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Costs for: RAKEZ – Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone (RAKEZ)

About Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone (RAKEZ)

KIZAD ensures a versatile business environment by presenting a hybrid model that caters to free and non-free zone solutions. The offerings include:

  • Land leasing.
  • Pre-built warehouses.
  • Free zone offices.
  • Light industrial pre-constructed buildings.
  • Business district centers.

In order to reduce the costs and smoothen their operations, companies can make use of KIZAD’s Logistics Park (KLP).

KIZAD provides a business setup to youth with state-of-the-art executive offices and dedicated workstations ready for use. With the feature of low operating costs, businesses can establish an efficient presence and focus their resources on other important processes.

Benefits of setting up a company in: RAKEZ – Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

1. Strategic Location

RAKEZ's strategic location in Ras Al Khaimah offers proximity to local and international markets, providing businesses with a strategic advantage for trade and expansion.

4.Industry Diversity

With a footprint across over 50 industries, RAKEZ offers a diverse business landscape, fostering collaboration and synergy among companies from various sectors.

2: Diverse Zones

RAKEZ encompasses a variety of specialized zones such as the Al Ghail Industrial Zone, Al Hamra Industrial Zone, RAKEZ Academic Zone, Al Hulaila Industrial Zone, and RAKEZ Business Zone, each tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries and business activities.

5. Cost-Effective Solutions

RAKEZ provides cost-effective business solutions, including competitive license fees, customizable office spaces, and support services, enabling businesses to optimize operational costs.

3. Business Flexibility

RAKEZ is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, ranging from freelancers and startups to multinational corporations. This flexibility allows companies to scale their operations seamlessly within the economic zone.

6. Investor-Friendly Environment

RAKEZ is committed to creating an investor-friendly environment, offering streamlined processes for company setup, transparent regulations, and a business-friendly ecosystem that encourages growth and innovation.

Business Activities

RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone) accommodates a diverse range of business activities, providing a versatile platform for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Here are some of the business activities that you can undertake within RAKEZ:


RAKEZ provides an ideal platform for consultancy firms to flourish, offering a strategic location, robust infrastructure, and a supportive regulatory framework. Whether in management, IT, or specialized fields, the economic zone facilitates the growth of consultancy businesses.

Oil and Gas Trading

The strategic location of RAKEZ, coupled with its proximity to key markets, positions it as a favorable hub for oil and gas trading activities. The economic zone supports businesses engaged in exploring, producing, and distributing energy resources.


RAKEZ embraces the digital age, making it an excellent choice for e-trading and e-commerce enterprises. With advanced infrastructure and a business-friendly environment, companies in this sector can leverage RAKEZ's connectivity and logistics for efficient operations.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Businesses involved in accounting and bookkeeping services benefit from RAKEZ's flexible structure. The economic zone supports financial service providers with modern facilities and a regulatory framework conducive to professional services.


RAKEZ is an attractive destination for media-related businesses, offering a vibrant content creation, production, and distribution ecosystem. Media companies can thrive in an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.


With its strategic location and diverse zones, RAKEZ is well-suited for hospitality ventures. From hotels and resorts to restaurants and event management, the economic zone provides a supportive backdrop for businesses in the hospitality sector.

Insurance Services

RAKEZ's business-friendly policies extend to insurance services. Companies in this sector can benefit from a stable regulatory environment and a strategic location for serving local and international clients.

Trading of Various Activities

RAKEZ caters to a wide range of trading activities. Businesses involved in importing and exporting goods, commodities, and services can capitalize on the economic zone's logistical advantages and comprehensive facilities.

Import and Export

Given its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and efficient logistics, RAKEZ serves as an ideal base for import and export businesses. The economic zone facilitates seamless trade operations for companies engaged in global commerce.


Advertising firms can thrive in RAKEZ's dynamic environment. The economic zone provides a platform for creative agencies, marketing firms, and advertising companies to deliver innovative solutions to a diverse market.

Web Design

RAKEZ supports businesses in the tech and creative sectors, making it an excellent choice for web design companies. The economic zone fosters innovation in digital services with modern facilities and a forward-thinking approach.


