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Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)

About Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)

Welcome to Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA). This is your entry point for success. DAFZA, located in Dubai and directly linked to the city’s international airport at Al Maktoum, is a first-class location for entrepreneurs.
DAFZA, located in Dubai and directly linked to the city’s international airport at Al Maktoum, is a first-class location for entrepreneurs.
With a strategic location in Dubai, right next to the international airport and providing easy access, DAFZA is an attractive place of business for entrepreneurs.
Established in a strategically placed location close to Dubai and directly connected with the main air route worldwide, DAFZA provides an ideal base for entrepreneurs.
An efficient customs clearance process, a wide variety of DED-approved activities and its location at the centre of Dubai’s vibrant environment all make DAFZA precisely what businesses are looking for to do business. Come to DAFZA and unleash the potential of your venture.

Benefits of setting up a company in: Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) stands as a premier business hub within the vibrant city of Dubai, offering a host of advantages to companies looking to establish their presence in this dynamic economic landscape.

1. Strategic Location

DAFZA's strategic location adjacent to Dubai International Airport positions businesses at the crossroads of global trade. This proximity provides unparalleled access to international markets and facilitates swift and efficient logistics.

2. World-Class Infrastructur

Renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, DAFZA provides businesses with cutting-edge facilities, advanced technology, and a modern working environment. This commitment to excellence ensures that companies can operate with maximum efficiency.

3. Industry Diversity

DAFZA caters to a diverse range of industries, including technology, aviation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and more. This diversity creates a dynamic ecosystem, fostering collaboration and synergy among businesses from different sectors.

4. Customs and Logistics Efficiency

The free zone's proximity to the airport contributes to streamlined customs processes and efficient logistics. This is particularly advantageous for businesses involved in import-export activities, ensuring a smooth flow of goods.

5. Investor-Friendly Policies

DAFZA is known for its investor-friendly policies, providing a supportive regulatory framework for businesses. The free zone's commitment to facilitating ease of doing business is reflected in its transparent procedures and quick licensing processes.

6. Tax Benefits

Companies operating in DAFZA enjoy various tax benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, exemption from personal income taxes, and zero import or export duties. These fiscal advantages contribute to a favorable financial environment for businesses.

7. Business Support Services

DAFZA offers a range of business support services, including administrative assistance, legal services, and access to networking events. These services are designed to help companies navigate the complexities of business operations and expand their networks.

8. Freehold Property Ownership

Businesses in DAFZA have the opportunity to own freehold property, providing long-term stability and investment opportunities for companies looking to establish a physical presence in the region.

Business Activities

DAFZA, at the crossroads of innovation and commerce, opens its doors to a diverse spectrum of business activities, providing a fertile ground for growth and success.


Embark on a journey of strategic guidance and expert advice. DAFZA welcomes consultancy firms to thrive in an environment that encourages innovation and excellence.


Cultivate knowledge and shape the future. DAFZA provides a conducive space for educational institutions to contribute to the intellectual landscape of Dubai.

Waste Management

Champion sustainability and environmental responsibility. DAFZA invites waste management companies to play a pivotal role in creating a greener future.


Efficiency meets security. DAFZA is an ideal hub for storage solutions, ensuring businesses have access to state-of-the-art facilities for their warehousing needs.


Connectivity in motion. DAFZA's strategic location, coupled with its efficient customs process, makes it the perfect base for businesses in the transport sector.


Soar to new heights. DAFZA, in proximity to Dubai International Airport, welcomes aviation companies to take flight in a dynamic and thriving business environment.


Navigate global trade seamlessly. DAFZA's logistical advantages make it a preferred choice for companies involved in the intricate web of international supply chains.


Strategize and captivate. DAFZA provides a platform for marketing firms to flourish, with a global reach and access to diverse markets.


Unveil the wonders of Dubai. DAFZA invites tourism-related businesses to be part of an exciting journey, contributing to the ever-growing tourism sector.

Dubai Airport Free Zone: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wanted to set up a business in Dubai? If this is the case, then DAFZA may be your ideal choice. In this article, we’ll briefly introduce DAFZA and show why it is so attractive to businesses.

