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About Fujairah Creative City Free zone (FCC)

About Fujairah Creative City Free zone (FCC)

FCC is strategically located on the East Coast of the UAE, which makes it a gateway to the Indian Ocean and gives it a unique position in the country. This city has bunch of benefits which might help in growth and expansion of the business that are present over here like major shipping routes, great ports and an airport. The efficient processes in the free zone help create a favourable business environment and draw in entrepreneurs. The FCC also derives advantages from the flourishing building industry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as these regions bustle to develop. Furthermore, the region’s mining and rock crushing sectors are continuously growing owing to the sustained demand from metropolitan areas. As a result, FCC is benefiting because of its favorable location which is brightened up by thriving industries. This location has a lot of advantages for businesses, such as its location, infrastructure and economy. It is a good place for businesses to grow.

Benefits of setting up a company in: Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

1. Global Shipping Routes

The free zone benefits from its proximity to major shipping routes, facilitating efficient import and export processes for businesses engaged in international trade.

2. Strategic Location

Positioned on the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone provides unique access to the Indian Ocean, offering strategic advantages for businesses with a global perspective.

3. Comprehensive Infrastructure

With a well-established port and airport, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone boasts complete infrastructure, ensuring smooth logistics and connectivity for businesses operating within the free zone.

4.Business-Friendly Environment

Streamlined procedures and business-friendly policies create an environment conducive to entrepreneurial growth and expansion, attracting companies from various industries.

5.Focus on Creative Industries

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is specifically designed to cater to creative industries, providing a specialized ecosystem that fosters innovation and collaboration among businesses in media, design, technology, and more.

6. Diversified Economic Landscape

Besides creative industries, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone benefits from the spillover effect of the construction boom in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Local initiatives like mining and stone crushing find growth opportunities.

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Fujairah Creative City Free Zone: How to Set Up a Business

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone attracts entrepreneurs because of its dynamic environment.  According to the official Fujairah government website, the free zone covers an expansive area of 40,000 square meters, which can be very beneficial for businesses who need enough space to operate effectively.
Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is really flexible because it can host many types of businesses. This free zone is perfect for any industry including IT, creative industries, education, and trading, providing an ideal environment for enterprise growth. The available space is perfect for startups and innovative businesses that require more room to grow and experiment with new ideas.

What Is A Free Zone?

If you’re looking for total independence for your business, then Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is the right place to go. With 100% ownership allowed, you can run your business without any restrictions or complications. The Free Zone initiative began in Jebel Ali Free Zone in 1985 and has since grown a lot, leading to the diversification of the economy and attracting global companies.
Fishing and agriculture used to be the source of economy in Fujairah. But now Fujairah’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in UAE. The strategic location and business-friendly policies have made The Free Zone the hub for many businesses. The Fujairah Creative City Free Zone attracted international businesses that added more value to the economy and grew opportunities.

Understand how to gain tax-free benefits while setting up a business in Fujairah’s Creative City Free Zone.

Now, I can run my business freely and without paying any taxes. This free zone has rapidly become a popular destination for businesses worldwide as over 70% of the country’s GDP is driven by trade of goods and services, contributing to the UAE’s success story.

The strategic port city of Fujairah has a new free zone which is becoming increasingly popular in a short amount of time. The UAE provides a trustworthy and steady ambiance without taxes which makes it an excellent option for businesses to set up or expand their operations in the country. Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is a symbol of the country’s determination to create an environment that promotes trade and commerce worldwide.

What Is Fujairah Creative City?

The concept of launching a business in Fujairah Creative City (FCC) really gets the juices flowing for entrepreneurs with a spark of creativity. The college was started in the year 2007 with the intention to be an establishment where creative and knowledge-centered enterprises thrived. While other media cities such as Dubai Media City, Sharjah Media City, and twofour54 offer their services as per the industry standards, FCC has a competent strategy that differentiates it from the others.
Significantly, FCC distinguishes itself as the most preferable destination for companies seeking benefits in free zones on the Eastern Coast. Setting FCC up strategically is a way to show support to innovation-based and knowledge-oriented businesses now too. FCC is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are looking for an energetic and competitive environment where they can bring their innovative ideas to life. It’s located on the East Coast of UAE.

FCC Benefits

I believe that Fujairah Creative City represents a golden chance for companies looking to set up or grow in Fujairah. Due to its convenient location, global market access, and affordable operational costs, the city is popular among entrepreneurs worldwide.

Beyond these, Fujairah Creative City offers unique benefits:

Creative Theme: The zone’s creative theme is really cool, it creates a pretty inspiring environment for people to use their creativity to do better business.

Tax-Free Status: Being in a tax-free zone means that businesses don’t have to pay taxes, which helps them save money and become more profitable and competitive.

Foreign Ownership: The Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has no limitations on foreign ownership. Therefore, global entrepreneurs have full control over their companies.

Ample Space: The city offers businesses, whether it’s film studios or creative manufactures, a lot of room for expansion.

Modest and Affordable Economy: The cost of doing business in Fujairah is lower than in other emirates in UAE. It makes a favorable location for small business owners, entrepreneurs or startups looking to expand their operations.