The strategic location of RAKEZ and its diverse business landscape create opportunities for marketing agencies. Companies in this sector can leverage the economic zone's connectivity and resources to reach a broad audience.

RAKEZ Free Zone: What You Need to Know

UAE always stand as a prospering business center, with issuing over 40,000 new  business licenses every year. The level of entrepreneurial activities within the region highlights how much potential there is for growth.
RAKEZ free zone is a very attractive and desirable choice to make among the several powerful choices for startups in RAK, UAE. For new startups to be successful, choosing the right free trade zone is crucial. RAKEZ will provide an excellent business hub. Taking a closer look at how RAKEZ stands out is an important aspect in order to work between the lines of this landscape. From various zone options catering to different industries and investment friendly policies. In the United Arab Emirates, exploring what RAKEZ has to offer is an important step for those aspiring a lucrative entrepreneurial journey.

What Is the RAKEZ Free Zone?

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, is situated in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah which is commonly called RAKEZ free zone. This area serves a bustling industrial hub and many businesses are starting here each year.
This area attracts businesses of all kinds; small, medium and large. The significant advantage of RAKEZ is that it is a tax-friendly location, and businesses can pay fewer taxes than any other place.
RAKEZ, is well known for providing adaptive solutions to several companies belonging from different industries according to their specific requirement. By including all the authorities, they have produced a multi-national community to support through this place irrespective of their kind by.
The business in this free zone is made simpler via an elaborate framework compatible with them. The policy framework is structured in such a way that it invites and facilitates new and advanced opportunities for people to invest, launching their enterprises at a relatively low risk.

What Does RAKEZ Offer Businesses?

RAKEZ free zone is seen as the best choice for businessmen to start their startups because it has four main pillars. RAKEZ is a wonderful place to do business, lets understand why by digging into these pillars.


RAKEZ has a great variety of different business sectors and industries. This provides an opportunity for everyone to come from any field- be it, manufacturers, logistics team and so on. Everyone can make a big name of themselves here. Through providing a large environmental base for the businesses to start, and giving them access to the international markets, RAKEZ becomes a hub of interest for multiple enterprises


The reasonable rates that the government offers are what attracts most entrepreneurs to RAKEZ. This helps the business to develop customized approaches in ways that are deemed fit by their management. There are many resources available for clients within the free zone. This enables them to choose the most suitable setup according to their needs and preferences.


Initiating a business in a free zone might require large sum of money, but RAKEZ presents itself by providing an affordable solution. For starting a business in the RAKEZ free zone, you need less money as compared to other parts of UAE. This becomes a very good preference for entrepreneurs to start their business at a small level because they might not have plenty of sums to invest in.

Process Efficiency

RAKEZ focus on efficacy so that businesses can smoothly embark their operations. The procedures are simple to come up with a way that is friendly and easy for companies. This can be an efficient way for businesses to enhance what they already have and optimize various processes/tasks.

Why You Should Start a Company in RAKEZ

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone provides versatile reasons and hence relocating in the RAKEZ free zone is considered as a robust tactics. Here are four key factors that distinguish RAKEZ and make it an attractive destination for businesses:

Growing Popularity

RAKEZ has become the top choice for businessmen and industry leaders. The reputation of the Free Zone is resulting in a thriving business environment. This is contributing to the business landscape and earning several prestigious wards. The RAKEZ has become a major hub for entreprenurship due to its attractiveness and high retention rates.

Customized Warehouse Solutions

The RAKEZ has versatile business needs coverd by providing unique warehouse solutions. The units are available in multiple dimensions, and they can be accessed by people who hold the business license. To increase flexibility will improve this process to secure warehouse space for business. This way, businesses will be able to foster their operations smoothly.

Proximity to Seaports and Airports

RAKEZ has a strategic location that has seaports and airports nearby. The primary transportation portal for the RAKEZ company is The RAK International Airport and the Saqr port that allows a seamless way to import or export goods. Ease of logistics in the free zone is a pivotal advantage that can help businesses become more competitive.

