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Setting Up A Business In Sharjah Media City FreeZone

Setting Up A Business In Sharjah Media City FreeZone

Sharjah’s free zone is a free trade zone for local and foreign investors. Sharjah’s free zone offers everything that an interested business set out to achieve can get from the Dubai business scene. Sharjah’s free zone has the UAE’s most comprehensive commercial property market. The Dubai Free Zone is the biggest commercial property market in the region, with investments in different industries ranging from industrial to food, real estate and offshore banking. Sharjah’s free zone also features world-class infrastructure and modern governmentality, making it the perfect place to shop and make a mark for yourself. Sharjah’s Free Zone offers a range of benefits to both local and foreign investors, and this article highlights some of them.

Sharjah’s free zones have the highest number of foreign direct investment investments, per a study released by CIDSE (Commerce and Investment Research Centre). Sharjah’s premium rates attract more foreign investors to buy property in Sharjah. This is because the taxes in Sharjah are lower than in any other city in the UAE. This is one reason why Sharjah has the highest foreign direct investments, as per CIDSE research.
Sharjah’s free zone is home to some of the country’s best and most affluent entrepreneurs. Right next to Dubai, Sharjah’s location is the ultimate destination for corporate and international business setups. The Sharjah Media City area houses many multinational multinational companies with a high standard of living and a highly favourable business setup. Sharjah has been the favourite destination of many entrepreneurs who set up businesses here. As the only Dubai location offering a high standard of living, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a legal environment, Sharjah attracts aspiring entrepreneurs every year.
Sharjah’s free zone offers investors a lot of benefits that they can make use of. Because there are no restrictions on company formation, more companies are establishing their headquarters in Sharjah. Also, as the cost of doing business in Sharjah is less than anywhere else in the region, more investors are doing business activities in Sharjah, so they enjoy several benefits. These benefits include the following:
A competitive business environment – Sharjah is home to many multinational companies as well as a large number of domestic and foreign investors. This has a significant impact on the level of competition that an entrepreneur will face. If you are considering setting up your business in Sharjah, you have an excellent advantage compared to other local competitors. This is because the government of Sharjah has worked hard to facilitate business setup in the free zone, making it easy for foreign entrepreneurs to set up their companies without any hindrances.

A conducive business setup: Sharjah is home to some of the world’s most talented and skilled professionals. This has led to the rise of numerous businesses, both locally and internationally. Sharjah’s free zones offer many advantages to businesses that set up their regional headquarters. Sharjah’s free zones boast a good workforce, excellent infrastructure and a thriving market. As a result, businesses that want to establish their headquarters in Sharjah will have minimal difficulty establishing themselves in the region.

A friendly workforce – Sharjah’s free zones provide a friendly workforce to its entrepreneurs. This is because there are a lot of job opportunities in the free zones for UAE nationals and foreign entrepreneurs. Companies that want to establish their headquarters in Sharjah can choose from many fields, including IT, management, engineering, commerce, media and banking. These industries enjoy good employment prospects for local and foreign investors.

A booming market – Sharjah’s free zones provide an excellent platform for investors to make their investments work. Sharjah’s free zones feature many shopping malls and parks that attract many local and international tourists. Sharjah’s ruler, the emirate’s chief executive officer and other members of the Royal House are regularly seen on Sharjah TV and radio channels engaged in various business forms. These businessmen have a lot of reasons to move to Sharjah and invest in the region’s growing economy.

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