Lowest Office Rent: If you are a business owner looking to set up shop, then the Creative City in Fujairah is the best option due to its low office rent. This way, businesses can focus on core activities without having to worry about high overhead costs. Moreover, the location provides excellent accessibility and quality services, making it an ideal location for any business.

Perks for Business Owners: The business packages offered in the Fujairah Creative city come with benefits such as visa inclusion, simplifying the process of setting up a business here, and providing operational support.

Fujairah Creative City offers a number of benefits to entrepreneurs looking for a favorable environment to start and run their businesses. Not only does it have a creative atmosphere, it also ensures financial stability and offers flexibility. This makes it a highly attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to venture into the world of business.

Requirements for Starting a Business in Fujairah Creative City

Starting out in business in Fujairah Creative City is much easier than in other free zones. The streamlined requirements ensure a smoother setup process:

Registration as Fujairah Creative City Entity: It is mandatory for entities to be registered as part of the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone in order to operate within the creative themed zone.

Alignment with Creative Theme: The creative theme of Fujairah Creative City must be considered while doing business activities, in order to have a consistent and creative business environment in the free zone.

Proof of Financial Solvency: To demonstrate financial solvency, business owners should present their bank statements, which will reveal the stability and viability of the company.

Health and Criminal Record Check: Being fit and healthy is not only good for your personal well-being but also for your company. In addition, having a clean criminal record is a must-have when it comes to running a business ethically.

Non-Blacklisting Verification: They need to make sure that the business is not being stopped by the government so that they comply with international standards.

Yeah but there are also other things you have to take into account like compliance and regulations. If you need more information or help, feel free to contact us anytime. We aim to assist you in the process of establishing your business in Fujairah Creative City and offer valuable guidance to maximize the success of your venture.

Types of Fujairah Creative City Businesses

Fujairah Creative City welcomes a broad spectrum of business types, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. The types of businesses that can be formed in this dynamic free zone include:

Commercial Companies: For businesses engaged in buying and selling goods, Fujairah Creative City provides a platform for commercial ventures to thrive.

Professional Service Firms: Service-oriented businesses offering expertise in various professional fields find a conducive home in Fujairah Creative City.

Freelance Professionals: The free zone caters to the growing trend of freelancers, providing a supportive ecosystem for independent professionals.

Technology Companies: Tech enterprises looking for a strategic location and a creative atmosphere can establish themselves within Fujairah Creative City.

Creative Media Companies: Media-related businesses flourish in this vibrant free zone, including content creation, broadcasting, and digital media.

Manufacturing Companies: Fujairah Creative City accommodates manufacturing enterprises, offering ample space for creativity in product development and production.

Import and Export Businesses (with a Creative Interest): Businesses engaged in import and export, particularly those with a creative focus, find a unique and advantageous position in Fujairah Creative City.

Fujairah Creative City provides diverse business activities, creating an expansive canvas for entrepreneurs to express their creativity. Whether you are involved in commerce, services, technology, media, manufacturing, or trade, this free zone offers an ideal environment for your business to flourish and innovate.

Business Formation in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Setting up your business in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is straightforward, offering various formation options catering to expatriates. From freelancing services to establishing branch offices, FCC provides a versatile platform for diverse business endeavours.

Global Connectivity

Situated strategically in the UAE, Fujairah Creative City enjoys access to crucial trade routes spanning South Asia, Africa, and Europe, positioning your business for international success.

Tax Advantages

Benefit from the favourable tax environment offered by Fujairah Free Zone Authority, including 100% foreign ownership, 0% corporate tax for the first five years (often indefinite), exemption from customs duties on imported goods, and no personal income tax.

Simple Business Formation Steps

Choose Your Business Activity: Identify and select the business activity that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Register with GCS Group: Partner with GCS Group to initiate registration and ensure Fujairah Free Zone Authority compliance.

Paperwork Assistance: GCS Group will assist in filing all necessary paperwork and streamlining the administrative aspects of business formation.

Secure Office Space or Land: Explore options for office space or land, with GCS Group offering support in finding the most suitable location for your business.

Residency and Visas: Apply for residency and visas, with the local Government providing up to 4 tickets. For additional requirements, GCS Group collaborates with partners to facilitate the process.

Commence Operations: With the support of GCS Group, launch your business operations and embark on your journey in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Why Fujairah Creative City

The free zone offers many benefits, making it an excellent choice for establishing your business in the Middle East. To seize these advantages and initiate your business journey, don’t hesitate to contact GCS Group today. We are here to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful setup in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Choose The Right License For your Business

When considering business formation in any free zone in Dubai, various licenses cater to different activities. The most common licenses include:

1. Commercial License (Trading License)

This license is issued for companies engaged in general trading activities. It covers wholesale and retail distribution and import/export of products, manufacturing, and various services.

2. Professional License (Service License)

Companies providing professional services such as engineering, architecture, accounting, legal, and marketing obtain this license. It is tailored for businesses that primarily offer expertise-based services.

