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Business Setup And Company Formation In Dubai

We are powered by a team of Business setup Consultants dedicated to delivering nothing but the best. We offer fast, friendly, and efficient services for setting up your business in Dubai, UAE.

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Business Setup Consultants In Dubai , UAE

Setting up a business is not an easy task. It needs proper planning, information gathering, market research, and business analysis to execute. Our business setup consultants in Dubai will help you. They are well equipped with all the latest resources and expertise in this field to provide you with the best advice and help you in executing a smooth and trouble-free business setup. In addition, we help you set up a business legally and securely.

Our business formation consultant’s team will assist you in getting the most favorable business environment and legal agreement to suit your business setup in Dubai, UAE. We also assist you in securing the necessary licenses for your business from the government and help you gain certification for your business from any appropriate agency.

Our Company formation consultants will guide you in selecting the proper business structure for your business. We provide you with a free consultation wherein you can discuss your business plan, business objectives, business growth plans, business projections, marketing plans, management strategy, working capital, profits and losses, tax implications, regulation changes, business funding, financial system, working capital management and other important matters regarding the business. For any further queries regarding the business formation process, you can approach us any time of the day. We are available round the clock throughout Dubai & across the world.

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Business Setup Services

GCS Group can make your company incorporation not only easy but also the most economical possible, so let us put our know-how to work for you. In fact, the whole thing can be done in as few as 24 hours! Yes, you read it right! All you have to do is provide us with information about your company, and we’ll take care of everything else. Here’s our proven and efficient process:

Prepare Documentation

Company Registration in Dubai

Company Registration in Dubai is one of the most sought after business moves of the Middle East. The impressive growth of the east points towards the potential of Dubai as a business destination. Companies from all over the world are searching for the appropriate steps to take to register their companies in Dubai.
Business Licence

Family Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

As soon as your company is installed and operating in the UAE and you personally as the company proprietor may submit an application for the UAE residence visa. You are also equipped to employ UAE visas for your own dependents, including as relatives or even people that employ for the loved ones (for instance, your maid service, motorist ( or grandma ).
Business Licence

PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

UAE business law and regulations are stringent and can impose severe monetary penalties for contravention of some legal provisions. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the services of professionals who specialize in these matters. If you have the resources to do so, consider hiring an expert to work on your behalf.
Visa Process

General Trading License In Dubai

Are you interested to know how to get a General Trading License in Dubai? If yes, then read on. We will written for you to understand the benefits of getting a trading license in Dubai. You may also get information about the different rules and regulations regarding trading. We will be your easy step by step guide to get a trading license in Dubai.
Bank Account

Trademark Registration in Dubai

Are you looking for a Business setup consultants in Dubai for Trademark Registration in Dubai that will show you exactly what needs to be done to get your trademark registered in UAE? The benefits of getting your trademark registered in Dubai are countless. It will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and your business

Types Of Mainland License In Dubai

Prepare Documentation


In professional license, 100% shares is owned by expat partner and a UAE national is appointed as a Local Service Agent. The license is acquired for non-physical services like consultancy
Business Licence


Companies involved in any sort of commercial trade activity can avail this license, both general and specialized traders need to obtain the license to carry out business operations safely throughout Dubai.
Visa Process


The industrial license in Dubai is issued for those companies that transform natural material or natural resources into other final products and or is into any other type of manufacturing activities.
Bank Account


Dubai provides 3 main types of license namely: Travel agency license as an operator of inbound tourism, Travel agency license as an operator of outbound tourism and Travel agency license as a travel agent.

Complete Guide For Business Setup In Dubai, UAE

How To Setup Business In Dubai? How Do I Setup a Company in Dubai? What is a general Trade License in Dubai?

How To Setup Business In Dubai?
Process Of Company Formation In Dubai And UAE

  • Decide on a legal framework.
  • Choose a trading name.
  • Request a licence.
  • Apply for an initial approval certificate.
  • Draft an MOA.
  • Register a physical office.

Company Setup In Dubai

If you wish to establish a company in Dubai, you may register it either under the Companies’ Registration Scheme (CRS) or the Free Trade Zone (FTR). Both of these provide:

  • Free registration.
  • A system of taxation.
  • Standard legal and commercial contracts.
  • Similar professional service provisions.

Both these schemes provide the same benefits for those wanting to set up a company in Dubai. Our company formation consultant’s legal and professional services during your company set up in Dubai are numerous. Depending on the nature of your requirements and business setup, you can take up the benefits of our corporate tax consultant to address your concerns or needs.

What Is A General Trade License In Dubai?

