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Business Setup in Ajman Media City Freezone (AMCFZ)

Licenses And Permits that You May Need For Company Setup in Ajman Media City Free Zone

The Ajman Media City Free Zone offers a unique opportunity for a dynamic entrepreneur to start his business from the comfort of his office. This eCommerce site offers members the freedom to operate an online shop, manage their inventory, and accept orders and payments in a hassle- free manner. There are no sales tax exemptions for small businesses in the freezone, thus a strong focus on value added services for an online business is important. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this innovative eCommerce solution.

There are many reasons why you should setup business in Ajman Media City Freezone (AMCFZ), with the absence of sales tax and corporate tax, the government provides a significant revenue stream for the developer. This advantage is available to everyone who wants to create an online store. The developers have the choice of building their own website or using an existing one, but either way, they will enjoy the same level of freedom and flexibility. They do not need to worry about registering a new business license, purchasing a storefront, or paying hefty administration fees just to get started.

The Ajman Media City Free Zone has several benefits for business setup in both new and long term operators. The online shop allows shop owners to operate as their own boss with no restrictions. They can choose the products they want to sell and customize their prices according to local market conditions. They can also choose to accept payment through their online account holders and credit cards, or use PayPal and credit cards. They do not need to spend money on inventory or rent any equipment, which makes the business more feasible for any type of start-up.

Advantages of Ajman Media City Free Zone

There are other advantages for business owners who want to work without the hassle of having a physical shop. With an online shop, a person is able to reach customers anywhere in the world at any time. They do not need to be present in the area when an order is placed. They also do not need to visit the shop personally to check out the items, as most customers browse online and order through the internet without even leaving their houses. This is another advantage for the Ajman Media City shop owners as they can continue with their other business activities while their online shop runs smoothly.

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The free area is surrounded by a huge and beautiful artificial lagoon. The beach and waters of the artificial lagoon include water slides, cafes, restaurants, and facilities for water sports. This makes this area very popular with families. The beaches are separated into several sections, and there are also areas set aside for commercial activities.

Applicants also have to submit annual reports to the local government. They have to submit information such as the number of visitors that the shop received last year, the number of orders completed by customers, and the total number of sales made over a certain period of time. In addition to this information, business owners have to provide the municipality with reports on the number of people employed by the shop. These reports are then used to monitor the performance of the shop. The owner of the shop may appeal the decision of the local government in case there are significant inaccuracies with the reports submitted.

However, the owner of the shop is not required to apply for the license if he does not own an online shop. Applications for licenses are only accepted if the business actually involves the sale and delivery of products and goods to be sold via the Internet. The owner of the shop can purchase an online license instead of applying for a license through the Free Zone. There is no fee for purchasing the license. However, the owner has to take care of the responsibilities imposed by the municipality, such as complying with customer requests and complaints, displaying the products or goods properly, and providing services to the satisfaction of the customer.
If you are planning to open an Internet business in Ajman Media City, you should consider consulting the experts at Deloitte Touche, which is an expert in Internet and online law. You should also contact Akoya Securities for information and guidance on your business. You can also check the website of Ajman Media City for more information on the latest business openings that are taking place in the area.

Documents Required to Setup a Company in Free Zone Ajman Media City Freezone , AMCFZ

Company registration in Ajman Media City Free Zone can be done without your physical visit to the free zone.

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of UAE entry stamp or Resident visa copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Your residential address
  • Official e-mail and telephone number
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