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Dubai Design District (D3)

About Dubai Design District (D3)

D3 will now function as a single hub designed to cater to constantly shifting areas of the creative industries, with a major focus on design and fashion. Based in the centre of Dubai, this modern free zone is oriented to suit companies of all kinds. The variety of its community is based on local design start-ups and world-renowned fashion houses, which provide a mix of creative currents within the area.

D3, in particular, stands out because it is exceptional in providing premium office spaces, development lands, advanced studio facilities, and shared workspaces. It becomes the gudgeon point for fashion and design companies, creating the space where local designers run parallel with international fashion authorities.

Leveraging its local natural endowment and scientific community as strategic advantages, D3 enhances valuable interactions in important markets. Dubai Design District is not just a business address; more importantly, it is a vibrant hub of creativity closely linked with the design and fashion worlds. Selecting D3 implies that your business invokes the hub of 21st-century Dubai, where innovation and success are inextricably intertwined.

Benefits of setting up a company in: Dubai Design District Free Zone

1. Strategic Location

Dubai Design District (D3) enjoys a prime location in the heart of Dubai, offering businesses easy access to key markets in the region. Its central location facilitates connectivity with major business hubs, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to establish a strategic presence.

2. Industry-Focused Ecosystem

D3 is tailored for the creative industries, particularly design and fashion. By setting up a company in this free zone, businesses become part of a specialized ecosystem that fosters collaboration and synergy within the design and fashion sectors, providing unique networking opportunities and potential partnerships.

3. Business of All Sizes Welcome

Whether you're a startup or an established international enterprise, D3 accommodates businesses of all sizes. The free zone is designed to provide a scalable and supportive environment, making it an inclusive space for both emerging local designers and global fashion houses.

4.Comprehensive Infrastructure

Dubai Design District Free Zone goes beyond conventional office spaces. It offers a comprehensive infrastructure that includes studio spaces and co-working facilities. This ensures that businesses have access to state-of-the-art amenities that cater specifically to the needs of the design and fashion industries.

5. Creative Community

One of the distinctive features of D3 is its vibrant and creative community. By establishing your company here, you become part of a community that encourages innovation, collaboration, and cross-cultural exchange. This creative milieu can inspire and enhance the growth of businesses in the design and fashion sectors.

6. Flexibility for Development

D3 provides companies with the flexibility to develop their own spaces. With available land for development, businesses can tailor their offices and facilities to align with their unique brand identity and operational requirements, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and productivity.

Business Activities

Dubai Design District (D3) Free Zone is a dynamic hub that caters to a spectrum of creative industries, providing an ideal platform for businesses to thrive in the heart of Dubai. Among the diverse array of ventures that call D3 home, here are some notable business activities contributing to the vibrancy of this innovative ecosystem:

Architectural Design

D3 welcomes architectural design firms, offering them a space where creativity knows no bounds. Architectural visionaries can find an environment that fosters groundbreaking designs and collaborations.

Concept Design

In the realm of concept design, D3 stands as a canvas for innovative ideas to come to life. Businesses specializing in concept design find a nurturing environment to turn their visionary concepts into tangible realities.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing enterprises in D3 benefit from a strategic location and a community that values creative approaches to promotion. This sets the stage for businesses to connect directly with their target audience and stand out in the competitive market.

Graphic Design

Graphic design studios thrive in D3's creative atmosphere, where inspiration flows freely. The free zone provides an ideal setting for graphic designers to craft compelling visuals and make a lasting impact.

Modelling Agency

For modelling agencies seeking a backdrop that complements the glamour of the fashion industry, D3 provides the perfect stage. The district offers an environment that supports the growth and visibility of modelling agencies.

Public Relations Agency

Public relations professionals in D3 benefit from a community that understands the importance of communication and brand image. PR agencies find a conducive environment to strategically elevate the profiles of their clients.


Tailoring businesses at D3 blend creativity with craftsmanship. The district provides a platform for tailors to showcase their skills, serving both local and international clientele with unique and bespoke creations.

Art Galleries

D3 is a haven for art galleries, providing a space where artistic expression flourishes. Galleries in the district become part of a community that appreciates and celebrates various forms of art.