Anyone who is looking to establish a business in Dubai must have a general trade license. If you are involved in multiple trades in different industries, a general trading license will cover it. The general trade license in Dubai includes import, export or trading of items such as clothes, furniture, accessories, electronic equipment, etc. Anyone who wants to conduct wholesale businesses should also possess the general license for trade. One benefit of a generic trade license is that a company can work business within Dubai and other Emirates. It is crucial to remember that some controlled products like alcohol and pharmaceutical products such as frozen food items, pharmaceuticals, and others require special authorization from the authority in question to be traded. With the abundance of opportunities on both international and national markets, traders have the advantage of taking advantage of every trading opportunity.

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Which business setup option suits your business best?

Starting up a business in Dubai (or anywhere else throughout the UAE) can be complicated. Vital choices lie ahead that will shape your future and determine whether you succeed or fail. The right jurisdiction must be chosen and the choice between a free zone or mainland setup made.

Free Zones

  • Maintain full ownership of your Dubai-based company
  • Enjoy a 0% corporate and income tax rate
  • Experience no custom duties
  • Avail the option to repatriate 100% of your capital and profits


  • Business activities are not restricted.
  • Operate both within and outside the country.
  • There is no limit on the number of visas.

Steps to Starting a Business in Dubai, UAE

Prepare Documentation

Registering Your Company Name

Prepare Documentation

Acquiring A Business License

Prepare Documentation

Completing The Visa Processes

Prepare Documentation

Opening A Bank Account

You might also wish to be aware of the different areas and types of ownership for companies that you could choose when you are in the UAE. Our experts will help you understand the distinctions between having the DED Mainland License, Freezone License, Offshore License, Limited Contract (LLC Company), Unlimited Contract, Trading Company, and many more, based on your company’s needs and budget.

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What Is A Trade License?

Almost every business in UAE will require a trade license from the regulators, either the UAE municipal corporation or the state government. Business Trade License in Dubai is the legal approval document from the UAE authority that permits you & required certifications that you will have to carry for any desired trade or business activities in the UAE. It is essential to understand that it doesn’t give you the ownership of the property or any permission and grant for other business activities other than for the sole reason it is granted.

The UAE municipal corporation authorizes license department and GCS Group do license in business setup consultation with various other industry-specific consultative departments in Dubai. For example, The health sector, Construction & Engineering, Real Estates, and many others.

Regarding this, it is necessary for the company formation in Dubai to take the required primary licenses from the respective license issuing local departments before you commence the manufacturing, storage, or exchange of any other activity. The business setup process application has to be carefully filed and verified with the Commissioner in the Corporation within 30 days before the commencing of UAE-based business. While filing the business setup license application, the startup has to submit all the required legal documents.

Can A Freezone Company Do Business In Dubai Mainland?

While doing business in the Mainland of Dubai, the UAE Free Zones are the best and favorite choice for almost every investor because of many benefits like a tax-free zone, 100% foreign ownership grant, and the best is the ease of setting up a business in Dubai, UAE.

Although, as your planned business grows in Dubai, you will reach a point where you will need to experiment and expand the company out of the UAE Freezones.

The company formed in Freezone can also do business in the Mainland but is subjected to the various restrictions imposed by the local law of the UAE authorities.

Yes, any services-based company is eligible to set up any branch of UAE Free Zone company or can be a 100% subsidiary of any Free Zone company established in the mainland. While forming the company branch, a UAE-based Citizen can be appointed or elected as the UAE-based Local Service Agent.

The UAE-based Free Zone trading companies can export the products & goods to the Mainland companies by strictly following the various UAE-based Customs procedures.

Although the UAE Free Zones are situated just within the UAE, it is genuinely considered a different jurisdiction for any such trading activities.

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Business Setup in Dubai Insights

Stay updated on the latest insights into UAE company formation by reading articles from our team of experts.

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    Our team of experts addresses common questions from people worldwide regarding company formation in the UAE.

    • You Get 100% Business Ownership in Dubai.
    • Select The Industry-Specific Free Zones
    • Dubai is a Strategic international location
    • Setup Business with World-Class InfraStructure
    • Get the benefit of Limited Restriction on the Minimum Capital
    • Find Affordable Office Space which anyone can afford
    • Hassle-Free and Easy Documentation process.
    • Gain The Benefits of Low taxation rates.

    It depends on the various type of business setup you want to form in Dubai, for Example: Manufacturing Business, trade, services, or retail business; following are the broad estimate to keep in mind while you plan for the investment or the finances to set up business in Dubai:

    • Legal costs (business setup in Dubai costs, professional fees, & various government charges, etc) ranges from US$2,000 to US$ 10,000. These are the average fees for “setting up a business” in trade, import-export, retail business or services sector, etc.
    • lease of commercial office or retail space In Dubai:

    The commercial office space in Dubai starts from US$30 /Sq Ft to US$200 / sq ft. The retail space in Dubai ranges from US$90 / sq ft – US$500 / sq ft. The prices of a commercial lease in other parts of the UAE are cheaper. Once you have completed the above requirements then you can start your business operations in Dubai. The business margin is good in Dubai, but the toughest challenge is to always stay cash positive.

