Product Registration In Dubai Municipality

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Product Registration In Dubai
Product Registration In Dubai UAE

Product Registration In Dubai

The Dubai Municipality has imposed a strict process to control and regulate the imported and manufactured products and product registration in the Dubai market. Dubai’s Product registration certifies consumer safety and keeps a check on the import of fake goods that may risk and hamper the safety, health, & hygiene of its citizens.
The Dubai Municipality authorities have mandated that all the products, either cosmetics, food & beverages or health-related products, should be registered and regulated with the Dubai Municipality of the respective emirates per its legal authorities and regulations. Dubai Municipality prohibits the goods production, import, export & marketing of personal care goods and products, food and beverages, cosmetics and essential medicinal products that are not registered under the regulations.

What Is The Product Registration In Dubai Municipality?

The product registration requirement in Dubai Municipality is made compulsory in Dubai, UAE, to regulate and process all products’ import, good manufacturing, and marketing and branding. The “Municipality” of each “emirate” is the complete authority with which the importers and all local manufacturers must register their goods and products. The “product registration process in Dubai” ensures that the products’ packaging and information display all the required information to the customers. The “product registration in Dubai” benefits the authorities by checking whether the manufacturers and importers of the products are following consumer safety standards. The “product registration” process is familiar to all the Dubai municipalities of the emirates, for example, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman & Ras Al Khaimah.

Who Should Apply For Product Registration In Dubai, UAE?

  • Local Manufacturers
  • Importers of Products

a) Local Manufacturers

The companies in Dubai that manufacture food and beverages, costly cosmetics or any other goods and products within the UAE are mandated to “register their products” with the Dubai Municipality. The local product manufacturers must then approach the “Consumer Products Safety Section” in Dubai to confirm that their products and goods are registered. The company’s shareholders are asked to confirm that their products have received a proper certification and test before the goods are imported or enter the UAE market.

b) Importers of Products

Companies that manufacture products and goods overseas must “register the products with the Dubai Municipality” to import the products into the Dubai market. The organisation’s shareholders must make organisation’s shareholders ensure that the products are well registered before they reach Dubai, UAE.

Process of Products Registration with Dubai Municipality

  • Ensure Valid License
  • Register with the Municipality
  • Completion of Registration

The process of “registering the products” with Dubai municipality & various other Dubai municipalities all across the UAE is almost the same. Companies must register the products with the local Municipality of Emirates, where the various other trade licenses are issued. Another essential point in “product registration in Dubai” is that the products or the brand must be registered multiple times if available in various sizes, packages, quality and quantities. 

Ensure Valid License

The Dubai Municipality” mandates that “product registration in Dubai” can only be performed by companies set up in the Dubai Mainland or in any other free zones in Dubai. Availability of “valid license” is a requirement for the companies to get their “product registration” regulated by the Dubai Municipality.

Register with the Municipality

The companies in Dubai need to “register with the Municipality” after ensuring they have a valid trade license. The companies must apply for the “Products Registration Service Application in Dubai” to start the steps and pay the product registration fees. The company owner is required to fill out the form in detail for each of the products. The company owner must also submit a copy of a “label assessment” of the products required to be registered. 

Completion of Registration

After submitting the relevant documents, Dubai Municipality will review your Dubai Products Registration application and check the validity of your submitted documents. Suppose the Municipality accepts that the products are legally compliant with the UAE and its regulations. In that case, the products will be approved and “registered,” and the electronic registration certificate will be automatically granted. The validity of the product registration in Dubai is for five years.

The List of various products that must be registered in Dubai, UAE are the following:

  • Food & Beverages Products
  • General Cosmetic Products
  • Pharmaceutical Products

List Of Goods That Are Tagged In Dubai With Restrictive Status Are The Following:

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Rough or raw diamonds
  • Mass media related products
  • Nuclear Energy products

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