re contemplating establishing an FZ-LLC as the foundation for your business in ADGM, here’s a breakdown of the steps involved in setting up an ADGM company:

Contact GCS Group: GCS Group is the partner for business setup services. Simply reach out to us today!

Choose Your Business Type (LLC or FZ-LLC): Choose the right business type for your undertaking. Is it to be a standard LLC or one of the types customizable for FZ-LLCs specifically suited to operations within ADGM’s free zone?

Select a Unique Company Name: The name that you give your ADGM company should be unique and not infringe on other established firms. Make sure it is the right name for your corporate image, too, and also complies with legal regulations.

Apply to the Registry: To initiate company registration, submit an application to the ADGM registry. You can fill out the application yourself or use an authorized agent like GCS Group for professional help.

Sign Company Formation Contracts and Pay Fees: As soon as your application had been accepted, please go ahead and sign the company incorporation contracts that are necessary for this stage, plus clear their ADGM registration fees in order to finalize the setting up of your LLC or FZ-LLC.

Apply for Business Licenses: Once the company has been established, request your business licenses. This step may be done individually or with the help of an authorized representative. Its completion makes the licensing process easier.

Seek Professional Advice: If you still have questions regarding what type of business entity would suit your needs the best, then please do not hesitate to come and ask us about it so that we can guide them in order for them to know where they are supposed to go.

How Is ADGM Free Zone Different from Other Free Zones?

As the only integrated financial centre in Abu Dhabi, ADGM stands out as a unique and innovative hub. It combines many impossible advantages to find anywhere else: legal, regulatory, location-based (geographical/environmental), operational, or commercial.

Legal Advantages

Another big difference is the existence of specific legislation for ADGM. The ADGM CCL provides a modern and flexible legal environment designed specifically for the needs of companies in the free zone. ADGM is also considered an ideal business setup destination by legal arrangements operating under English Common Law, a globally recognized system. GCS Group can assist with legal services to smooth the establishment process.

GCS Group can provide our legal services.

Regulatory Distinctions 

As a free zone in Abu Dhabi, ADGM has its independent financial services regulator: the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). This authority regulates ADGM’s robust regulatory regimes, modelled on international standards and best practices from major global financial centres.

Location-Based Benefits 

ADGM is also strategically located in the centre of Abu Dhabi, close to the downtown business district, government organizations, and other free zones. The central location makes reaching several service providers, government departments and other facilities convenient. Moreover, although ADGM is located on Abu Dhabi Island country-wise, it is strategically situated between mainland Abu Dhabi and Yas Island. Thus, businesses can reach the whole of UAE conveniently from here.

Operational Advantages 

Businesses operating within ADGM enjoy a range of operational benefits, including:

  • VAT Exemption (except for certain supplies): This relieves Value-Added Tax (VAT) liabilities for many stores and gives businesses an edge in a highly competitive market.
  • Tax Transparency: ADGM promotes tax transparency, which allows companies to optimize their tax planning.
  • No Foreign Exchange Controls: ADGM offers businesses the freedom to operate without foreign exchange controls and can accommodate unrestricted profits, dividends, and capital remittances.

How Can I Get Started?

Starting your business in ADGM has a few simple steps. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Choose a Company Name: Make sure that your company name complies with the ADGM standards. Names should be in English or Arabic and not have numbers. The ADGM does not allow names that include offensive or religious connotations, registered trademark acronyms, or similarities with existing business registers. Bookmark the list of forbidden terms, like oil crikey, bank guy and insurance perks.

Register with ADGM: If your business name is acceptable, then you must register it with ADGM. This stage includes submitting required documents and compliance with requirements in accordance with ADGM for the chosen type of your business (LLC or FZ-LLC).

Open a Corporate Bank Account: The opening of a corporate bank account is the next most important step once one has successfully registered with ADGM. Identify a competent bank that meets your business requirements. This account will come in handy while transacting business and managing your finances.

These introductory steps form the foundation of creating a business in ADGM. If you want the best professional guidance and assistance in setting up a business, organizations like GCS Group can actually help ADGM. Their experience will make your procedures easier and smoother for you to set up shop in this bustling financial mart.

Business Plans Are Vital for ADGM Businesses

  1. Nature of Business Activities: Your business activities must clearly be defined. Outline briefly a full range of the products or services you plan to offer in the ADGM environment.
  2. List of Key Personnel and Directors: Highlight the personnel and directors responsible for critical decisions that affect business within your organization. Emphasize their relevant experience and knowledge.
  3. Cash Flow Forecasts and Projected Profit Margins: Provide specific cash flow projections, showing income and expenditures over some time. Also include projected profit margins for an understanding of the financial feasibility and sustainability of your business.
  4. Details about Shareholders: Supply the names, share capital), shares held and voting rights of all your shareholders. Explicitly define the company’s ownership structure, showing a commitment to open corporate governance.
  5. VC Funding (if applicable): ADGM does not require disclosing the sources of your initial capital if your business has already attracted venture capital (VC). But it might be desirable to include a passing reference mentioning VC funding without pointing up sources of information, stressing the financial backing that backs your business operations.

Reach Out to GCS Group for Assistance with Your Application

The Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has the strictest business registration requirements of all the free zones in the UAE. The stringency reflects the presence of the zone-law firms, professional membership bodies and financial regulators.

ADGM Company formation requires a high level of understanding. At this point, the expert services of GCS Group become invaluable. As experienced professionals, we go through a detailed process of ADGM Free Zone paperwork for businesses.

Other UAE Free Zone Options

While Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is a prominent free zone in the UAE, GCS Group extends its comprehensive company formation services to various other free zones, providing you with a range of options to suit your business needs. Consider the following free zones where GCS Group can assist you in establishing your company:

  1. DMCC Free Zone: The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Free Zone is a renowned hub for businesses in the commodities sector, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a strategic location in Dubai.

  2. JAFZA: Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is a key player in the UAE’s economic landscape, known for its world-class infrastructure and business-friendly environment.

  3. DIC Free Zone: Dubai Internet City (DIC) Free Zone is a specialized zone catering to businesses in the technology and internet sectors, fostering innovation and growth.

  4. Ajman Free Zone: Ajman Free Zone provides a cost-effective and strategic location for businesses, with a focus on facilitating trade and industrial activities.

  5. RAKEZ: Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is an economic powerhouse, offering diverse business solutions across various sectors and industries.

  6. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone): Located in Sharjah, SAIF Zone is a thriving business hub with a strategic location, providing businesses with accessibility and connectivity.

GCS Group Can Assist with Business Formation at ADGM

Forming a business at ADGM has always been challenging. Boost your business with our trusted partner. GCS Group will back you up in negotiating the winding streets of ADGM’s  commercial world. We have assembled an experienced, client-oriented team to realize a hassle-free and convenient experience setting up your business there.

GCS Group has got the details of company formation in ADGM down perfectly. This goes from choosing an appropriate business type to registration under strict criteria. We acknowledge the importance of this strategic decision, and our all-encompassing services are designed to help you step right through every stage.

If setting up a business in ADGM is your objective, turn to the GCS Group. They will help you transform that dream into reality. Contact us now for expert advice, and take the painless route to set up your business in this booming atmosphere of ADGM.


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