    Yes, a foreigner can set up a business in Dubai. Dubai’s local population is roughly 80% expatriate, many of those 100% owning their businesses.

    Dubai does welcome foreign investors & business owners from overseas. The UAE is home to many startup & company formation experts, and agents to help and guide foreign business entrepreneurs through the various licenses, visas, and other business setup & incorporation processes. There are many setups and company formation processes in Dubai out there that are hidden and unknown to many. Early understanding of these complex steps to set up a business in Dubai will help make for an easy process.

    Your first priority should be to find the best company setup agent in Dubai, who can guide you best through each setup step, offering consultancy & documentation support along the way.

    While choosing a name for your business set up in the UAE make sure that:

    • The business name should not violate the public morals and the public order of the UAE.
    • Business names must be followed by various “legal forms of the company”, for example (LLC, FZE, etc.)
    • The name of the company must not have been previously registered.
    • The business must be 100% compatible with the required type of business activity and the legal status
    • The business should not contain the names of any religion, belief, or governing authority.

    There is a lot of confusion with different types of business that can be set up in Dubai via a “foreign entrepreneur”. There is also confusion about the requirements of local UAE-based sponsors to start a business in Dubai.

    So, do we really need a UAE citizen as a Local Sponsor to set up our business?

    The actual answer depends on the nature of the business you select to set up whether it will be located on the UAE mainland or the Dubai free zone. These are the #2 major factors that will determine if there will be a need for a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai.

    A local sponsor from the UAE is a must if a foreign investor wishes to set up his business in the UAE mainland. The local sponsor must be a UAE citizen, but this is not compulsory in the case with Dubai free zones. If you are planning to set up business in the “UAE mainland”, then 51% of the business will be managed and owned by the UAE’s local sponsor. 

    So if any foreign investor is planning to set up business in the UAE, it is important to understand the various business setup procedures. The businesses can be set up in Dubai mainland through:

    • Individual Sponsorship
    • Corporate sponsorship
    • Local Service Agent

    Are you planning to start a business in Dubai, UAE? Before you start with the business setup process, you have to make sure to choose the best suitable “free zone” which you want to form your business in the UAE. This business planning in the UAE may become confusing and quite a challenge when choosing from 30 free zones in Dubai.

    1. Company Registration Fee: The company registration in Dubai fee is just a one-time charge to the Dubai free zone authorities in the beginning phases of the business registration. Although, the local legal structures will determine the exact fee for company registration. The costs for “registering a company in Dubai free zone” are not always exceptionally varied; it is approx in the range of AED 9,000 to AED 10,000.
    1. Licence Fee: While forming a business in Dubai-free zones, the important step is to get your required business license. The three most important business licenses are a trading license, services license, and industrial sectors license. Although the company registration fee in Dubai, trade license fees are recurring and will cost approximately AED 10,000 – AED 50,000 per year.
    1. Office Fee: Renting an office in Dubai is an important step to get your business license in Dubai. All free zones in Dubai do offer a mix of space requirements to fit all your business requirements, all including the serviced, smart & flexible desks. Office rent in Dubai will typically cost between AED 15,000 to AED 20,000. At GCS Group, we offer a range of all-in-one office solutions perfect for any new Dubai-based business and the small to big startups. We are located in the most vibrant community of Dubai; make My company offers flexible & all types of serviced desks, individual coworking offices and spaces, and high-end business centers in Dubai. All equipped with a varied collection of basic facilities to set up & expand your dream business in Dubai.
    2. Share Capital: The minimum required “share capital amount” may differ particularly for each Dubai free zone, ranging from AED 1,000 to AED 1,000,000 depending on the nature of the business activities & the types of licenses. The “average share capital requirement” for the Dubai free zones is AED 50,000.

    In Dubai, businesses can obtain licenses based on the nature of their activities, and the Department of Economic Development (DED) governs three main types:

    • Commercial License: Suitable for trading firms, in factories and transport.
    • Professional License: For companies providing specialty services or know-how, such as consultancies, accountancy firms and architectural firms.
    • Industrial License: But focused on firms engaged in manufacturing or industrial activities, especially those which process raw materials into finished products.

    Because each license allows you to make only certain kinds of moves, it is important that your business activities be accurately defined. This is another case in which Free Zones and offshore businesses may have different types of licenses, as well as requirements. Based on your business plans, working with the professionals can help to avoid pitfalls in licensing.

    We offer Business setup services in Dubai, UAE. We have a team of experts who help in setting up your business in Dubai.

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