Cost-Effective Financing

Irrespective of the differences between markets, sectors and regions, overcoming the costs is a challenge almost every business faces. RAKEZ manages to eradicate this trouble by providing various business financing options such as grants and loans for new companies. RAKEZ provides 40% funding to those planning to launch and/or expand their business. One of the reasons RAKEZ is preferred by many entrepreneurs because it offers a financially sustainable environment.

The Benefits of Starting a Company in RAKEZ

Setting up a business in RAKEZ, the UAE free zone has its certain perks. Business owners have the benefits of owning 100% of their business, tax suspension over all incomes, and complete authority to handle profit. The process of setting up a new business in the UAE and getting your visa and residence is an easy one. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone allows businesses to buy land, build a warehouse or lease a storage facility at low cost. When they want to re-export goods, they do not need to pay extra duty. The location of the zone allows customers to have easy access due to its proximity from airports and docks, which indirectly helps business owners who are always on the move. RAKEZ is indeed an attractive choice for people who want a reliable and flexible business environment.

Dubai Business Setup

In free zones of the RAKEZ area, different licenses are acquired by businesses according to their operations. Here’s an overview of the available business licenses:

1. Commercial License

The license that is made for businesses that trade commodities and services is the commercial license. Companies have the freedom to do more than one kind of trading through this license. This includes: import, export and store items (products) For firms aiming to initiate a footprint in RAKEZ free zone and emphasizing on trade, this would be an optimal choice.

2. General Trading License

The general trading license allows companies to take out multiple different types of activities providing businesses with a broad scope. This license enables the enterprises to operate within the RAKEZ free zone and can be a good fit for businesses planning to se more than one business activity

3. Industrial License

The Industrial License is a must for businesses that are engaged in industrial activities, as it provides the authority to import raw material and manufacture goods. It is useful for companies that are mainly focused on industrial trading and production.

4. Professional License

The professional license would be owned by the proprietor himself, and is usually recommended for single ownership entities. This platform gives you the authority to focus specifically because you are expert in that. This type of license is highly preferred for the people who are looking to work within their business in a free zone area.

5. Consultancy License

The consultancy license mainly aims to improve businesses’ services, enabling them with skills and expertise in several domains. This carry the bunch of services to include mainly; managerial, legal, accountant and other assorted consultants. This is a great way for companies to provide expertise and professional advices.

6. Media License

The media service business needs a media license to provide exceptional services within the Photography, videography, and music industry. This is a license that belongs to the creative and media sector companies.

7. E-Commerce License

Businesses engaging in digital trading of goods and services require an E-Commerce License. This license facilitates legal transactions within the electronic network of the RAKEZ free zone, making it an essential choice for companies operating in the online marketplace.

8. Education License

Tailored for educational businesses or those providing academic support services, the Education License is crucial for entities such as universities or language institutions. This license is designed for companies contributing to the education sector within the RAKEZ free zone.

How to Start a Company in RAKEZ

Here’s a detailed overview of the process for starting a company in the RAKEZ-free zone:

Step One: Choose Your Business Activity

Planning what line of work you would like to get into is the first step in creating a company within RAKEZ. The free zone will be such that it will help provide multiple activities led by professional services, educational practices, industrial work, and traders. Choose the right category that will create a business goal in your path.

Step Two: Select a Business Name

After careful considerations about what your business is going to be about, pick a unique name for it. Make sure that the name that you are choosing is according to the name you want to be and does not have any offensive content In order to make sure that there is no such business with the same name, you need to check this before starting your paperwork.

Step Three: Apply for Your Business License

Once you have decided a name for your business, you then have to get it licensed. For the successful application, prepare some important documents. These include a passport for identification, a recent photo of you, an official business license request form (filled correctly), and your business plan detailing what kind of services/products you will provide. For these documents that you are willing to provide to us.

Step Four: Get Your Visa

It is mandatory to get the UAE visa if you want to start your business there. The business permits demand to be applied once you have received your license for the business. Abiding by visa rules require you to run your business effectively.

Step Five: Open a Bank Account

It is important for you and any partners to open a bank account in order to start the process. In the bank, show your visa, Emirates ID card, and some relevant documents for opening a new account. RAKEZ-free zone allows you to develop a strong financial system and execute your business strategies within that region.