Branding and Corporate Identity

Businesses specializing in branding and corporate identity find an ideal home in D3. The district's emphasis on design excellence aligns perfectly with the goals of companies focused on creating strong and memorable brand identities.

Fashion Design Consultancy

Fashion design consultants in D3 benefit from a dynamic and trend-setting environment. The district serves as a platform for consultancy services to guide and shape the future of the fashion industry.

Image Consultancy

Image consultants at D3 play a crucial role in shaping personal and professional identities. The district's diverse and cosmopolitan community provides a rich tapestry for image consultants to weave their transformative narratives.

Performing Arts Management

D3 welcomes businesses involved in performing arts management, offering a stage where artistic talents can be nurtured and showcased. The district's commitment to creativity makes it an ideal space for managing and promoting performing arts events.

Stage Fashion Show

For those in the business of staging fashion shows, D3 provides an iconic backdrop. The district offers the infrastructure and support needed to create visually stunning and impactful fashion presentations.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandisers in D3 leverage the district's unique blend of design and commerce. Businesses specializing in visual merchandising find a vibrant community and a strategic location to showcase products in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Beauty Advisors

Beauty advisors in D3 cater to a community that values aesthetics and personal care. The district provides a space where beauty advisors can connect with clients and offer expert advice in a creative and sophisticated environment.

Dubai Design District: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Dubai is set to transform its creative background gradually with the arrival of 15,000 design companies and 150,000 individuals by the coming years. Using the figures of 2021 to lay solid foundations, which were 8,300 innovative companies as well as 7 certifications from the Abu Dhabi Credit Bureau, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi aspires to be a world-class hub for commerce and innovation.

At the core of this wave of creativity is the Dubai Design District (D3), launched in 2015 as a specialized area serving designers, fashion professionals, and creatives from various fields. D3 transcends being just a location; it is a sanctuary nurturing creative talent and understanding design’s key role in defining Dubai.

Establishing your enterprise at 3D offers unprecedented tax competitiveness. Businesses will enjoy a tax haven where no income taxes are levied during their stay and an amazing 0% of the corporate tax rate for the first five years. This tax-friendly environment forms an environment that enables businesses to grow in Dubai’s appealing business ecosystem.

While one might initially face the challenge of launching in D3, the process has become much simpler, making it possible to find oneself smoothly in such a dynamic environment. The required documents are:

  • A detailed business plan.
  • Copies of all shareholders and key personnel’s passports.
  • HKID for locals.
  • A PO ID card or address proof with contact numbers for non-local individuals.

Furthermore, NOC is required, if applicable, in addition to MOA. This streamlined method strengthens a seamless immersion into D3’s flourishing business environment.

What Is the Dubai Design District Free Zone?

In 2013 it came to the creation of Dubai Design District (D3), Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum, the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, formulated a vision on how to increase investment flow into the region so that the latter was transformed into a thriving business hub. It is beyond doubt that the actualization of this vision has been incredibly gratifying.
Dubai’s Design District represents a perfect shelter for creative industries, mainly design and fashion. Its lively quarters gather together different sides, whether fashion, industrial design, or architecture. D3 district is unique in its distinctiveness, not only size-wise but also in the overall ecosystem, resource-richness, and the creative design community that thrives within.
The architectural genius has an added advantage for the marketing, public relations, and technology businesses, making the D3 the preferred option for other business parks. This location means more than just a place for a creative agency or industrial designer based in Dubai Design District; it is a home for your business, and more creativity is born here. In this district, the meeting point of a spirit of innovation is found, and no borders are found. Today, D3 has become the voice behind industries, an influential energy that promotes change and gives expansion to the dynamic industries of design and fashion.

Where Is the Dubai Design District?

Only 25 minutes from the energetic heart of Downtown Dubai, this area provides one with ease to necessities. Situated within the famous Mohammed Bin Rashid City, it is a short distance from the stately Burj Khalifa and the busy Dubai Business Bay, effortlessly merging into the vibrant fabric of the city.

Picture the busy pictures of work and play enacted at the trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars dotting every corner of the Design District. The Fusion of design and innovation in the best art and tech stores is fascinating. The proximity to fashion shows and design expos is an ever-flowing fountain of stimulus, making the Cultural District an active and artistic environment.

