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Where to Setup a Business in Dubai.

For the past twenty years or so, the only companies that have successfully set up operations in Dubai were either Western or Asian based. The entry of Chinese companies in the late 90s signaled the dawn of a new trend in setting up business ventures in the emirate. Since then, more international businesses have been looking for the opportunity to set up operations in the UAE. In fact, if you do an online search on the subject, you will find that the market for doing business in the UAE has only begun to develop. Still, though there are plenty of opportunities out there, where should you setup a business in Dubai?

Location is one of the most important thing for considering  your business in Dubai. The commercial property in Dubai varies greatly in both size and price. In order to secure a place to do business, you will need to get a place that is well suited not only to your business needs but also to the surrounding conditions. Dubai’s climate, the cost of living, transportation infrastructure, and taxes require a lot of planning to ensure that you get a location that will not only provide your business with the services it needs, but also one that will not be forced to shut down because of poor location, taxation, or other concerns.

In addition to finding the right location, you will also want to make sure that your business has all the necessities it requires to conduct business as efficiently as possible. For example, a bank or a similar financial institution is going to require certain utilities, such as high speed internet and printers. A telephone, a fax machine, and receptionists are also going to be necessary services. In addition, most international businesses are going to require the services of a customs broker to handle all the trade paperwork. If your business depends heavily on any one of these, then you may want to seriously consider location in Dubai, where these types of services can easily be found.

You may also want to set up your business near an airport, as this is both an entry point and an exit point for international travelers. This means that your business needs to have at least one flight per week to any of the five international airports in the city, as well as a land-based branch office or a mobile franchise in another city. As long as you have at least one flight per week, you can easily arrange for all your services to be ready when you need them. The same goes for your insurance needs, which are almost always available in Dubai, as long as you have a local agent. In addition, having a business plan is essential if you want to set up a business legally, as this needs to be completed and updated every time you change your company’s name, change its telephone number, change its address or contact details.


You will need to look at the local market and find out what type of products and services to your potential customers will be looking for. It is also essential to investigate the feasibility of setting up a manufacturing or warehouse facility in the local area, as this will impact the type of taxes that you will need to pay. Setting up a retail outlet in Dubai is also an option for those looking to set up a business in the city, as the cost of doing so is substantially lower than in other countries. The final step is to prepare your business plan, which should cover every aspect of your business, including an operations strategy that will ensure that you never run into any problems during your operation period. Before you set up a business in Dubai, it is crucial to make sure that all these preparations are done properly.

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Thanks for the awesome service! Waited fors than 30 mins to get my iPhone4S’ are all super friendly!

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