Bringing together more than 2,000 enterprises in over 20 industries, DAFZA has become a flourishing commercial centre. In terms of labour, more than 20 thousand professionals benefit from its business-centred regulatory structure. Besides complete ownership and free transfer of earnings abroad without restriction, facilities are first class in the industrial park.

What Is a Free Zone?

Free zones are areas in a given country designated as havens for foreign companies to set up their operations, spared from many local regulations and with total tax exemptions. Tax and customs incentives make free zones an attractive environment for international businesses.

Why Consider a Free Zone?

Free zones such as DAFZA offer firms a range of tax benefits, exemptions from customs duties and freedom from specific labour laws. With its ideal location and highly developed business structure, the Dubai Airport Freezone is a preeminent candidate.

Free zones were first established in the UAE some 30 years ago. Today, over 40 free zones of various sizes and functions contribute to incredible economic diversification.

If the idea of starting a company in Dubai appeals to you and the free zone is something that you would like more information about, go here to learn what a Free Zone Is and Why It Could Be Just What You Need. DAFZA is where your road to business success in Dubai begins. But keep reading to see what opportunities await!

What Is Dubai Airport Free Zone?

The Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) is an economic zone dedicated to specific activities in the Emirate of Dubai. Launched in 1996, DAFZA was initially set up to promote regional trade and investment. Today, it is a thriving business centre, home to over 2000 firms from over ten countries worldwide, with over US $4 billion invested between them.

For different reasons, businesses choose to set up their presence in DAFZA. Especially in the airfreight industry, which demands a robust infrastructure and convenient access to bustling Dubai International Airport (the busiest airport in the Middle East), companies are flocking into this zone like never before. DAFZA is also known for its business-friendly regulatory structure, providing an excellent environment for all kinds of work related to foreign businesses, such as company establishment and accounting or legal services.

Additionally, DAFZA has launched a progressive policy—the Talent Pass Freelancer Program. This program allows freelancers to live and work in the zone as individuals without having to set up formal companies. This forward-thinking approach reflects DAFZA’s emphasis on flexibility and inclusion, which fits well with her current view of modern work practices.

Start a Business at Dubai Airport Free Zone

Embarking on a business journey at the Dubai Airport Freezone involves a series of essential steps. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the preliminary stages:

Document Preparation

  • Gather necessary documents, including a copy of your passport.
  • Include a visa copy if applicable to your situation.
  • Prepare the company registration form.
  • Ensure you have the company’s memorandum and articles of association.

Company Formation

  • Initiate the company formation process.
  • Set up a company bank account.
  • Appoint directors and shareholders as part of the organizational structure.
  • Register with the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority.

License Selection

  • Determine the type of license that aligns with your business activities. Options include:

  • E-Commerce license
  • General trading license
  • Industrial license
  • Service license
  • Trade license
  • Dual license

Carefully evaluate your business needs during the company formation process to select the most appropriate license. Each type of license offers specific privileges and restrictions.

License Application

  • Once you’ve identified the suitable license, proceed with the application process.
  • Submit the required documents along with your license application to the relevant authorities.

Compliance with Regulations

  • Ensure compliance with all regulations set forth by the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority.
  • Adhere to any specific requirements associated with your chosen business license.

Ongoing Compliance

  • Stay informed about any updates or changes in regulations that may affect your business.
  • Fulfill any ongoing compliance requirements to maintain your business operations smoothly.

Starting a business at the Dubai Airport Freezone is a strategic choice, given its global connectivity and business-friendly environment. By meticulously following these steps and understanding your business needs, you can position your venture for success within this dynamic economic zone. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance during the process, the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority is there to guide you through each stage of establishing your business.

The Benefits of Living in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

If you want a stable and prosperous environment for your home life and your place of business, look at the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA).

Security 24/365

With 24-hour security measures, DAFZA assures your safety and peace of mind. Knowing that your business is in good hands, you can worry less about security and focus on what matters.