Located in the heart of the city, surrounded by Dubai’s busiest areas, D3 is perfectly positioned as a creative hotspot. Whether for business meetings or leisure activities, its accessibility to these busy areas makes it a hot spot. For residential or office purposes, it has become one of the sought-after areas in Dubai.

Convenience is ensured by being at the center of several bus routes and having a vast parking lot for those arriving by car. Uniquely, the riverboat taxi is available, which provides a smoother arrival process and bypasses traffic-prone roads. Dubai Design District is a physical space and a connected and inspired neighborhood where creativity is present and unmatchable convenience.

Why Start a Business in the Dubai Design District?

There are numerous benefits of establishing your new business in Dubai Design District over other business parks, thus making it the best choice for entrepreneurs. Here are key benefits you’ll enjoy:

Cost-Effective Startup

Dubai Design District has one of the lowest costs for business setups found anywhere in the world. With many office and co-working spaces, you can start your business within one month for less than AED 700.

0% Personal Income Tax

Operate your business in Dubai Design District and benefit from the privilege of not paying any personal income tax, which will positively contribute to your cash flow.

0% Corporate Tax for the First 50 Years

Dubai Design District is ideal for new companies as it offers a 50-year tax exemption post-business setup, enabling the company to enjoy dozens of years of maximum profits and growth.

Low VAT and Import Taxes

5% VAT rate if your taxable turnover is less than AED 375,000; otherwise, enjoy a VAT-free status. Import taxes, ranging at 5% of most goods within the Gulf Cooperation Council, also make a favourable financial context.

Zero Currency Restrictions

Dubai Design District encourages investments in all currencies, promoting openness to creatives of every nationality.

Cutting-Edge Business Resources

Dubai Design District provides premium offices, state-of-the-art technology, and architect-designed office complexes, which put you in an environment where some amazing designers are working.

Innovation and Diversity

Find yourself in an innovative and cosmopolitan community where entrepreneurs from all over the world, along with UAE businesses, reach new boundaries. Women entrepreneurs enjoy a wealth of opportunities, with over 90 per cent of UAE companies in D3 owned by them.

100% Foreign Ownership

100 per cent foreign ownership allows you to run your business independently from the mainland regions at Dubai Design District.

Licensing for Fashion, Design, and Freelancers

 Obtaining a business license for various creative industries is simplified in Dubai Design District, making it an ideal space for freelancers. The district offers permits specifically tailored for freelance creative work, streamlining the licensing process.

How to Set Up a New Business in Dubai Design District

As a free zone, the launch of your business setup in Dubai Designer District is quite easy as it offers direct procedures and clear regulations. Business setup services will be easily available to guide you step by step so your venture can get established quickly and efficiently.

Business Activities Flourishing in Dubai Design District

Dubai Design District is suitable for a wide range of creative companies, making it attractive for various projects. Some of the most common and thriving business activities in the district include:

  1. Fashion Design
  2. Architectural Design
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Branding and
  5. Corporate Identity
  6. Direct Marketing
  7. Public Relations
  8. Image Consultancy
  9. Industrial Design

This list is only indicative and not exhaustive, as Dubai Design District’s creative community keeps growing. No matter what kind of creative business you have, this location stands out as one of the finest places in the world where to start a company. Dubai Design District offers a perfect opportunity for your business to grow on the exciting and bustling creative scene, whether you are in fashion, design marketing or consultancy services.

What Are Your Business Setup Options?

In the case of Dubai Design District, you can choose among several types of businesses to suit different needs. The methods differ, but all are meant to be simple and easy to follow. Here are your primary business setup options:

1. Set Up a Limited Liability Company (LLC): An LLC is a legal entity distinct from you, and its owners have limited liability. This is a popular option among entrepreneurs who want to set up an independent business in the Dubai Design District.

2. Form a UAE Company Branch: For example, if you already have a business in the UAE and want to expand through Dubai Design District, establishing an affiliate or subsidiary firm is one way. You can enjoy the district’s advantages closely related to your existing business.

