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What is an E-Commerce?

E-commerce can be defined as buying and selling goods and services completely through online mode. It involves the transfer of money also via the internet for the complete transaction of sales. E-commerce can be named electronic commerce or internet commerce too. There are many different types of e-commerce which include the following:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Direct to Consumers (D2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)

After understanding what e-commerce is, let us know how to get an e-commerce license in Dubai. Its details and procedure to attain a license.

Process of getting e-commerce license in Dubai

  • Choose your local Dubai based jurisdiction (mainland or free zone)
  • Decide on your legal structure
  • Plan & register your business trade name & get the initial approvals
  • Submit the required documents to the local authority
  • Documents required to apply for e-commerce license in Dubai
  • Get the final approval

Documents Required For E-Commerce license Approval in Dubai

  • Passport/visa copies of the shareholders
  • Copy of sponsors passport/ Emirates ID
  • Local service agreement/ Civil works agreement
  • NOC from the relevant authority
  • Draft an MOA

E Commerce License Cost in Dubai & UAE

E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE means the commercial transactions which are conducted electronically on the internet. E-commerce in simple words is the exchange or the trading business via online platforms. It is like an automated business but it is done with the help of the internet, which in other terms means online business. The basic cause of the online business or e-commerce business is that of the buyer and as well as the seller or the supplier; who generally share the monetary transaction as well as the goods through the internet for promoting their products via various online platforms.

Easy steps to setup E Commerce Company in Dubai, UAE


  • E-Commerce License Cost: AED 11,999
  • Portal License
  • Govt Registration Fee
  • Local Services Agent
  • Free Virtual Dubai Office
  • Eligible For Investors Visa
  • Eligible For Employee Visas
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Free VAT Consultation
  • Free Company stamp

E Commerce License Cost in Sharjah Freezone

  • E-Commerce License Cost: AED 5,750
  • 100% Ownership
  • Registration Fees
  • Free P.O Box
  • Free Dubai Office Address
  • Free Company Stamp
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Free Meeting Room Access
  • Complete Documentation

E Commerce Trade License in Dubai, UAE

An E-commerce license can be defined as a process of starting a business with a proper license but through an online medium only. In general, a business can be done in Dubai but the mode of operation will only be physical.

The business operated through physical mode will consist of only small structures wherein the lesser quantity of goods can be stored and it can also lead to less revenue or profit. E-commerce can be defined as dealing with an exchange trade license that is carried out physically but it is accessed through the internet only.

The main root of the above business mentioned above are the buyers and the sellers and they exchange goods and payment to be made in exchange for it through online mode only. This is the reason this process is known as an online business. And therefore, the proper license needs to be obtained before starting an online business.

Scope Of Setting Up E-Commerce Business Dubai, UAE

There are various options available to attain an E-commerce business in Dubai. This is also considered to be one of the most important steps if someone wants to start their business internationally.

People in Dubai are more indulged in web shopping. And this is considered to be an advantage for people thinking to start their set up of Business. As per the research of international report half of the population is using the internet through mobile phones only and remaining through other electronic modes. And therefore, the scope and growth of e-commerce business in Dubai.

How to Setup E-Commerce Company Dubai, UAE

  • A person needs to decide the legal structure of the business whether they want to start their business in Freezone or Dubai Mainland.
  •  One needs to decide on what type of business activity they want to sell whether they want to sell a product or provide a service as this will decide on which platform they will set up the client and on which platform their customer will log in.
  • Decide on registration of the name to decide the best name for an E-commerce license.
  • Fill the application form and complete all the formalities required to attain a business license. And everything should be done as per government authorities.
  • Then they need to make the final payment for obtaining the license.
  • Then the person applying for it will be helped to go to the payment gateway to make the final payment for receiving the payment online and set up the business online. 

    Why Choose Make My Company to setup E-commerce Licence in Dubai?

    Choosing the right E-commerce Licence Provider in Dubai is very important as the growth of your e-commerce business depends on what name is chosen for the branding purpose. As we read before also the scope of starting an eCommerce business is more in Dubai as half of the people there are engaged in online shopping therefore, it becomes easy to set up the e-commerce business and expect a suitable amount of growth with time. 

    • We provide A to Z E-commerce Licence Setup Services In Dubai, UAE
    • Trusted 100% confidentiality among all our clients.
    • We provide a dedicated e-commerce setup expert account manager.
    • We provide bank account opening assistance.
    • We guide you in the drafting of MOUs and MOA/AOA

How to get Payment Gateways for E-Commerce Business in Dubai?

If you are advertising products or services, you will have to register & open an online account with one of the reputable & Secure payment Gateways in Dubai. We Prefer the “Telr internet gateway company” since it is one of the most affordable payment Gateway providers in the UAE. Selecting the right payment gateway company in Dubai, UAE is very important because it will directly or indirectly hamper your company branding and online reputation. “Make My Company LLC” is providing the best “e-commerce Licence services” in  Dubai ”, We have consulted a lot of “Startup E-Commerce Companies” in the UAE.

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Thanks for the awesome service! Waited fors than 30 mins to get my iPhone4S’ are all super friendly!

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