Cutting-edge Telecommunications

Within DAFZA, it benefits from world-class telecommunications infrastructure. Stay in touch with the most advanced technology and communications services so you can still conduct business smoothly regardless of where you are.

Culinary Diversity

DAFZA is a melting pot of dining options for different tastes. Whether you’re hungry for Italian, Indian, Chinese or American food or Middle Eastern sandwiches and salads, now the only problem is deciding what to eat.

Real Estate Opportunities

Al Twar (Exit 1)

Spacious villas provide a good family environment. There are parks, schools and childcare facilities in Al Twar. A little more expensive, but pleasant living conditions.

Al Qusais (Exit 2)

Al Qusais is a convenient residential haven for expatriates seeking low-priced apartments. Its community history is long, and rents are reasonable. It provides a warm atmosphere.

Al Nahda (Exit 3)

Al Nahda is a large populated area suited to young singles and couples. There are many comparatively inexpensive studios for rent here and ordinary apartments, which often have up to three bedrooms.

Muhaisnah 3 (Detached Villas)

Muhaisnah 3: Villa-centered. Community parks, groceries of the neighbourhood variety, mosques, and restaurants were included. It provides a more luxurious lifestyle but at a more significant expense, so it is better suited to those searching for a swankier living.

Other UAE Free Zones

In addition to the Dubai Airport Free Zone, the UAE boasts several other well-connected and business-friendly free zones that attract companies from around the world. Here are some notable alternatives:

JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority) and DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

  • JAFZA: Located in Jebel Ali, JAFZA is one of the most popular free zones in the UAE, providing exceptional opportunities for businesses entering the Middle East market.
  • DMCC: Situated in Dubai, DMCC is favored by commodities traders, as well as those engaged in the precious metals and diamond trade.
  • Both zones offer diverse company setup options, including the coveted 100% foreign ownership, making them appealing to a global array of businesses.

KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi) and Fujairah Free Zone Authority

  • KIZAD: Based in Abu Dhabi, KIZAD is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most business-friendly zones in the UAE. It provides excellent facilities and a streamlined company setup process.
  • Fujairah Free Zone Authority: Located outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Fujairah Free Zone Authority is advantageous for shipping and transport businesses, offering numerous benefits.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Company Setup Benefits to Business Owners

Set up a business in DAFZA provides numerous advantages that business owners can leverage for maximum success. The key benefits include:

100% Foreign Ownership and Full Repatriation

  • Business owners enjoy the privilege of 100% foreign ownership, allowing them full control over their ventures.
  • Complete repatriation of profits and capital ensures financial flexibility and control.

Tax Advantages

  • No personal or corporate tax on income, profits, or capital gains fosters a tax-friendly environment for businesses.

Duty-Free Operations

No import or export duties contribute to cost efficiency and smoother international trade operations.

Currency and Capital Flow Freedom

  • No restrictions on currency or capital flows provide businesses with the freedom to conduct transactions seamlessly.

Efficient Licensing Process

  • A fast, efficient, and transparent licensing process streamlines the setup journey, minimizing administrative hurdles.

Industry Perks (Location, Access, Logistics)

  • Strategic location, superior access to markets, and robust logistics infrastructure provide businesses with a competitive edge.

These benefits collectively position DAFZA as an exceptionally attractive proposition for businesses seeking to establish themselves in the UAE. With its strategic location and world-class infrastructure, the Dubai Airport Freezone offers an ideal environment for conducting business. Contact GCS Group today to explore how our expert business consultants can assist you in getting started.

New Business Setup With GCS Group

In addition to facilitating company setups in DAFZA, GCS Group extends a range of comprehensive services, including:

  • Legal and Compliance Support: Let expert advice lead you effortlessly through legal requirements.
  • Visa Services: Our fast and effective visa services can simplify the application process.
  • Bank Account Opening Support: We support opening a business bank account for your new venture.
  • Office Space and Virtual Offices: Consider flexible office options, such as real estate offices and online offices.

If you want more information about our services, visit our website or contact us directly. Let us answer any questions you might have, and we are ready to help you start setting up and running your business in this fertile environment of opportunity at Dubai Airport Free Zone.

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