3. Form a Branch for an Overseas Company: When it comes to an international company seeking a long-term presence in Dubai Design District, the solution is setting up a branch of an overseas firm. This gives you access to the opportunities afforded by the district while maintaining links with your mother company.

4. Register as a Freelancer and Apply for Your Permit: Dubai Design District understands that freelancers are an important part of the creative fabric. If you want some flexibility, then register as a freelancer and go through the necessary procedures to obtain working permits.

These are the various business structures, each with its characteristics. Seeking advice from a business consultant is wise if you are still determining the best fit for your company. Availing of their expertise will allow you to make the best decisions so your chosen business structure fits perfectly with what you want in Dubai Design District.

How to Get Your UAE Residence Visa

When living, working and managing your finances in Dubai Design District, you will need to get a residence visa. This is a three-year visa, which requires entrepreneurs to enter the UAE every six months in order for it to stay valid, a practice that most entrepreneurs already follow when they are actively involved with business life in Dubai.

Eligibility Criteria: In order to have a residence visa, you must either find employment in the UAE, start your own business there or obtain a freelance permit. Though there are several other paths for dependents, students and high-value property owners, the business pathways will be highlighted here.

For Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can choose to have new business licenses or freelance licenses. Once your decision is made, follow these steps:

  1. Register Your Company: Start the process by filing your company under UAE authorities.
  2. Get Your Establishment Card: Get your establishment card, which is one of the important documents for business operation.
  3. Receive Your Entry Permit: Obtain your entry permit that allows you into the UAE.
  4. Apply for Your UAE ID: Apply for your UAE ID, which is a very important identification document.
  5. Book Mandatory Medical Tests: Undertake mandatory medical tests during the visa application.
  6. Visit a UAE Consulate: Visit a UAE consulate to finalize your visa.

Assistance from GCS Group: The GCS Group experts will help you step by step through this process, making the visa application quick and effective. With your residence visa in hand, you will have the liberty to live wherever you want within the UAE, with Dubai Design District as the most likely preferred option for many creative entrepreneurs.

Sponsoring Dependents: With your residence visa and required documents, it is easy to make arrangements for sponsoring visas of your dependents. This applies to any job title, giving you the freedom to arrange your personal and professional existence with ease in Dubai Design District.

How to Set Up a Business Bank Account in Dubai

After securing the business license, opening a dedicated business bank account in Dubai Design District is another major step. Separating personal finances from business is the key to sound financial management.

Our specialization at GCS Group is making it easy to establish your Dubai business bank account. This allows you to focus on the operations of your core business. To protect our customers ‘financial assets, we only provide services in collaboration with the most reliable banks here.

Application Options:

1. Apply in person: Go to your chosen bank or in person after starting the process with GCS Group. At this meeting, you will meet a representative of the bank. You fill out your application forms and submit the required documents to her.

2. Apply Remotely: Applicants can begin their bank account application process worldwide if they are outside the UAE. Go to a short meeting by phone or video. However, in most cases, a subsequent visit to the bank will be necessary to sign any relevant forms.

3. Duration of the Process: The whole bank account opening process usually takes 25 working days. Specialized accounts may extend this timeline. GCS Group walks every step of the way with you from beginning to end.

Be assured that with the caring attention of GCS Group, you can expect to find your financial matters in excellent hands.

Move to Your New Creative Business Base

Once you’ve prepared your documents and obtained a visa, the most exciting step begins–finding suitable accommodation in the Dubai Design District. The district has many choices to suit your taste. In addition, with direct low-cost flights from most countries, this dynamic destination is easily accessible.

Considering its position in the middle of the nations with the most significant economies, Dubai is an ideal launch pad for internationalizing your business. Dubai Design District is a point of origin for your growth, providing an energetic platform to seed ideas and exchange knowledge with other firms.

Since the city is in this advantageous position, it gives rise to opportunities for international business ventures and makes ventures possible, making team-building trips and vacations possible. Knowing all that, you may experience something even better in Dubai Design District- you no longer need to look any further.

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Today is the day to contact us and discover how GCS Group can make your startup experience in Dubai, especially in the D3 Design District, as comfortable and easygoing as possible. Welcome to the next adventure in your entrepreneurship. Allow us to be your guide in one of the world’s most vibrant business climates.


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