3. Industrial License

This license is granted to companies involved in manufacturing or production activities. It encompasses diverse sectors like textiles, food processing, printing and publishing, and the production of plastics and metals.

Each license type is designed to accommodate the specific nature of business activities, providing a framework that ensures compliance and facilitates the smooth operation of businesses in Dubai’s dynamic economic landscape. Whether engaged in trade, professional services, or industrial production, companies can select the license that aligns with their operational focus during the business formation.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

The most common free zone company is the single-owner company limited by shares. This structure is very convenient and can be used in different types of businesses. This kind of enterprise is perfect for individuals who want complete freedom and autonomy to run their business.
In Fujairah Creative City, creativity is the main focus and various licenses are available to support the functioning of enterprises across different sectors. These licenses are intricately linked to creative sectors: “The company’s services include media management, event planning, consulting, education, communication, marketing, music and entertainment, design, and technology.”
It’s very important to have a license that suits your business specifications and requirements. Well, for students like me, nothing means more than being able to express my creativity in the most effective way possible, and Fujairah Creative City offers an array of services that cater specifically to our needs. This creates a positive environment that supports the growth of new ideas and promotes success. This, in turn, leads to the success of the business in Fujairah Creative City.

Successful Businesses In Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

While many other Free Zones boast many successful businesses, Fujairah Creative City is relatively new and has yet to earn numerous claims to fame. However, this is poised to change as the Free Zone grows, attracting impressive companies shortly.

Positioned as an entrepreneurial hub, Fujairah’s journey has just begun, making it an opportune moment to be part of its evolving success story. The Free Zone’s proximity to Fujairah city centre and direct access to Fujairah International Airport contributes to its appeal.

Exciting Living with Proximity and Connectivity

Living in this Free Zone is exciting, given its proximity to the Fujairah city centre. Additionally, direct access to Fujairah International Airport ensures convenient travel connections.

Niche Industries and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Fujairah Creative City and Fujairah Free Zone Authority are actively promoting niche industries. Entrepreneurs worldwide find abundant opportunities to set up businesses, especially those requiring ample space for innovative endeavours.

Strategic Location with Dynamic Business Environment

FCC is an excellent location for individuals seeking access to Fujairah’s dynamic business environment. The strategic placement and transport connections like Fujairah Port position the Free Zone as a gateway to business success and global connectivity.

Living In Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Experience a laid-back lifestyle in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, where a myriad of activities awaits:

Recreational Bliss:

  • Engage in water sports in Dibba or explore the mountainous scenery through hiking in Fujairah.
  • Enjoy lush green parks and beaches, and dive into the intriguing history of Fujairah Fort.
  • Explore cultural gems like Fujairah Museum and Fujairah Heritage Village.

Shopping Extravaganza:

  • Discover diverse shopping options in Fujairah city centre, with Fujairah City Center Mall being famous.

Real Estate Diversity:

  • Choose from various real estate options, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and commercial spaces.
  • Prime areas for living in FCC include Fujairah and Fujairah Port.
  • Explore real estate listings on platforms like Propertyfinder Fujairah and Fujairah Real Estate.

Culinary Delights:

  • Experience a diverse culinary scene with local and international cuisines, including Chinese and Indian.
  • During Ramadan, indulge in Fujairah’s famous delicacies like jibneh mashallah (cheese rolls) and thareed.
  • Enjoy regional bread styles such as Khubz and Khameer from the many bakeries.
  • Savor Middle Eastern favourites from local food stalls like shawarma, falafel, and more.

Adventure Capital:

  • Immerse yourself in thrilling activities, from skydiving to scuba diving and shark cage dives.
  • Explore beautiful hiking trails through mountains and wadis, and indulge in golf courses.
  • Access Fujairah Heritage Village to delve into traditional Emirati life, featuring a museum, art gallery, and traditional souks.

Retail Therapy:

  • Satiate your shopping desires in Fujairah’s architecturally significant malls, including Fujairah Mall and Fujairah Mega Mall.

Educational Institutions:

  • Choose from various schools in Fujairah, such as Fujairah English School, Fujairah Indian School, and the American University of Sharjah.
  • Access international schools like Regent International School and Gems Wellington International School within the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

In Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, business isn’t just about commerce; it’s about embracing a vibrant lifestyle enriched with culture, adventure, and diverse experiences. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or excitement, Fujairah Creative City offers a holistic living experience beyond the boardroom.

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone Business Setup Services

At GCS Group we consider ourselves to be a company that offers complete solutions for those who want to start a business in Fujairah. We can help you navigate the complexities of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone since we have the required expertise. As a leading company that specializes in setting up businesses in Fujairah, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you get your business up and running quickly. Our team is committed to helping you with all the processes like choosing the license, setting up a bank account, and finding a suitable office space. We make sure that everything is done smoothly and without any hassle. My journey to becoming a successful businessman in Fujairah starts with the help of GCS Group.
If you are interested in starting a business in the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, contact us today to know more about the process and requirements. We will guide you through the steps to turn your entrepreneurial ideas into a successful venture.


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