You can easily set up your company and position it in the RAKEZ-free zone if you follow these steps.

The Required Documents for Starting a RAKEZ Business

Certain documents are needed to be submitted to the RAKEZ free zone authority to start your business operations. The type of documents that you would need can vary based on what business you have but some common key documents are always needed. It is important to note that for some documents, one might need the approval of third-party stakeholders. Here are the essential documents:

Application Form: This lists the requirements for establishing a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) or a Free Zone Entity. This document contains all the necessary data about your business strategies and tasks; this data is utilized as an initial point to issue the license.

Passport Copies: The passports copies of the director along with all shareholders need to be attached. Such documents provide an efficient way to verify the keys associated with the business.

UAE Immigration Stamp Copies: Stamps of the UAE immigration should be there on the passports or otherwise, provide their copies. The document not only signifies the existence of people in that country but also is a testament of their legal status.

No Objection Certificate (NOC): A certificate that has no objection from the business sponsor. This certificate allows you to establish your business in the specified zone because this means that there is no roadblock from your sponsor’s side.

One needs to carefully analyze the type of business that he is doing, and map all the requirements, because this will help him during the documentation process. Orderly maintaining important documents will provide a smooth way during business formation process in RAKEZ.

The License Renewal Process in RAKEZ

One of the benefits of renewing your business license within RAKEZ is that it can be done remotely. This means you won’t have to travel there. By following the right steps, the companies can easily renew their licenses from within free trade zone. Before you start the renewal process of your license, you’ll need to grab an invoice for the fee. Once you obtain the invoice, make sure to send your payment for renewal of business license. The licence is typically more costly than the renewal fee. After making the payment, the following step is to prepare your lease agreement. Sign a contract of renting and send it to the officials of RAKEZ, also send your new documents with it. This record will be checked to continue the process. Once the business license is renewed that you will receive once authorities approve the lease agreement. A well-organized process is there that allows RAKEZ free zone businesses to renew their policies smoothly so they can operate without any interruption. It is important to follow these basic steps if you want to renew the license without any hassle in RAKEZ. Though for every business type requirements might differ but following always help.

Why You Should Use GCS Group to Start Your Business

Partnering with GCS Group for your business setup in the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) brings several advantages, streamlining the process and providing expert guidance for a smooth and successful company launch.

Years of Experience

GCS Group boasts extensive experience assisting businesses in establishing their operations in the RAKEZ-free zone and throughout the UAE. With decades of expertise, our team offers business owners unparalleled recommendations and support, leveraging our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and operational intricacies.

Broad Range of Services

Our comprehensive suite of services extends beyond the business setup in RAKEZ. Whether you need assistance with visa processes, business dissolution, corporate services, or a range of other offerings, GCS Group provides diverse services to cater to new and established businesses across various free zones in the UAE. We aim to empower businesses with the resources and support they require for success.

Fantastic Reviews

Customer satisfaction is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Positive reviews from past clients highlight GCS Group’s reputation as an expert guide through the RAKEZ business formation process. Our track record reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality services and ensuring a positive experience for our clients.

By choosing GCS Group as your business setup partner, you gain access to a wealth of experience and a broad range of services and benefit from our commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to make the business formation process efficient, transparent, and tailored to each client’s unique needs, paving the way for the successful launch and growth of businesses in RAKEZ.

Start Your Rakez Free Zone Business Today

When a person has detailed insights about the benefits of establishing a business in RAKEZ free zone, he will be able to strategize better and have more informed decision-making. This handbook will provide you the best pathways to start your business in this situation and area, therefore, it is an important resource!
In case you want to navigate the process through proper channel and require support our dedicated group is here to help you. Our team has achieved considerable experience in helping companies to establish businesses within to RAKEZ and all over the UAE. Thus, our services are reliable for their efficiency. GCS Group is devoted to giving clients the best services from planning to execution, including providing
One shall not hesitate to contact the GCS Group whenever needed if they wish to initiate business at RAKEZ and want support. We are available and glad to assist you if you want to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality.


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